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I know y'all are lurking while pretending to study in Lamont. Anyone wants to start a literary movement?

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first for first uni

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bumping to foster a new literary movement

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>new literary movement
what is this autism, and how do we kill it

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>*amorphous glob of shit plops on the floor next to you*
hooo.... wow wee.. sorry about that buddy just really had to do the ol' number 2 haha.
oh, now that I got a good look at your clothes and that honker of yours, are you an ivy league student? you're a harvard kiddo huh? yep, damn good school that is.. *burp* you guys are the biggest and brightest coming out of our school systems. me? I went to a state school in cali, good ol' San Jose State. studied electrical engineering and had a FUCKING blast with it man haha. i used to go to these house parties thrown by sigma tau which were a greek society who were kicked out of the school for hazing a kid to death when they hiked along new almaden and they gave him nothing to eat or drink except a single white onion. I heard the kid was a real prick so I didn't shed any tears over it. good times, dude. yeah man, i'm a field controls engineer now making six figures but it's in SV so I'm still somewhat poor, haha, still got enough to cop a new pair of NBs though...
So, what do you study dude? Business? Oh.. philosophy? Damn man you must be pretty smart. I thought you could learn philosophy at the library but ehh I guess I'm wrong you know? So you study logic and stuff? I took a symbolic logic class when I was doing digital design and that shit was pretty cool but the final project was a total pain in the ass. Took me at least 100 hours, no joke. So, like, do you think anything's real or what's your take on things? me, I don't care too much either way. i'm fine being a good little cog as long as I get paid HAHA! so, you looking for internships right now? it's almost september so application season's kinda starting man. brings me back to when I had to worry about that shit. i had 3 internships under my belt since we were sponsored by a bunch of tech companies since our engineering program's really tight knit but you guys have the fucking prestige bro! you can get any job you want and go to any grad school you want man. i'm pretty jealous.

anyway, it's been nice talking to you. i gotta go catch my flight to austin since they're putting me out there for a couple weeks. always on the road you know? haha. take care of yourself.

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I love this man.

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fuck off stop posting this pasta

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>being to brainlet to into avant-garde

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Meant for

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>being too brainlet to into to/too/two

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literally nothing born out of an elite american university can be called """avant-garde"""

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Enjoy reading your required diversity texts at CC whilst we create the future.

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I literally just graduated from HYP you insufferable pseud. you'll never produce anything of worth to society and the sooner you learn to accept that the better for you.

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You're just proles going off to work for a living. Is you're father already somebody? No, then the best you can hope for is shucking and jiving in that Fortune500 CEO slot. Keep dancing for dem dimes bitches.
Or are you going to inherit your spot on the board? Does he have your Democratic seat waiting for you? Yeah? Then you wouldn't bother with this lame bantz. Everyone already knows you're on top. You don't need tell random fags about it.

Pic related, you aren't even that guy in the back

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holy... BASED

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which HYP nigga

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>tfw im a university dropout failure who is surrounded by all these smart people who go to elite universities
thank you /lit/ for making me more suicidal

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Every new day that I'm forced to associate with these braindead undeserving nigger-rich ingrates whose parents have greased the wheels for them to succeed throughout their entire lives, I inch closer to suicide myself

The one thing you can actually be sad about, if you have any genuine intellectual and spiritual potential, is that you'll never learn first-hand the one thing that someone with genuine intellectual and spiritual potential can truly learn from attending an elite university: money and breeding can't buy you bildung, in fact they tend to atrophy it

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Anon, it’s ok. Elitism is a fucking grift.

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Why has this thread been made again?

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why are all you HYP dicks completely up your own asses? Even when I was in Cabot the non-pre-med kids were dicks (and the pre-med kids were autistically dick-measuring about which med school they got into).

You guys do know undergrad is irrelevant, right? It's all a stepping stone to grad school - which is a stepping stone to academia or industry (or residency/fellowships/whatever if you're retarded but hey).

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i'm in the tatte across from widener now

wouldn't mind meeting some actually interesting people at harvard

anyone a student in the humanities?
grad student in goverment here.

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ignore the undergrads my friend - they're mostly trying to get into VC funds after school.

