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Just Finnished this. What do I read next?

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Read? Nothing. Next step is action.

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This. And by action I mean LARPing on discord and /lit/.

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now start setting up cat traps

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I read The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul after this.

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fanged noumena

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Permaculture by Bill Mollison.

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terrible cover
Linkola is a fisherman writing about birds and not some fucking post-apocalyptic action writer, I'm not sure the picture targets the intended audience

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it's arktos. Masters of boomer cringe covers

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Mine isn't good either, but at least it's not terrible, just pretentious so it's okay

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this and the alternate cover isn't any better...looks like the Oklahoma city bombing with a flower in the middle...can't wait until they reveal the cover for Decline of the West

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So did you like the book?

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The one I have just has his face. It's ok.

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Yeah, I prefer this one.

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I would also be curious? Just starting to read it but can’t really get on bored with a lot.

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thanks , i finished "industrial society and its consequences" and i was wandering what to read next

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heidegger's building, dwelling, thinking is equally relevant

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I guess this thread is going to be the new /eco/
Post books about ecology, technology, and the environment.

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Timothy with all that ecofascism?

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Bumping for this.

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Has anyone read George Grant's book on technology?

Also some recs:
>Silence of the songbirds
>The tiger: a true story of vengeance
>The golden spruce

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Who are they by? I'm honestly interested in Grant myself, should I begin with his tech book?

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If your Canadian you should begin with lament for a nation

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What do Evola and Junger have to do with deep ecology. If I'm not mistaken, Evola thought anarcho-primitivism was for larpers.

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Yeah, who cares about some bourgeois tenured academic who will be forgotten in 5 years.

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I'm not Canadian, so where should I begin? Is his Canada stuff still worth a read if I'm interested in Leaf stuff?

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i think lament for a nation applies to other countries as well. it is canada specific but if you look at the undercurrents it has broad appeal. absolutely read if you have any interest in canada

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