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Why do monks shun the world if they see the world as spiritual?

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There is a difference between "the world" understood as the physical realm of existence, and "the world" understood as the realm of sinful and non-spiritual desires and concerns.

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the world of fleeting material pleasures, world which obsesses over unimportant things, engages in decadence and degeneracy and ignores god and his laws

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When did you realize nature is just the Absolute Spirit being alienated?

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where is his tastebuds?

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god dammit, I bet you're right

I am sick of this gay earth

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So what 'world' are they in? Please don't tell me they pray all day.

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I doubt you'd understand even if someone tried to explain.

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because idolatry is no-no, and there is many temptations such as thots

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they retreat into work and solitude to focus better on attaining spiritual growth, get away from distracting and sinful material pleasures everywhere in the world, mortify will of the flesh, focus only on pleasing god
of course those are ascetic orders, there are also mendicants which are active in community, engage with people and evangelize

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you right, but why alienated?

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haha i know all about theurgy, im crowdsourcing ideas, maybe you can chip in
how are you 'spiritually growing' by ignoring the material world?

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Yeah dude they need to go get laid. How can they live without pussy haha ;)

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>how are you 'spiritually growing' by ignoring the material world?
they focus on praying, studying the bible, contemplating,
material world is full of sin and distraction of spiritual pursuits and if you believe that those are bad as we do and believe in metaphysics in this way it is logical thing to strive towards

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I don't think they should focus on 'getting laid'. I don't think hedonism and wisdom are compatiable. However, I do think it's okay to have 'experiences' that are out of the purview of meditation on the soul, those would entail seemingly non-spiritual experiences, furthermore, I see no reason why a monk shouldn't enjoy romance for example. I believe you are under the misconception that Buddhism preaches 'life denial' and 'no self' bullshit

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Since when are we talking about Buddhism?

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The purpose of life is not just to be a philosopher or theologian though. The desert fathers and meister eckhart are admirable and I like christian mysticism but to restrict yourself to prayer and contemplation is a form of life denial that is not advocated in the bible.

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Only a man who doesn't really believe God created the world can shun it and think he's being spiritual.

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I assumed you are a believer in life denying philosophies as evident by your remark, if i'm wrong then feel free to explain your point. Sure monks shouldn't chase pussy, that would be unenlightened but to deny oneself of romance would be wrong.

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>but to restrict yourself to prayer and contemplation is a form of life denial that is not advocated in the bible.
This is true. Christian monasticism is best understood as a self-inflicted pseudo-persecution. Once the early Roman persecutions ended and Christianity began to merge with worldly society, some felt it necessary to recreate the previous separation from the world by exiting from it. It's an incorrect, but understandable error.

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the point of christian and buddhist monkhood is completely different since buddhists dont believe in reality of this world

in buddhist tradition monkhood is designed to help you realize that this world is illusion and realize that you are part of collective consciousness (forgive me if i butchered buddhist theology here)
in christian tradition the point of being a monk is to reject material world, its distractions, but christians believe this world is very real (but fleeting and your focus should be on the next world), however monk life is not for everyone, most people will get married and experience life normally, its for most dedicated people with most inner strenght

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different people have different paths in life, some join orders such as carthusians or trappists which focus on asceticism, on rejecting material world and its temptations,
some evangelize more and dedicate themselves to active service
most become husbands and wives, live and work in mundane lives while devoting enough time to the faith
none of them is wrong, different people have different paths in life and different callings

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Alienation means the self being stranger to itself, nature is the strange part of God eternal.

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Why do you believe this? Explain in detail

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Monks understand that there is an entirely spiritual world above the material one. They pray and meditate in order to connect with this higher domain, unlike women who are entirely material beings of flesh attached to the Earth.

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