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realistically, how long would it take for a nitwit like me to be able to read Homer in his native Greek?

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Realistically, never.

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Greek is a very difficult language. Have you even read Homer in English so that you could decide whether it's worth the effort?

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yeah I'm already a big fan of Homer in English

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if this guy can so can he:

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Then go make an attempt. Try Pharr's Homeric Greek. Most books will start you with Attic and thus you won't be able to transition to the Homeric dialect until later.

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>The ancient world equivalent of vidya

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I'd estimate around 7 to 10 years desu. Attic dialect should take you 5 years at least so add another 2 to 5 years to learn the Homeric dialect alone just to be safe. It could take even more or much less depending on how good you are at learning languages.

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Ignore this poster, it only takes that long if you pick the wrong dialect and then move through it slowly.

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I'm just assuming OP is really a nitwit who wants to learn Homeric dialect as a side project. He could learn much faster if he's very intelligent and spends 5 hours a day studying but is that realistic?

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A year of actual learning.

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you mean like learning the language and then reading it? why not just translate it word for word, that would be a lot quicker.

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You're assuming he should learn Attic first, which is more nitwit than OP and unlikely to help him.

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5 year if you learn modern greek first. If you speak latin 3-4 years, otherwise 7.

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