Is there any crossover between the Kennedy school and some of the health policy PhD progarms - I've been talking with them and I'd like to see more cross pollination in their curriculum before I commit to anything.

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Well, >>13720109 is mostly correct. Some of them are cute. But don't seduce any in a class you're teaching.

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never bang your students. Especially not if they're cute and they're well placed in a foreign country because now you have to get connected into their bullshit and you're like - who fucking cares you're all monsters and you're always the barbarian at the court even if you learn their language.

Sex is good though

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what if you're seen parts of her tattoos and you really wanna see the rest of it?

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I go to a state school for engineering :3
And you???

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No! Tattoos = not worth it my guy.

If you must, go for the cuties in broken english with the little english translator devices who dress modestly and are wondering how hung white guys are.

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wow, that's some solid advice

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another thing - make sure she's into Christianity if you are too (if both of you aren't - who cares).

It just so happened we're both very traditionalist Catholics and that plays well to her family back in the homeland.

I actually do more for the church - go to church more often than some of the troublemakers so I"m more tolerated for my ethnicty/eccentricity than some of the 'core' family.

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gib asian christian cutie gf now

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S*x is bad actually

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well, when the intention is to create kids and a family - sure is.

But banging random hoes is bad, on that we can agree.

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Also you might want to find out a bit about their backgrounds, like if they're southern or Catholic. Lest it turns out they're functionally pro-life and end up with a kid in Georgia that you never see but costs you money you don't have because postdocs make crap and another kid in Italy but that was cool because she had a husband and wanted nothing to do with you but then he dies six years later in a freak medical accident and wants you to take care of the kid and her other kid who you aren't even related to.

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I’m sorry that happened to you anon.

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awfully specif, bro...

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Good advice.

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hello, sexual predators.

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well, I mean is it predation when you're 2 years older than them? That seems more like normal dating to me, but, hey declare your marxism everywhere.

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not strictly, but the way those posters expressed it sounded extremely creepy. targeting women with "broken english" who dress "modestly"? creepy as fuck.

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This, having certain things taken care of for one is a curse more often than a blessing.

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Some of the dumbest people I know went to ivies and some of the smartest are borderline alcoholic manual laborers in western NH, and they enjoy their life much more. Tbh after being through uni and looking at the current economic conditions I can't judge people by where they are, bc their work ethic and qualifications never have jack shit to do with it.

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You're tearing me apart George

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Christ, you people really are narcissistic thugs, aren't you? Glad I'm a brainlet.

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everything about this. (but also, fuck new hampshire)

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fuck you for fuck New Hampshire. Live Free or die motherfucker.

I love it up here.

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>fuck new hampshire

Where are you from? I've been in MA for school for the past few years.

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This, all I want is land in Coos or Grafton county. Northern Maine is pretty nice too though, out near Katahdin.

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Grafton has great land, but, avoid the dreaded WRJ-Hanover area. Might as well be cambridge - mountain edition.

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I'm right with you on Hanover, similar reason I'm skeptical about a lot of Vermont.

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NEVER! Any place that puts any kind of restrictions on firearms will have restrictions on thought soon after.

Vermont is where shitty NYC people retire because they have more money than sense and overwhelm the locals. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Do not cross the Connecticut - it's not worth it.

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The same one is true of my group of friends. The bitterness never goes away, and the only reason I still hang around them is he hope of fucking one of their wives.

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How do i start my own literary movement by myself at my own university? I go to an Ivy League school

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At least go through your PhDso your ideas are valid instead of assuming your farts don't stink

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(I don't actually hate new hampshire, I just wanted to see if anyone would react)

I'm from new jersey, so I'm nobody to be throwing stones. Connecticut for school though.

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Read books nobody else is reading and then write stuff nobody else is writing.

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your particular strain of autism has already been addressed and inoculated ITT.

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Which books anon? Give me some obscure, dense shit
Shut up pleb
No, I want to be like the Beats

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How does one go about getting into a school like that later in life. It’s my only aspiration.

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Check out The Anatomy of Melancholy for some obscure but interesting dense shit.

