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Are their any well known philosophers that didn't go to a Ivy League/Historical College? Every where I look I see big name colleges or for Europeans, a university with looong history and tons of names birthed from it in the past.

Me being from NA and not having a perfect GPA/SAT/ACT scores I would never be able to set foot in a Ivy League without some amazing made up sob story in my essay.

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Stop fucking fetishizing this shit, I am a PhDfag at an Ivy and I literally grade these people's papers and 95% of them are less intelligent and worldly than your average /lit/ poster

Go read about Hamann in Berlin's Roots of Romanticism or some shit

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>ruins chances
>blames others

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He went to Essex Uni

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Makes sense he’s a meme and a retard

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After a person becomes famous his uni gets more famous and donations cause ure pretty much a schmart guy for going to same school where everything was happening, plus u mighta saw him once or twice

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In a century, Land will be just as influential and infamous as Nietzsche, Stirner and Heidegger are today.

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In other words, only read by dumb and edgy teenagers?

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Stephen Law was a postman or something when he first got published. I think he should start a band with Yitang Zhang.

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College isn't what it used to be. There have been large changes in the last 70 years.

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like what

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this, higher education is a shadow of what it was. it’s a shitty mass institution for babysitting brainlets now

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Ever since it has been particularly productive from a capitalistic perspective to educate the population, education has been commoditized and has been used more as a signalling of certain attributes that make one a good worker (e.g. conscientiousness, IQ, agreeableness, the ability to do paperwork) than any sort of "thinker". It is used by the industry as a qualification that you can do a job. Academia has been ruined, and it is evidenced by the hoards of mongrels that you see in education today. The fact that there are more women in college than men is evidence via the variability hypothesis wrt IQ that intellectualism is dead in universities in general. Only small cliques of the autiste survive. It seems like all true intellectualism happens in ones freetime.

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imagine believing this

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Name one good philosopher alive today.

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see >>13654060

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If accelerationists can't into memes how can they ever judge good or bad philosophy?

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Accelerationists are autists

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Checked and agreed.

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and thats a GOOD thing

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He went to warwick uni

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he worked at warwick but studied at essex

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Still smarter than most Oxbridge grads

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I can't think of any. I'm having a similar issue. I want nothing more than to be a highly regarded academic, yet I lack the credentials to attend an institution of sufficient prestige.

Hopefully I can do enough to get in by the time I'm in my mid thirties, and I will keep trying until I am physically incapable of doing so.

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Well since college has become more of a necessity rather than s gathering place of intellectuals looking to expand their knowledge on certain topics where is the new watering hole for people in pursuit of knowledge?

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Lao Tzu
Robert Andrew Wilson

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They're technically Chinese

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>comparing Stirner, literally who, with them

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nooo cute anime girl don't die!

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the literature board on 4channel

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Enlist in the military, explore ways to get to selection for a SOF unit. Ideally this will be in writing in your enlistment contract but if it's not you're not 100% screwed. Toward the end of your contract apply to Columbia at the School of General Studies, it's an undergraduate college for nontraditional students and their admission criteria look more at what you've done with your life than at high school GPA or test scores, and they love veterans. GS students go to all the same classes as Columbia College students and when you graduate your degree says Columbia University just like theirs. If you're too much of a pussy to enlist or to pass selection then figure out something else impressive you can do. You're welcome.

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