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>Ludwig Wittgenstein read the book as a schoolboy and was deeply impressed by it, later listing it as one of his influences and recommending it to friends.[15] Wittgenstein is recalled as saying that he thought Weininger was "a great genius".[16] However, Wittgenstein's deep admiration of Weininger's thought was coupled with a fundamental disagreement with his position. Wittgenstein writes to G. E. Moore: "It isn't necessary or rather not possible to agree with him but the greatness lies in that with which we disagree. It is his enormous mistake which is great." In the same letter to Moore, Wittgenstein added that if one were to add a negation sign before the whole of Sex and Character, one would have expressed an important truth; that is, he did not disagree with Weininger point by point but as a whole.
What did he mean by this?

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Man is Incomplete, Woman is Full

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I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. you can't negate the entirety of sex and character, the resulting statement would be incoherent. It says a bunch of specific things about men and women, to negate them is just to be left with nothing, and the general structure of his thought wouldn't refer to anything anymore.

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It's a long story, anon..

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>“Basically, the idea is that not only can women do everything men do, but, under the conditions of capitalism, they can do it better than men,” Badiou writes, “They’ll be more realistic than men, more relentless, more tenacious. Why? Precisely because girls no longer have to become the women that they already are, while boys don’t know how to become the men that they are not.”
>“The girl-woman is being urged to provide a tough, mature, serious, legal, and punitive version of competitive, consumerist individualism,” Badiou writes, while the boys provide a “weak, adolescent, frivolous, lawless, or even borderline criminal” version. “Bourgeois, authoritarian feminism” calls for “the world as it is to be turned over to women power.”
There's more, but you'd have to meet me halfway.

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>Then, as always, sensitive young people indulged in masturbation,but in the heroic certainty that they were courting madness arid death.
Based masturbaters

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good read, but he didn't point us in any direction regarding the alchemical guides and symbols.

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Who are you quoting?

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my diary desu

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pretty good, a shame Badiou's an anti-semite though

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Many philosophers need to be suicided in this guy's scenario

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The world would be an objectively more interesting place desu

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Luddy W was a jewish homo like Weininger, that's why

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ah he got me

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What's a shame about that?
Seems based that he doesn't let the philosemitic worship of his colleague get in the way of the truth.

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