> On its surface, the book is presented as a medical textbook in which Burton applies his vast and varied learning, in the scholastic manner, to the subject of melancholia (which includes, although it is not limited to, what is now termed clinical depression). Although presented as a medical text, The Anatomy of Melancholy is as much a sui generis work of literature as it is a scientific or philosophical text, and Burton addresses far more than his stated subject. In fact, the Anatomy uses melancholy as the lens through which all human emotion and thought may be scrutinized, and virtually the entire contents of a 17th-century library are marshalled into service of this goal.[2] It is encyclopedic in its range and reference.

That said, I might have added on ‘do things other people aren’t doing’ too. Especially with youthful literature when you don’t have as much pure academic knowledge attained, interesting experiences help to inspire good (or at least original) work — just look at the Beats.

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Why would you aspire for credentials instead of achievements? Aspire to be a writer or something, not a Harvard graduate. If you wanted to go be an academic or a management consultant or quant or banker, it’s important to go to an Ivy+ school for undergrad. And it’s not necessary for academia, the research capabilities just will make your life easier for grad school.

If not for one of these.. it’s important to work hard and read harder and have an interesting new perspective. Unless you’re the son of a publisher, you’re not getting new connections at Harvard that will make your publishing journey any easier. Most people are Ivies are just harder working normies who want prestige and feel entitled to success, you’re not going to meet the next Roth or Eliot or Joyce in your freshman theory class or whatever. I mean you might, but it’s the exception, not the rule. There’s a higher chance at Harvard than a state school, but both are fairly close to zero. You might meet a few really awesome professors at best.

If you work hard and try to be the best you, then Harvard might be rewarded to share in your success if they let you in at some point. If not, then their loss. Make it their loss, not yours. The best of the best who came from Harvard were the best of the best not because of Harvard; Harvard is the best of the best because of them.

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I just want to be able to prove to myself that I can perform well in an academic environment. I was never a good student, and the only way I can ever feel like I’m worth anything is to succeed in that sort of academic environment.

I have no creative or academic aspirations. I.m probably too or to do any serious networking with an incoming freshman class. It’s just about getting past my life’s regrets, and proving to myself that I’m capable of something.

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I feel that, been there and done that. I went to a decent state school (nearly flunked out of high school due to severe mental health problems, surprised I got into anything top 50) but always wondered “what if”. I busted my ass helping a professor with math research at a top 5 school and then realized I wasn’t happy even though I was proving myself in an academic environment.

It’s not worth the mental anguish or inferiority complex. You peaked at the wrong time. It’s ok. Many other great people did. You don’t need Harvard to agree.

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Actually, I was memorizing James Lemon passages.

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I live in Maine. It's honestly the best state. I hope it doesn't become popular, although it seems to be getting more so.

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I probably peaked at the same time as most other people; mine is just much lower than the average. Throughout my life, I've had a number of insecurities, and I've been able to get over most of them through various means. This is the one that won't go away. I've locked all of the self-worth I could possibly have in a vault, and this is the key.

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There's some nice parts of NJ, I could see living there if I ever had the money.

>> No.13722232

So long as most tourists don't learn about Moosehead lake and the mountains around I'll still really like it. That place is kind of magical and creepy, in a good way.

>> No.13722410

I feel the same. I used to dream about leaving when I was young but I ended up staying and going to Colby instead. I worked in Boston for a few months but found myself wanting to come back. I've really come to appreciate it in the last few years. I'm out here in the boonies of Somerset County and it's even more strange and comfy than where I grew up in Cumberland.

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lol fishy

>> No.13722557

please respond

>> No.13722633

in what way's that fishy?

>> No.13722654

Wondering this too, not an ivy person but I've always like learning about the social dynamics at other schools.

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Pic related
I don't think guy I replied to is necessarily wrong but it's too harsh of a picture. Don't know what to elaborate on but if you toss me a question I can try to answer it

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I guess in terms of why it's unlikely someone from Harvard was at Cabot vs another residential college (iirc that's what Cabot is but idk). Is there some criterion that makes it more selective? I always assumed it was diversity stuff + placing similar majors with each other.

>> No.13722737

not him, different Harvardanon. sorting is supposedly random, though I have suspicions that people in certain extracurriculars, like the Crimson or sports, are more likely to be put into Adams or river housing for geographical convenience. otherwise, there’s nothing substantially different between the houses. IMO, Cabot is kind of a dump, with facilities worse than freshman housing, housing that’s not connected to the dining hall (meaning rain/blizzard treks for food occasionally), and lots of weird dead-end passages, but that’s not the fault of the students.

