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Are you even reading a book? What's the title and how long have you been at it? Liars are not welcome ITT.

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>America : A Narrative History by Tindall, George Brown
>4 days
im 1/2 the way through it

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2666. Currently reading the Fate chapter. This book could've used an editor.

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I'm reading the Book of the Psalms in the Bible, does that count? I'm ten psalms in, there's 140 to go.

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The Once and Future King
2 months

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I just finished my last book and started The Bell by Iris Murdoch today. My brother recommended it and he studied philosophy at Oxford, so I figure he must be right about something.

Anyone know anything about this book? I'm only a few pages in, but it seems like its going to be dull.

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Whalebook. 1 month. 3/5 stars.

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Started reading Lolita last night, been enjoying a lot so far. Just finished Rousseau's Discourse on Inequality.

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Mansfield Park. Started it last night

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Teatro Grottesco by Ligotti, started reading it on monday and mostly read on the bus/train and breaks at work. I am 3/5ths of the way through. Mediocre and very same-y.

The foot in lap scene is the high-point, it all goes downhill from there.

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Shut up

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A book by Charlemagne tha God. It’s exactly as good as it sounds.

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Mansfield Park

stick with it

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just finished Submission by Houellebecq. Far superior to Whatever

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Why not put a double barrel shotgun in your mouth and pull the trigger?

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>Not liking Moby Dick

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Fuck you roasty whore cunt bitch

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Kidnapped, Stevenson
2 days and i lost motivation after my professor said it was a children's book

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Listening to Count of Monte Cristo in car and at gym I'm 42 hours in. Reading The Power of Myth. On page 60 or something.

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Novel, adventure fiction, epic, sea story, encyclopedic novel
No title given
Adventure novel, Historical novel
1. Historical novel, Adventure 2. Non-Fiction

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against the grain, trhee days, page 80.
Highlighting and shit of course
Probably not worth it tho

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Just started reading Hypatia: The Life and Legend of an Ancient Philosopher

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Critical reception of the novel has, on the whole, been very positive. In Chile, it won the Altazor Award in 2005. The New York Times Book Review included it in the list of "10 Best Books of 2008"; Time named it Best Fiction Book of 2008; and the novel won the 2008 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction.

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Finnegans Wake, 4 pages, 19 weeks

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Joseph and His Brothers by Mann, maybe a month or so in

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Just finished The Sound and the Fury. Now reading Dracula. It's a much more intelligent read than I thought it would be. 60 pages in, I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

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Moby Dick, a week so far
Reader's Block by David Markson, just started today
Memoirs of Hadrian by Margerite Yourcenar, a month

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I'm learning the trivium. Logic is fun. When i'm done with Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric (i should be done with it in the next year)i'll start reading the canon again.

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yes I am
dunno if you heard about it...
it's called REPUBLIC by PLATO

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The Invincible by Lem, started reading it yesterday.

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The First Philosophers, a month today. Halfway done.

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Hard Rain Falling by Don Carpenter

Started it last night, about 40 pages in.

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Silja, I'm like 30 pages in. Started it yesterday.

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Of course. I've been reading constantly since last October. Just started Sometimes a Great Notion by Kesey yesterday. On page 130. I absolutely love it so far. Can't believe Kesey has been completely absent from my life so far (except the film version of Cuckoo's Nest)

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Yeah, but that about it? Why are you replying each genre of every book mentioned here?

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Currently re-reading the Iliad, started around a week ago. This is the third or fourth time I've read the Iliad, and I read some essays that someone recommended me before starting this time, hoping I'd enjoy it more. The Odyssey is one of my favourite works of fiction, but I've never really gotten that much out of the Iliad. I can appreciate a lot of the things it does, but I've just never gotten a deep enjoyment from it like so many other people seem to.

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it should be obvious. there are only like 3 or 4 people reading something other than fiction in the entire thread.

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And fiction books aren't books? Are you one of those non-fiction supremacist faggots?

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what, and miss the chance to reread moby dick, crime and punishment, and the bible for the fiftieth time like the rest of this smooth-brained circlejerk board? no thanks

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Just started American Pastoral, so far I'm not enjoying it very much.

