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Tom Sawyer is a masterpiece, Mark Twain is a genius.

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Is it better than Huckleberry Finn?

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I have a dim, fond memory of it as a kid. I had a good comic book of Tom Sawyer, and later read the novel. I also read Huck Finn (I think) and watched the old Elijah Wood movie, but Huck never stuck in my consciousness like the Tom Sawyer work did.

Beats of Tom Sawyer still register for me, whereas I don't know deep plot points of Huck Finn. In Tom Sawyer, we have the whitewashing shenanigans (they're literally white washing a fence, settle down), the kids faking their death, and the kids lost in the cave.

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I only remember the bit in Huck Finn where they dress as girls for some reason. I read them a whiiiile ago, have to revisit them soon.

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Could you possibly go into more detail about what in particular makes it a masterpiece? I'm not disagreeing with you, as I think there are timeless elements that resonate, but I'm trying to learn about what in particular (You) liked about it.
Also, the way Injun Joe died really messed with me as a kid. Imagine slowly starving to death in near pitch black. Being forced to eat bats raw until there are no more bats, then you eat the candle wax, your only light source. Then, you slowly succumb to weakness while you are desperately trying to stab your way through a door to break into the light. Shit's horrifying.

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Tom Sawyer is a shit, Mark Twain is a retard

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Why does nobody ever explain their opinions on this god forsaken board? Why does the sticky even exist if no one reads it?
>/lit/ is a slow board! Please take the time to read what others have written, and try to make thoughtful, well-written posts of your own

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