Cabot might not even be referring to the house itself, but some other popular places on campus too. i.e. the Cabot science library.

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Where my cardinals at?

>> No.13722893

Forgot about multiple names issue. Where I went, every other building was named for "Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro". After 3 months my whole extended friend group had a running joke about the postulated Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro sex dungeon.

>> No.13722908

I was referring to the science library. Y'alls undergrad housing shit is weird.

Besides, there actual housing in the city.

>> No.13723094

There really is no reason to live off campus at Harvard
>>13722737 is right
I didn't mean that it was unlikely someone's from Cabot, just wanted to post fishy cuz that's the house mascot. I don't believe the people at any given house have a reputation (though it might have in the past). As for the houses themselves, some are definitely preferred over others though most are happy with what they get assigned to in the lottery.

Though Cabot gets shit on by almost everyone l0l

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which is a stepping stone for retirement which is a stepping stone for the grave. jesus you’re a moron

>> No.13723628

>No, I want to be like the Beats
let me guess, you're white and think that being sad, smoking cigarettes, and disrespecting women are personality traits?
i've met your kind literally dozens of times before. men who think they're capable of original thought end up being the most pedestrian types of all.

>> No.13723759

I'm actually a black queer anon

>> No.13724029

undergrad reporting

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Futurism needs to be resurrected

>> No.13724486

I don’t want to start a literary movement. I want to unleash political radicalism of every kind and then sit back and watch as the chaos unfolds. Something that will awake the sleeping dragons in the USA. The global protests of 1968 and Italy’s Years of Lead would look like child’s play if I get my way. The establishment elite who I brush shoulders with have been getting away with murder for far too long. Somebody needs to put the fear of God back into their hearts.

>> No.13724490

Something like that won’t come out of a place like Harvard. That sort of thing could only come from people who resent Harvard’s status and existence.

>> No.13724506

I’m in Harvard but I’m not of Harvard.
>Gradually, I came to hate them.

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>Meme diversity students, rich faggots and super high IQ Asians.
Well the Asians won't be studying literature so that leaves the walking memes and faggots to grace us with their presence.

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File: 1.25 MB, 3264x2448, 52CF2648-5481-4702-8993-AFBAF1AB383F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First for my ND chad bros

>> No.13724611

Wouldn't mind Futurism.

>> No.13724755

>successfully start a literary movement on campus
>it feels like it’s going to be the next big thing
>my arch-rival Neville took credit for it and everyone loves him now
how do I sabotage my literary movement and get revenge on that blasted Neville?

>> No.13724767

I want to make a vocaroo of this but I don't want to get the room set up. I'll make it next time I see this. Post this again some time, anon.

>> No.13724914

That was in the last thread. There's no such thing as Jewish privilege, anon.

>> No.13724944

>gets admitted into elite universities at a rate well above what they deserve through merit
>makes up a disproportionate percentage of the top 10%, top 1%, top 0.1%, etc.
>is untouchable in popular culture, journalism, and politics
>does not have privilege
haha you make me laugh

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>> No.13725310

Anti-semite much? You forgot the rant about how they control Hollywood.

>> No.13725586

>muh anti-semite
>you forgot to rant about the other industry they dominate too
how does it feel to live with cognitive dissonance every day?

>> No.13725592

You go to Harvard because it's the best possible education.

These copers have fallen for the meme that their third tier state school is the same education as Harvard. It isn't. It is infinitely worse. Harvard is a stepping stone for successful people, a check in a box, not anything more than a resume pitstop. If you can't even do this, you are doomed in life.

>> No.13725700

Based. How do we do this fellow Ivyanon? Books for this?

>> No.13725713

Books for Futurism?
More obscure books to read? Different anon, but I’ve already read this

>> No.13725715

What's there to have cognitive dissonance about? Jews are smart and they help each other out. Of course they do well. Are you going to start bitching about the secret Asian cabal too?