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hungry caterpillar
p deep

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Reading a few books right now intermittently:
Beautiful Fighting Girl, ~70 pages in
Personality Shaping Through Positive Disintegration, ~90 pages in
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, ~30 pages in

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With the Iliad you have to consider the gods to be personifications of the character's psyche. Paris is ruled by love so Aphrodite whisks im away as a vapor and saves his life because he would choose to live on for love rather than die a martyr. Likewise, Achilles is ruled by his wrath. I actually think the movie adaptation Troy did an excellent job making the story more contemporary rather than having the gods puppeteer the characters is such a hamfisted way. They characters are still saved by their base gods as Hector is the one who saves Paris out of love for his brother. Achilles is still ruled by his wrath.

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Currently reading Moby Dick, not that far in yet but it's comfy.

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Jane Austen Love friendship and other early works.
Just started it it's quite funny at times.

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The Castle, about 100 pages in. Been at it for about a week but I've had obnoxiously long hours and no energy lately so what can you do.

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Currently re-reading this. Haven't read a book for a good while, been in a reading slump

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That's not obvious at all

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Totem and taboo

this book is firing up my incestual thoughts

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Moby Dick
like 2 weeks i think
English isn't my first language so it takes a long time
nearly done tho

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I’m reading the Harvard classics shelf. Im about 2,000 pages in. I’ve given myself until I turn 40 to finish it (3 years).

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Gravity's Rainbow - started it on Wednesday and I'm about 180 pages in. Yesterday I felt my eyes beginning to glaze over a little. Hopefully I can concentrate a little more today.

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>The Name of the Rose
>Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
>A self-help book

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Started reading this. I am enjoying it but it is a slow read. I’m only reading about 30 pages per day. I might be on this until September.

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Just started with The Stand again. Gonna be a hell of a trip

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The Ecology of Freedom, Murray Bookchin. Just started.

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I'd been juggling books, but last night I picked up Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell where I left off. I felt bad about abandoning Strange in the penninsula. It's been a few months, since I only get time to read on my break at work. And it's a big book.

Damn, I've been meaning to read that.

Not sure why you're classifying all the books. Are you wanting more nonfiction? I have some stuff by my bed I've been meaning to tackle but I don't really feel like I need to answer to you.

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In the middle of Buddenbrooks, loving it so far but Mann's long sentences get a little exhausting.


This will be my September read. Looking forward to it.

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I enjoyed The Bell. The main female character (who’s a bit of an incompetent floozy) has some funny moments.
Murdoch herself considered the novel a failure since she was trying to convey some tension between the husband’s interest in asceticism and the wife’s bon vivant instincts. The vast majority of readers took the wife’s side, so Murdoch thought she had been ineffective at conveying the husband’s philosophical viewpoint

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I’m hoping to get to The Magic Mountain sometime before the year ends. But I also have The Glass Bead Game in my to read pile

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Glass Bead Game was one of my reads a few months ago. I wound up liking it a lot.

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I'm currently reading pic related.
I've also been studying the Greeks, not just reading this book. I decided to study the Greeks just to get into philosophy later, but I'm actually enjoying it. Greek mythology is very entertaining.

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Blood Meridian. Couple days. 30% in according to my kindle.

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i'm about 200 pages into the bone people which i started on wednesday, 6 out of 7 stories into a collection of thomas mann short stories which i've been reading for a couple of weeks, and about 60 pages into i am a cat which i started at the beginning of the week and have just been reading in my kitchen in the mornings with my breakfast

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Great Jones Street by Delillo for a few days now. it is definitely far below his middle period work and the prose and story is a little too...jovial? for my liking. but there are plenty of excellent passages as always. recommended to Delillo completists, people who like Pynchon, people interested in early 70s rock music.

why's that anon?
totem and taboo is very interesting but its probably Freud's most speculative book beyond the da vinci biography. It's hard to know how seriously to take it.

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I didn't enjoy that book the whole way through, and then couldn't stop thinking about it for years

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I'm reading the essays of William Hazlitt. I posted a thread to talk about Hazlitt yesterday but hardly anyone responded because most people here are retards who probably haven't even read Shakespeare

>> No.13452906

No because I finished one yesterday. I'll start another once I get home tonight.

