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>read more books
>become a far left whiteheadian aesthetic ecological socialist
anyone else?

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So, a postmodernist.

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>read less books
>become less neurotic and happier
anyone else

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No i became far right, then religious, then I stopped understanding anything at all even vaguely and now reality feels like a dream I can't wake up from.

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>don't read
>become a far right racist traditionalist reactionary
anyone else?

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>start reading dumb genre fiction
>feel genuinely happier and connect more with other people

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not me

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>change my views to whatever i'm currently reading

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>read more books
>become a far right marxist communist
Anyone else?

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no such thing

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you can be a far right marxist but not a far right communist

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Half of 4chans population

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Are you me?

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>be a bugman
>read nothing but political things
>bitch online that incompatible personalities exist
Just go have a war already you double nigger. Stop drawing lines in the sand unless until you grow a pair.

I'm an apolitical misanthrope that realizes politics only goes in two directions libertarian and authoritarian. If poor, you are libertarian/anarchy, if rich you want the feudal system. Politics boil down to that regardless of what you've been programmed by. If you want to posture then actually make sense. You stand tall and attack the other line to better society through selective breeding thus by attacking those that disagree with you or you shut the fuck up you wimpy NPC blue pilled normalfaggot sheep.

Stop posting this type of garbage.

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>I share a board with people like this

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You can't be a marxist without being a communist
I'm one such thing

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>You can't be a marxist (a practitioner of critique of capitalism) without being a communist (someone who lives in a society governed by communism).

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You're right. I just argued about hegelian's dialectical evolution of consciousness all day and im pretty much just more miserable and don't know anything substantial more than this sub-100 iq guy i know who does woodwork and has a gf. I'm leaving bye lol.

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>You can't be a marxist without being a communist

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>read more books
>become a constitutional monarchist who hates capitalism and liberalism

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Who is this whitehead guy? He looks a lot like the youtube philosopher social icon and paragon of manly virtue Stefan Molyneux

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>read more books
>realize we're at the confluent point in history for multiple mass extinction events to occur to humanity: ecological and economic
>realize no viable political doctrine addresses this, because they can't
>realize we're all doomed
>also realize every jew and janny and homo on earth will be subsumed with me in this end
>start reading fiction instead and stop needlessly worrying in the time I have, IE. a couple of decades

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me too

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>people can't stop being inane about politics
>no u
This thread is pointless shitflinging.

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You haven't studied Marx have you anons?

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same desu

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Hate smug cunts who post things like this

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>people who respond with brainlet wojaks to somebody saying that communist politics are a defining feature of Marxism aren't smug faggots

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seriously though is there a way out of this

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Not even them but Marx says that communism isn't going to be possible for a long time during which we're going to have to get rid of nation and the bourgeoisie and the inevitable interim dictatorships arising from the workers seizing the means of production and thus becoming the mechanism of further oppression.

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>not being both far left and far right at the same time, in the same thread

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Where are you getting this from exactly? In which text does Marx say any of this?

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its like you dont believe in anything and just exist to correlate different facts and theories trying to decode this mystery

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>read more books
>get neurotic and depressed
>milquetoast progressive / socialist
>read even more
>become completely misanthropic
>become unironic fascist
>epistemology is an unsolvable problem and you can't really comprehend politics
>Stop reading, start drinking and jerking off to femboys
>become apolitical
>not much happier
What do?

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Bruh this hit too close to home

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read rorty to escape from this nightmare

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take the process ontology pill anon

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are you me? I just read a lot of fantasy books now to escape reality.

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Dude same

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this what happens when more than half of the pages are just pictures with 5 or 6 sentences written besides them

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>read books
>realise man is a mythopoeic ape that will be overcome by AI
And that's a good thing

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To be fair, it's mostly the works of Marx and Engels (manifesto, capital, outline) but the Critique of the Gotha program in particular is entirely Marx and outlines many of the same complaints in a more compact format. Particularly of note is the transition from each according to their contribution (under which the proletariat would be rewarded above the parasitic management classes) to the next level of communism where each according to their need is assumed as the duty of society.

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Tbqhwyf, me as well

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Whitehead, simulacra and simulation and cybernetics fucked me up. I dont believe nothing at all

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Post modernists are concerned with aesthetics?

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yeah actually me too when you put it that way

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Idk but he got a white head

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libertarian and authoritarian isn't a real political axis.

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Keep reading you faggot.

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>Read more books
>Became a esoteric monarchist/reactionary

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lmao the west was a mistake

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Reminder that if you're far right everybody wants to bash your fucking face in and break your fucking skull

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Have you ever noticed lefties only seem to read to look like they read?

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>friendly reminder comrades

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That’s because you can’t argue your beliefs, because they’re retarded and so are you.

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this but unironically

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hello me

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Muh violence, muh progress

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lol that's a schmood

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>be left wing
>see left wing becomes hypocritical mess in like 2012 or something with the whole only men can be sexist and only whites can be racist thing
>start voting right
Anyone else?

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I bailed out when free speech came into question

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Left an right arn't real. Only up and down, you ridiculous plebeian.

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Fuck you cunts i'll bounce your heads on the pavement like a basketball and slam dunk it against the fucking wall

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>read books
>decode the cyclical nature of history

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Proof the left is all violent retards incapable of discussion

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>like a frickin' basketball

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No dude you don't understand you're a cunt who can't fight so give me your address and I'll head over and bash your fucking face into your skull sockets

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Give me your address, I’ll meet you there.

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Also, objectively ponder over this image and realize that news is the powers that be telling you to obey them and the left and right is a strategy meant to split the group of plebeians so they cannot rebel against the top.

