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Is Delillo an easy read for a non native english reader? And where should i start?

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>And where should i start?
page 1

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don't bother with this guy. read pynchon instead. or barth.

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With the Greeks and an ESL guide to learning the English language.

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Barth is the definition of hit or miss. He either makes masterpieces (Sot-Weed Factor) or annoying masturbatory wastes of time that belong in the trash (Tidewater Tales) and nothing in between. Look up reviews of his books before diving in and potentially wasting your time.

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I'm trying to find a book that my high school english teacher talked about where a narrator comes across the notes of an author who was insane and the entire novel is the narrator reading the notes as he himself descends into insanity... or something like that. Anybody know what I'm blathering about?

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House of Leaves?

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This book ruined fried chicken for me. Fuck you Delillo and your finger-toothbrush bullshit.

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