>> No.13725722

What’s up fellow domerchad

>> No.13725789

"Manifesto of Futurism" by Filippo Marinetti.
"Ode Triunfal" and "Ode Marítima" by Álvaro de Campos

>> No.13726091

This, it is unironically slave morality (peak COPE) to prefer a third tier over an Ivy

>> No.13726199

oh. then godspeed my friend.

>> No.13726235

hey, I was like you guys. The sooner you realize that something like what you're suggesting cannot be born from the pinnacle of elitism that is the academy, the sooner you can get your head on straight and find the work you should really be doing.
Since you asked for books, Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

>> No.13726568

>Jews are smart and they help each other out. Of course they do well.
So you are admitting that Jewish privilege exists then?

>> No.13726575

I'm not of the academy. I just live here until I graduate.

>> No.13726599


profro here

>> No.13726600

>Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
/leftypol/ OUT

>> No.13726673

Are there any /lit/ clubs at Stanford?

>> No.13726702

>Jews are smart and they help each other out

I wouldn't mind as much if they didn't allow their dumb spawns ala Liz Harman climb up the ranks. All and all Jewish nepotism doesn't really build something better in the long term, for all the smart Jews I've encountered there are plenty of braindead ones that you can tell are simply being raised up to a level you don't see with any other race.

>> No.13726740

Good book and cool school of thought that Brazilian fuck was on about even though it was just FoucaultLite-in-praxis (the latter word not using Friere's definition.)

>> No.13726966

>Also you might want to find out a bit about their backgrounds, like if they're southern or Catholic. Lest it turns out they're functionally pro-life and end up with a kid in Georgia that you never see but costs you money you don't have because postdocs make crap and another kid in Italy but that was cool because she had a husband and wanted nothing to do with you but then he dies six years later in a freak medical accident and wants you to take care of the kid and her other kid who you aren't even related to.

More, I think this is interesting. Could make for a great book.


I am an undergrad and I'd actually be really down to start a literary movement of some sort. Like just an anonymous magazine or something, that highlights the creations of undergraduates / maybe graduates. But it would have to be a special type of unique that would make it worth being showcased, especially in the current milieu of oversaturated publications / nepotism that makes most literary circles not worth involving oneself in at all.

>> No.13726971

That's ridiculous. What is the privilege? Not being forced to live in the ghetto?

Do you not like her philosophy or something? Seems like you're probably suffering from selection bias in any case.

>> No.13727253


>> No.13727411

Ok, which dhall to brainstorm literary magazine ideas in?

>> No.13727519

not any good ones. everyone has a tech hard on. our english department is mediocre too (judging from the three courses I've taken). i just like reading as a hobby.

oh shit what dorm

>> No.13727727

>another kid in Italy but that was cool because she had a husband and wanted nothing to do with you but then he dies six years later in a freak medical accident and wants you to take care of the kid and her other kid who you aren't even related to.
The bvll becomes the cuck.
Any literature on this? Plenty of cuckolry but I don't remember any famous cuck reversal.

>> No.13727730

I have no idea why this was posted, but I like it

>> No.13728071

after being in a rural place for vacation, im feeling inclined to ditch manhattan for a house in new hampshire with my new wife and work remotely as a software engineer (current job)
where would be a good place to move to? i like the idea of being driving distance from portland / maine, frankly only bc i want to be able to keep going to shows, and so was considering around porstmouth (which i love)
any thoughts on living in NH from a non-native? Grew up in new england still (ct)

>> No.13728078

addendum, said rural place was a family property ive been to many times, so ive thought about this for a while but it only coalesced now that its within my means to change my lifestyle

>> No.13728846

Wilbur/ Soto
How's SLE? didn't apply cause I felt it was too rushed, not enough time for discussions or thinking. I heard about HUMCORE too and I hope it'll be better than SLE? I'm sort of thinking about taking it next year.

What're you reading now?

>> No.13730049

oh god, don't. especially if you want kids, don't do it to your kids. pick somewhere more wholesome instead.

>> No.13730055

>>Meme diversity students, rich faggots and super high IQ Asians.
why is this...so accurate. meme diversity recent ivy grad reporting in...

>> No.13730058
File: 63 KB, 657x527, 1439240592_preview_apu apustaja.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't believe any of you retards attend an Ivy League school

>> No.13730067

fucking cope.

pretending that this is true is not praxis. it's actually extremely counterproductive. reevaluate your own privilege.

lol literally fuck foucault, all european thought is worthless.

