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Yes, the Christchurch and El Paso shooters.

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He's a grifter and you are a chump.

>Imagine taking any self help book that isnt by Marcus Aurelius seriously.

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As if anyone has actually read Maps of Meaning

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Interesting view

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If it lasted longer than 20 seconds I'd add in oedipal complexes

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imagine taking Marcus Aurelius seriously... Meditations is his diary, not a self-help book

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Stop posting him now.

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It's pretty good desu... if you're into accretions.

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Maps of Meaning? It's a psychologist book for psychologists. I dunno why anyone without a degree or is immersed in the field would give a rat's ass on it. His lectures on it is way more palatable. If you're talking about 12 Rules, it's very pleb friendly.

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>It's a psychologist book for psychologists.
No. You know nothing.

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How can down-right terrible “intellectual” like him be a professor at the most renowned university in Canada?

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? It literally is. It posits a theory regarding the construction of religious traditions and their role psychologically.

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It is philosophical

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Lady Wynn of Contra seems to understand him quiet well after all those sleepless nights of bathing in basedmilk with him, listening to his soft whispers and teachings.

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>You know nothing.
Who really does? Anyways, you might have a point as the last time I read it, it was during graduate school more than 10 years ago. It's deep into Carl Jung and neurology and that latter part has only really gotten better so any of you faggots want to read Maps, just check his lectures because they're more updated and at least have anecdotes during his practice which helps encapsulate the shit he dumps.

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Name one good university remaining.

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Eh, it treads the line but I'd still hold the core concepts are psychological in nature, even if mystical. Can't deal with religion without touching on philosophy.

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What's the psychology of this?

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Seoul National University

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>zizek rationalizes my degenerate tranny ways so he demolishes everybody who doesn't make me feel good
stop posting both these fags already

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I don’t even follow Žiž. But we all know he demolished this dope psyops in a debate. Stop pushing on us, ya piece of shit.

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can't really argue with his logic tho desu

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Yes, there is a comprehension in German

Part 1 (of 3)

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>zizek rationalizes ... degenerate tranny ways
no he doesn't

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I don't think he is that hard to comprehend. I haven't read the book but I've watched the entire Maps of Meaning course from his Youtube channel and I've seen about half of his Biblical Lecture series content. Just as anon>>13664322 said,
>It posits a theory regarding the construction of religious traditions and their role psychologically.
His ideas seem totally coherent. Wrapping your head around them is basically as hard as understanding basic Jungian concepts, if not easier since Peterson's way of writing/speaking is more accessible.

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No, but that is not to say anything favorable to him as it also surely means Peterson himself doesn't know wtf he's on about.

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that's what makes it so good anon

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