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>I’m going to kill myself if I don’t convert Japan from western degeneracy
>but western culture has its pros which outweigh the cons but I’ll still kill myself
-Yukio Mishima

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he wanted to kill himself because it was the ultimate erotic-artistic-political act, the culmination of his life's work.

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He kinda looks like he might have autism I never noticed it till I saw this photo

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My fucking sides

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You never notice? All that knowingly repressed homoerotism, all that over the top honor vindication, the ultra trad politics, the musculature... We should be the face of /fit/, /jp/, /k/, /y/, and obviously /r9k/... But you never notice before.

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>>but western culture has its pros which outweigh the cons but I’ll still kill myself

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I don't know if I'd call it repressed...

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He also feared getting old and dying of something beyond his control

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I know, but my take was splendid.

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He was an intellectual who advocated action.
He was a rebel who fought for tradition.
He was an artist who shocked the world.

His writing shook the soul.
His flamboyance captivated a generation.
His vision challenged the conscience of his time.


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He was cockhungry and got denied because the superior nip writer was straight.

Mishima was an alright writer but his faggotry pulled everything he wrote down. You can feel his seething hatred of women in every word. He doesn't understand women and views them as foreign, incomprehensible strangers. Meanwhile, Dazai can write from a woman's perspective and it comes off as authentic, probably because he was drowning in pussy since childhood.

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This sounds like complete bullshit.
Actually sounds like halfhearted pro-Western propaganda.

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And what/s wrong with that?

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gays are insufferable.

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What's the craziest Mishima has written? Did he ever go Burroughs mode?

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Is he in bungou stray dogs? The only authors that matter are in bungou

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He doesn't appear but Dostoevsky's gang name is "Decay of Angels", an obvious reference to Mishima.

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Literally all Japanese people are autistic

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books for this feel?

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In which anime does Mishima appear as a little loli girl?

What's up with that?

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What's up bunbros? s4 never.
>pro-Western propaganda
>if i say an unsupported random thing, it becomes true no matter how forced and retarded it is
it crippled mishima's writing, for one.

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>>but western culture has its pros which outweigh the cons
what a moron

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does he have a misaligned Jaw?

Also something about him looks sort of whitu. You don't usually see signs of facial hair on a Japanese guy that's smooth shaven.

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