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Since consciousness is idempotent, never-changing and exists before, how does process philosophy deal with this? Anything I should read to understand this pov?

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>[Lacan] what he calls "The pound of flesh", which is the human before the word passes through it, or sweeps it, doesn't exist; The Word (la lalengua) will come to inaugurate a psychic apparatus with the coming of the Unconscious, in his core. Note, however, the tremendous importance of this assertion, and its ramifications. The importance of the acquisition of language as an introductory part of the human being in society, where it has a name, a history, etc, will determine a certain type of ascription within what would be called neurosis (without generalization). On the other hand, let us think in cases where the problem of the acquisition of language is placed in people with autism, where their failure in non-functional or severe cases compromises their introduction into society, something that Lacan would call "The unfathomable decision of being."

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Process philosophy generally doesn't understand this, if you want someone who does then read Shankara. Start here


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I've already read and agree with Shankara

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Any more?

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>how does process philosophy deal with this?


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>Since consciousness is idempotent, never-changing and exists before
Argument needed

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