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Writers don't get the recognition they deserve. Writing is so goddamn hard.

>> No.13451470

Writing is the easiest art form

>> No.13451478

In the year 2019, visual art is fucking easy. Just scribble or piss on a canvas and you can make a million dollars, as long as you can make up some bullshit about what it "really" means.

>> No.13451484

Then do it

>> No.13451518

Go back to your old thread

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It's not, really. It only seems easy to someone who has no sense of rhythm, musicality, sentence structure, paragraph structure, word choice, tone, mood etc etc. And then you have all the problems with plot, character, themes relating to the form. The 'easiest' art is probably music nowadays. Learn some guitar (really easy), download Audacity or whatever they use and get creative with some sound effects, put some shitty lyrics and you're a experimental folk artist.

>> No.13451677

Literally none of the arts have ever been easy, one lifetime is too short for perfecting your craft unless you're both talented and hardworking.

>> No.13451681

Anything is easy for those who are loyal to what they love

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Becoming a well known/career writer is the hardest. If you can make music, it's easier to make money. If you can draw, it's easier to make money.

But yes. From a perspective of difficulty, writing is the easiest to reach relative mastery.

>> No.13451784

Writing is easy, but good writing.... HA

>> No.13451950

The art is more important than the artist, anon.

>> No.13452026

Nah, it's photography

>Buy expensive camera
>Point at something
>Camera does all the work

>> No.13452030

I had an art show with photos I took as a joke and posted to Instagram. Made about 1500$, but the investment to set up the show meant I only broke even. Didn't want to do it again. I stopped taking photos because it stopped being funny when I ran the joke to it's end.

>> No.13452187

I guess that's why all the movies we watch are written so goddamn well

>> No.13452349

Most writers are worse at writing than rappers, and the publishing industry only specializes in pulp fiction.

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Wrong. Composers don't get the recognition they deserve. Even the most successful living composers of concert music are obscure. Being 1st class doesn't suffice anymore. If you can make music, no one will listen. What you're talking about is uninspired chord progressions with sub-par poetry sung over them.

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>Becoming a well known/career writer is the hardest

Only because nobody gives a shit about literature. Of course making a career out of a culturally irrelevant niche art form is going to be more difficult.

>> No.13452826

if writing is hard fir you. . yiu are not a writer

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