>> No.13453044

Started cosmotechnics after invisible cities, also reading Big Show, Frankenstein in Baghdad & They Fought for Each Other

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Cryptonomicon, started 2-3 days ago. Typical Neal Stephenson, very good but can feel drawn out.

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Against The Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States is a book (hardcover release August 2017) by James C. Scott that sets out to undermine what he calls the "standard civilizational narrative" that suggests humans chose to live settled lives based on intensive agriculture because this made people safer and more prosperous.[1] Instead, he argues, people had to be forced to live in the early states, which were hierarchical, beset by malnutrition and disease, and often based on slavery.
Biography / Philosophy ?
1. Southern Gothic novel, Modernist novel 2. Horror, Gothic
Novel, adventure fiction, epic, sea story, encyclopedic novel
Family life (fiction), U.S. history (fiction)
1. Manga / Non Fiction ? 2. Psychology 3. Novel
Novel, adventure fiction, epic, sea story, encyclopedic novel
All Ages / Classics
Dystopian novel, science fiction novel, philosophical fiction
Psychology · Fiction
Novel, adventure fiction, epic, sea story, encyclopedic novel
Historical novel, satire, encyclopedic novel, science fiction
1. Historical novel, speculative fiction
Philosophical novel
Post apocalyptic, horror
Subject: Hierarchy
speculative fiction
Family saga
Greek mythology, Roman mythology, and Norse mythology
Western, historical novel
drama criticism, literary criticism, and political essays?
subject: Phenomenology, Philosophy of technology
Speculative fiction

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Have been sitting on >pic related for about..a month now, can't seem to finish it.
I read through a few of Seneca's "essays" and Houllebecq's Platform just in the past week.

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Pic related, about 12 hours.
Critique of pure reason, about a week

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Lolita, halfway through. Loving it.

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Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis, about a quarter of the way through

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Reflections: Essays, Aphorisms, Autobiographical Writings (Walter Benjamin)

Been at it for a couple weeks. I work and only read a short time a day.

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I started Lonesome Dove yesterday and I'm only on the second chapter now. It's good so far just wasn't really feeling like reading much yesterday.

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do u guys finish a book and then just start another? or do u need some time to digest it?

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no. no time. read as much as possible. never stop. 200 pages per day.

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reading Atlas Shrugged. I'm finally at page 870 or so after 3 years pushing myself through this fucking piece of shit. Eventhough I agree with some of the points and find the imagery quite nice, it's so fucking dry and boring and dull.

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>The Passing of the Armies: An Account of the Final Campaign of the Army of the Potomac (Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain)
I've been chipping away at it for a while, reading a chapter every couple of days. I've finished other things int he meantime, but this is the only one unfinished at the moment.

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Reader Stoner right now. It's OK. I think it derives most of its popularity due to the fact that it serves as a self insert for introverts.

Recently finished Rabbit Run. Was expecting some good ol boomer lit. Was really surprised by the dark ending. Worth the read.

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Haven't read Whatever but I definitely agree

>> No.13454706

Pinker's "The Sense of Style." I feel like I've been reading it forever. I'm in the process of making a big move to start a new job, and it's really cut into my reading time.

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Started it today, only read through the prologue which is basically just a condensed version of his previous book The Coming of the Third Reich. I probably didn't need to read the prologue at all because I'm coming straight off of finishing Coming, but I suppose a light refresher is always welcome.

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File: 79 KB, 283x448, a-short-walk-in-the-hindu-kush-eric-newby-001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A short walk through the hundu kush.
I'm about 56 pages in out of 280.
Been reading it the last 2 days.
I like it.

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I started reading nine princes in amber about 2 weeks ago, about half way through and loving the story

>> No.13455046

Currently reading Crime and Punishment and Blood Meridian. I hope to finish one of them this weekend so I can start something else ...

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File: 98 KB, 866x1080, guide-kulchur-ezra-pound-1st-1st-hc_1_cce7b5719e9f599ba02b8a991a9e0610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been at it four days, 'bout halfway through.

>> No.13455050

I have been reading C.P for one week.

>> No.13455103

How many times per page does he complain about Eminem?

