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To me, he was right, and I had the same thoughts as him before reading his work, but I don't understand why he would commit acts of terrorism. What would that realistically achieve?

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Street cred

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You can understand the modern world *and* at the same time be mentally ill. He was a complex person, Uncle Ted really needed a wife so he could have hope in the future

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to have his writings published and read by many people i suppose

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Doesn't he deny being the UnaBomber?

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Between bombing people he sent hate mail to his parents. It was mixed up with his personal issues, also cia nigs MKUltra'd him.

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No, according to his plea deal he acknowledged the fact that he is responsible for the crimes.

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the bomb stuff was actually pretty smart when you think about it
He was using technology and a complex human system precisely to demonstrate their dangers and the lack of control we have over such things
It was as much of a message as his writings
The thing is he must've known he would get caught eventually but I guess he also knew that nobody would bother with the ravings of some hermit unless he put actions along with his words and they had to be big enough for everybody to sit up and take notice
I'm guessing by the time he decided to start doing it he had already checked out of society

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