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What would he think about 4chan.org/lit/? Has he been here? Would he post in earnest, or just meme?

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He was in Russia, came to us at the conference. Our student newspaper interviewed him. I asked about imageboards, he said that he likes to look at funny pictures here. I asked about /pol/ and he said in a whisper: 'Fuck, r u kiddin me? that's my favorite place in the worl wide web'.

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why does he always look tired as fuck?

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He looks and sounds fucking disgusting

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Obviously spurious because you forgot the sniffle.

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>and so on and so on

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>What would he think about 4chan.org/lit/?
The same what RMS thinks about /g/.

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This is bullshit but I believe it

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this >>13531673

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>plucks shirt authoritatively

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