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>it's written by a female

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based. but there are always exceptions

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This. Most f*males are cringe but there are the odd high t CHADettes

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The misogynists on this website are pathetic. You act like this just because we don't want to sleep with you greasy creeps.

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Why not read it and see if it's bad?

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Preach sis

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this is satire, right?

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The fact that you're relying con sex rather than in a proper rational statement to construct your argument is proof of your inadequacy in intelectual matters

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This is satire, right?

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>It's written by a post-Apostolic Age Jew
>It's written by a Protestant

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The only exception to that rule would be in japanese /lit/. Heian-era ladies-in-waiting, and their diaries and works ( Genji monogatari, for one ) were pretty based, for the most part.

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>ITT the boys tease the girls and the girls get mad and we all fight
this is the board of lowest discourse, I swear

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Women are typically not intellectual beings, and so are usually incapable of producing anything that rises above the Agatha Christi level of soft, emotionally shallow drivel with the occasional addition of sex in order to we the panties of their (women) readers.

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We don't want your skanky moisty hole with that gives off a fishy smell within a ten feet radius