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I have never read a single philosophy book in my life and everything I know about the subject a absorbed via osmosis from 4chan.

What are some of the first books I should start with to stop being a brainlet?

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Start with the New Testament

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Ignore this retard. Start with the Greeks

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The complete works of Carl Schmitt

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Unironically start with the Greeks. Read some pre-Socratics, Penguin has a good collection of some, then move to Plato, then move to Aristotle. After them read some Roman philosophers, there aren’t many, then you can really skip most medieval philosophy becuase it was just regurgitating Platonism. Then move to early modern philosohers like Descartes, Spinoza, and Hume. Then into the big boys of German Idealism: Kant and Hegel. Then onto other modern philosophers like Marx, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche.

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>Spinoza and Marx
No Jews please.

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the most expedited way is to read a history of philosophy. Either the one by bertrand russel or "the great converstation". Both will allow you to pretend like you understand more than you actually do. As you should want to.

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>regurgitating platonism

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>schope not a German idealist

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>9 replies
>8 posters

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THIS. That pdf is great. Needs further buffing out, but great starting point.

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