A gulag vs a Nazi work camp. The difference? A hippy society of peaceful libertarianism vs cyberpunk utopia of anarchist capitalism. Different? Being overly agreeable centrist vs apolitical. Difference?

All there is is doing what you want vs being told to do things. Just up and down.

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and yet all mass shootings are done by right wing nutjobs

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No fuckface listen to me give me your fucking address so I can hit you so fucking hard that your nervous system shuts down and you end up in a 20 year coma, your parents will ask the doctor how long you'll be in it and he'll say he doesn't know

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And yet most rapes and murders are done by niggers

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nah. freedom is too subjective. a fascist would tell you he is more free to attack immigrants under a fascism. a communist would tell you he is free to get rid of the kulaks that force him to work overtime. there is no true freedom.

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It's okay. This shit doesn't matter. You still have a chance to make the people you love accept you. Don't fall into this trap.

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The more I learn the more I become doomer. If you still care about the specifics of politics you're not aware yet how bad things truly are.

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politics is entertainment for pseudos

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Hey fuck you faggot I'll leave you in a pool of blood they'll have to call the ambulance after I bash your faggot skull in you probably smile like a fucking gay pedo IRL and that makes me want to fucking end your fucking life for real give me your address bro

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Desu all I want now is order. When I think of anarchists I think of young people, and young people scare me, always have. As long as there’s no anarchy and no young people things are good.

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A Facist is not free he's authoritarian bakayaroo. Nor is the Communist. They are the same coin flipping up at the top of the political '''''quadrant'''''.

It's just up and down.

Or even worse pointless altogether due to degradation.

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you didn't really directly respond to anything I said

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Because it's viciously specific for no real logical reason. The Soviets had Jews running away just the same as Hitler and they both had forced labor.

It's the exact same shit.

Just being span differently.

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there's no such thing as authoritarian though retard, that's what I'm trying to show you.
all emancipation and change of laws is going to be perceived as "authoritarian" but it's not, it's just a new set of norms replacing the old norms. there's no properly "authoritarian" or "libertarian" norms because you are controlled by them regardless.

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Are you saying true libertarianism is like true anarchy in that it can’t exist except briefly in a vacuum?

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I just become religious desu.

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no, I'm saying the concept of liberty itself is based entirely on pathology. "natural rights" are whatever the people decide it to be at any given time, and it can change at any given time.

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Enjoy your incoming psychotic break :^)

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i wish. /lit/ avoids that like the plague

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that's the low iq take.
"There are no political solutions, only technological ones, the rest is propaganda." Ellul

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you are all my boys and we will probably never understand anything but whatever. godspeed and don't succumb to despair or hatred. there is a kind of logic to living even in a dream, and we can't enunciate it, but we know what is good or bad in some very vague way that is too sacred to be put in the mind in clear terms.

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A connecting feeling of the greatest books ever written (19th century Russian literature) is that nihilism is bad and it's important we uphold time-honored values. This does not dovetail with leftism. Thank for showing everyone you wasted your time reading garbage books though, and now you've poisoned your mind

t. schopenhauer

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I’m more of a post-leftist succumbed to capitalist realism but I see the need for a more ecologically minded ethos OP. Other times I describe myself as a postmodern rightist. At the end of the day these are all masturbatory and competitive tautological phrases and technical jargon to show off what books we’ve read as if that knowledge is helpful or important in the age of super boredom and oppressive monoculture. As if our beliefs are any different in the first place, politics is for the brain dead. I’m more concerned with aesthetics and the artistry of modern life, can we please move away from this obsession of the “self”? For every Francesca Ramsey there’s an Arthur Rimbaud. I’m sick of seeing fellow men’s eyes look away in disappointment as they struggle to articulate their repressed feelings of angst and inability to convey meaning outside the modern “spectacle” and it’s oh so obvious how alone and isolated they feel. But I see it everywhere and all the time. The only way to use aesthetics to your advantage and show the word you’re a true intellectual who’s cast off the confines of silly modern morality is to scream from every building, every mountain, and every message board: NIGGER.

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Stop same fagging, zhuang zhi, you're not butterfly

>> No.13663854

yeah you're pretty close to us, just let go of that last thing

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You can’t claim to love the likes of Rimbaud, Burroughs, Henry Miller and other so-called artists while at the same time having a preoccupation with modern moral coding. You’ll just end up reifying the spectacle. Almost all of it boils down to semantics, the purview of men. Two anons ITT are arguing about the existence of authoritarianism but both agree death camps are bad. We’re all scared and lonely boys out here in the world, feeding into alienation itself. In this way women are smarter than us, which isn’t to Imbue them with a mystical quality but to say they’re too stupid to argue dialectics specifically. Stop treating art like a quantifiable object and more as something worth manifesting into your own emotional and physical reality. To say “NIGGER” is the ultimate freeing agent and the ultimate thrill, the ultimate danger and aesthetic of the true intellectual. Not some dollar bin white supremacist with silly racialist ideas but using it as it’s OWN aesthete for the purpose of casting it down below and exposing it for the empty morality it is. The signal of letting them all know you’ve transcended the “self” and reject their petty (bourgeois if you like) morality. Stop pretending. Stop being a cheap professional appreciator and start BEING. You fucking NIGGER.

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so much for the tolerant left

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This happened to me, I've been going back and fourth with religion, but it all seems like deeper layers of absurd

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>when the gnosis kicks in

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why do i come to 4chan always expecting more

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gorillas are usually not that smart bro dont feel bad

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lol xd

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