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Where do I start with occult literature?

I wish to gain magic powers and secret truths so I can feel better than other people.

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I started with Chaos Magick, Peter J Carroll and Phil Hine. Then I moved onto Jung, Laing, Campbell. Then the Bhagavad Gita, the Srimad Bhagavatam, some random Buddhist texts, the stoics, and a host of other classic texts. Then Crowley. Then Evola. Lastly, the CCRU group. Somewhere between Evola and the CCRU group things got really weird. That's the extent of my power: that things got really weird. Can't recommend it. Just read normal texts you enjoy.

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Do you have any mystic powers?

Legit precognition? Jedi mindtricks? Enhanced intellect? Two places at once? Anything?

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Jack Vance, Dying Earth series.

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I lost 22+ points of IQ, got expelled from college, have a lot of scars on my arm from using blood magick, am diagnosed schizoaffective, and currently eke out a living making just over $20k a year despite having 6 degrees in ostensibly in-demand fields. I was homeless from fall 2016 to fall 2018. I have no friends. I lost my gun rights. I have over $100k in debt and debt collectors pounding down my door.

But I did see the future, sort of. Or the future came back to kick my ass. Given that it was somewhat malicious I didn't really gain insight into the future, but I know that we make it, or that someone makes or. Or something makes it.

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Iv'e been recommended the Kybalion multiple times.

Should I read it?

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Can't hurt

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Not that guy but now I can talk to cats.

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People who claim to see the future are just schizos with perceptual distortions trying to dramatize their experience of having foresight about intersubjective cultural phenomena, i.e. "seeing the writing on the wall" as it were. It's a somewhat uncommon skill, but nothing exceptional. I'm sorry to burst even that bubble

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This is from 2013, a year before my first schizo symptoms: https://dancefighterredux.wordpress.com/2013/12/28/state-of-the-union-2013/

This is from 2018, recording experiences from 2017, and is what I'm actually talking about: https://postsyntheticsocietalproject.wordpress.com/2018/08/12/yoko-taro-is-a-dragon-from-the-future/

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I used to be a commercial diver and now I can breathe underwater in my dreams

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Should I read the Corpus hermeticum or the Kybalion?

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Both is good

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OP just look into Remote Viewing, its easy and you dont need to do any autistic shit like cutting yourself. Magick works too but its risky and ultimately pointless.
Look into Zodiacal Releasing also.

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>tfw chaos is rapid movement of determined order that is hard for brainlets to spot

Chaos is acknowledgment of divergent and non linear nature of order.

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Read the Neo-platonists, Plotinus could cast spells and shit

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You start with agrippa, read his three books of occult philosophy(i recommend the version with annotations by Donald Tyson), read afterwards more basics like manly p hall's "the secret teachings of all ages" and work through Donald kraig's "modern magick" for learning the basics of the practice.
More books on the basics I can recommend:
-eliphas levi, transcedental magick
-energy Essential for witches and spellcaster, mya om
-(a alternative to kraig's mm, but not as good imo) milller, the sorcerer's secrets
-donald Tyson, scrying for beginners
-gareth knight, a Guide to qabalistic symbolism(read that after already havaing a basic idea of the kabbala)
Those are just some of the basics, if you want to delve into something more specific(like the lesser key of solomon, or enochian) you can do that afterwards.
Apologies, I'm posting this from my phone and can't be bothered to write orderly.

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