>> No.13730070

>reevaluate your own privilege.
my background and values are so completely different from everybody else who goes here that it baffles me that I somehow got into this school in the first place

>> No.13730075

why are white men obsessed with literature about cuckoldry

>> No.13730089

>software "engineer"
code monkeys sure love to make up titles to make themselves feel better about the fact that they're just code monkeys.

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File: 1.78 MB, 3000x2056, YMountain_BYUPHoto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*Blocks Your path University*

>> No.13730815

I'm going to say kirkland. ALso the outside area is nice rn

>> No.13731055

I’m smarter than you all tbqh

>> No.13731303

Like at Costco? Who here big family? Probably nobody actually.

>> No.13731377

Anon, just being there gives you privilege. Having access to the space gives you privileges that others don’t, and if/when you graduate those privileges will intensify manifold. This shouldn’t be novel information to you. Check yourself, and use your privilege constructively, because denying it will do no good whatsoever for anyone.

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My entire thought process for attempting anything of value
I do it anyways
Thomas Ligotti knows why
I fool myself everyday
I'm going to do drugs and have fun with my friends now see ya retards HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA

>> No.13731597

Read about Gabriele d’Annunzio. One of the most based dudes to ever live. Gives hope to bald manlets everywhere

>> No.13731604

>pinnacle of elitism from the academy
two different concepts you’re juggling my friend. I never denied the former. My credentials are going to make my goals much easier to achieve. I agree with you there. But I’m wearing a mask to survive a place that I view as hostile territory. I study at Harvard but I am not of Harvard, and I hope I never will be.

>> No.13731607

>implying the wall art in Quincy doesn't activate more brain cells than anywhere else on campus

>> No.13731704

>Read about Gabriele d’Annunzio
Where do I start with him? Any particular writings of his or biographies?

>> No.13731728

if you see her in trancos, tell her i miss her

right now just reading pater for fun: sensations and impressions and all of that

>> No.13732312


>> No.13732544

good call dodging SLE. most people who take it hate it and camp consensus is that SLE people are weird. i don't know much about HUMCORE, but I personally gravitated towards an art hist minor. Nemerov is fantastic and he implements lit+film in his lectures. shop 1B next quarter. currently reading Dubliners. you?

also this ain't me

>> No.13733361

the girl. the one who walks in shadowed ways. she lived in trancos: it's a part of wilbur hall.

currently reading Dubliners. i like the dead. chiasmus and all

>> No.13733372

also, this isn't me. i'm doing english. you can find me by the hispanic lounge, near the metalcarved fountain of quiet water.

we have empanadas

>> No.13734696


And what could these goals possible be? Bro just work in finance bro

>> No.13734856
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does anyone here actually go to harvard/live in cambridge? if so, is there any real interest in actually meeting up?



>> No.13734985

I live in Arlington and went to Harvard.

>if so, is there any real interest in actually meeting up?
probably not

>> No.13735510

Reading moby dick, my first big boy novel.

I'm trying to read more in college since I've just been doing STEM stuff to get in Stanford.

>> No.13735862
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You are going to the all-night film marathon at the Harvard Film Archive, aren't you? Starts in two hours and there's a great lineup

>> No.13735896

my advice on that. don't skip the encyclopedic chapters that comprise the majority of the middle section: they reveal the psychological character by whom they are produced

>> No.13735934

That’s a difference without a distinction. You’re fooling yourself.

>> No.13735943

It’s insane that this even needs to be said, because so many retards think it’s fine to skip these chapters and claim to have grasped the book.

>> No.13736403

Lol, there is a massive distinction. Keep coping.

>> No.13736493

sure, are you in the college rn

>> No.13736507

not him, but I just flew in today

>> No.13736776

nice, I fly in tomorrow, maybe we can grab lunch or something

>> No.13738419

I’m beginning to think you don’t go here...

>> No.13739111
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More of a general academic question: I am currently studying in Vienna and will finish my MA in comparative lit next semester. I would like to do a phd afterwards but I am also thinking about doing another MA (in philosophy). How much time does a phd usually take up? Would it be possible to do the MA in philosophy simultaneously?

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