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Is it better never to have been?

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to have never been is inconceivable for those that have been, so there is no possible comparison.

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>to have never been is inconceivable for those that have been

No I can well imagine what it's like to have never been, and it looks pretty great desu.

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Benatar BTFO'd

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kill yourself then you won't even be around remember your suffering

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maybe if you're a gigantic pussy

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If you live a healthy life it's always better to be instead of never to have been.

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Why did you delete your earlier thread?

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Because you retards were spamming

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>Is it better never to have been?
My worldview is shaped on the belief that most people would have not chosen to be born if given the choice.

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Possibly, Might as well exist while youre here though.

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