>> No.13455302

War and Peace
I have 30 pages left
I started at the beginning of April

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Bulgakov - The Master & Margarita
1 month

Graham Hancock - Fingerprints of the Gods
3 weeks

Owen Barfield - Saving the Appearances
3 weeks, reading for the third time

I have a bunch more in the stack but desu there are books in there that I haven't touched in months

>> No.13455412

Mythology, Edith Hamilton
1/2 way through
about a month

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>Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert M Pirsig.

I've started rereading this after reading some of the Greeks, Nietzche and the Tao and it makes more sense though I don't see why everyone (author included) though it was so revolutionary

>The Federalist Papers - Alexander Hamilton and James Madison.

Picked this up today, surprised to learn that Hamilton is not the liberal hero all those woke people at the theatre think he is.

>I Am A Cat - Natsume Sōseki.

I've been reading this one a while now, I'm savoring it for my evenings after work. I love it and it's wonderful to read something I really enjoy for a change.

>> No.13456340

Finished blood meridian this morning after 4 days (inb4soy). Will start the invincible by lem tomorrow

>> No.13456510

>The Federalist Papers
stick with it

>> No.13456527

Lolita and The Book of Job
Rereading Moby-Dick next

>> No.13456552

>time off

but what else am i supposed to do during reading time

>> No.13456558

Reading Tropic of Capricorn, my 4th Henry Miller book, after Tropic of Cancer, Black Spring and The Air-Conditioned Nightmare. I am enjoying it, though not as much as Cancer or TACN. Almost finished it after 4 days, though I have mainly read it in two sessions during those 4 days. He is very hard to stop reading once you get into it.

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File: 309 KB, 739x935, 1E9C8440-BFF4-4ED9-94A2-B63480E08E52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Unnameable Present, Calasso. Since this morning
The Next Revolution, Bookchin. Since yesterday
Half-Earth, Wilson. Not sure exactly. A week or two.

Dropping: The Mushroom at the End of the World, Tsing. I have been dipping in and out for a few months, but her ESL rambling needed an editor for clarity. A shame, because I think I’d like the content. Maybe I’ll get back to it later

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Just sat down for some light reading on sandniggers.
Read the sequel it's better. My dog liked it.

>> No.13456724

>Hamilton is not the liberal hero all those woke people at the theatre think he is.
Oh no, classical liberal little shit. I’m thinking the musical is a ploy to counter the OWS sentiment
>I Am A Cat - Natsume Sōseki.

>> No.13456771

Melancholy of Resistance, started it yesterday, not too far in, going to get back to it as soon as this is posted.

>> No.13456809

Same here, started it like 3 days ago, shit's interesting as fuck

>> No.13457039

>Red Book,Jung
>1-2 months
about 350 pages through

>> No.13457046

that book compelled me to buy that bergson book

>> No.13457062

A confederacy of dunes,2 days. Great, though I wish the old man was More then a very minor character

>> No.13457179

Creative Evolution? What did you think of it? Do you know if there is anything that captures Bergson's philosophies better? He seems interesting but I have never read much about him beyond Miller's references to him.

>> No.13457212

I bought it off amazon today actually, he's got something called the "intuitive method" and mystics generally like him but I think he may be an underrated genius

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File: 52 KB, 600x600, 4E6F9E08-DC76-479D-A5B3-24F425845C07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Almost done with the Nicomacean Ethics, after that I think I’ll move onto something less challenging seeing as the last couple of books I’ve read have been very dense works. Think I might read Mason & Dixon becuase I like Pynchon and I hear that it’s arguably better than Gravity’s Rainbow. Going to order some music theory books soon, any reccs?

>> No.13457529

it's all about the Demeter

>> No.13457577

The Black Jacobins. Started it yesterday, 176 pages in

>> No.13457896


How are you liking it? It's been in on my list for awhile now

>> No.13457971

non-fiction has no value outside of actual academia, prove me wrong.

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File: 27 KB, 456x810, 1560292957170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck. You read it to learn. Do you not value learning dumb dumb?

>> No.13459588

That must have hit deep seeing as how defensive you got

>> No.13459728

Mining Capitalism. Like 260 pages without the notes. Taking me over a month though, can’t seem to plow through much at a time with all the corporate jargon. Think I might be more of a brainlet than I thought.

