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>get to the end of a book
>it was all a le dream or a figment of le imagination
what type of ending makes you throw a book across the room?

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Name three books like this

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>book loops back on itself

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Is there a single relevant piece of literature from the last twenty years that has done this? Legitimate question.

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My diary desu. I couldn't bear the thought that it was actually stuff that happened in reality.

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>Your diary
>relevant piece of literature
Keep up, anon, this is supposed to be a smart people board.

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The smartest board on 4chan is still clinically retarded.

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>get to end of the book
>last paragraph has my full name, address, and a photo of me sitting at my pc, taken from somewhere on my front yard

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>Book says it is dedicated to me, the reader
>Now I feel obligated to read the whole thing even if I don't like it.

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wake up we miss you

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the life of pi

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Nah it's fun. I get to live 2 lives

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this one
anticlimatic fuckery

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