>> No.13459747

the brothers karamazon, about 3/4 of the way, been at it a few weeks

finished libra last week, on page 182 of compulsion, started it a few weeks ago

>> No.13459819

I'm slowly working my way through Accelerate, Fragment on machines left me a bit perplexed to be honest, every other sentence I was wondering what he meant. Is this an idiosyncratic or a translation thing? The Book of Machines was a lot more straightforward. I'm quite enjoying it so far.

>> No.13459834

i am ready to the lighthouse. im almost done and have been reading it for two weeks. pretty damn good.

>> No.13459838


>> No.13459849

Non fiction has value outside of academia
>prove me wrong

>> No.13459866

>Currently reading:
The Land of Flickering Lights, been at it for a few days, about 1/3 done. Good stuff, mostly because it's not a traditional candidate memoir. Surprisingly funny at parts. Recommend.

War and the Iliad, read the intro last night but decided I was too tired to focus and stopped there.

Breakfast of Champions, about 1/5 done after 1 week of intermittent reading sessions. Recommend.
Demosthenes Selected Speeches (OUP), about 1/6 done after 1 month.

>Recently finished:
Romeo and Juliet (re-read) enjoyed much more as an adult than in high school. recommend.

Twelfth Night, good stuff, but definitely not the Bard's best. Recommend.

The Iliad, (third re-read) on many days my favorite book. On other days it's either War and Peace or Memoirs of Hadrian.

Puckoon, very funny. Like Confederacy of Dunces on steroids, but mercifully short so the pointlessness doesn't bother you. Recommend.

Words Without Music, interesting, but only if you like Glass.

The War on Normal People, a bit uneven, but discusses an important topic that we'll have to address sooner or later. Don't think Ya g should get anywhere near the presidency, but glad that a candidate is talking about how AI is going to gut the economy. Recommend, mostly because it's not a traditional candidate memoir.

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File: 921 KB, 718x593, 1555130881816.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Journey to the End of Night, also finished a book of Cicero's speeches today

I'm liking this Manheim translation of Journey but translations in general always make me feel like I'm missing a lot

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File: 89 KB, 367x600, 6858BCDD-AD0B-4237-9966-4EE7CD40D2B2-2302-00000170F8ABF31F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2/10 got me to reply

>> No.13459890

"Feral", which is about how ecosystems reestablish themselves after human development, but the author butts in every other chapter to tell some barely-related story about his epic world travels. That alongside the half-baked attempts at synthesizing environmentalism with normie liberalism ("I just spent a chapter describing how strip-mining has permanently destroyed Amazon ecosystems, but I'm going to insist we shouldn't entertain any solutions that inconvenience human society for some reason") kind of put a damper on the interesting science within.

Also just finished All the Pretty Horses, which was a nice easy read. Going to try to read the rest of the Border Trilogy if I can get some free time, since I'm having to read a bunch of pop-sci books and articles for my classes.

>> No.13460814

i will never share the great books i am reading. this one in particular would be vreat interest to this board. too bad.

>> No.13460918

Ayy same. Page 504, though it's been like a month since I mostly only read it on break at work. Don't worry, it gets a little bit more straightforward about halfway through Part 2.

>> No.13460943

underrated post

>> No.13460956

1984. Been at it around 3 days.

>> No.13461407

Almost done reading V. been at it for 2 weeks, done most of the reading on airplane rides.

>> No.13461846

I'm reading two books right now, Kai Lung's Golden Hours and Dream of Ding Village, both started about a week ago. Both are bad, the latter is bad enough I can't imagine it will have much in the way of redeeming qualities.

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File: 246 KB, 1680x1050, Spartan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Herodotus the histories.
Finished the battle of Thermopolye earlier today.
Been whittling away at it for the past few weeks.

>> No.13461971

The Idiot
About 2 weeks

>> No.13462074

I'm reading a Doctor Who book

>> No.13462306

>Journey to the End of Night
Pretty good. What did you think of it?

>> No.13462332

Ligotti's Grimscribe.

Been plinking away off and on for a few weeks now. It's a collection of shorts so I finish one then walk away for a bit.

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