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Are high literacy rates really a good thing, /lit/?

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>I hate these mindless sheeple who don't read anything outside of YA and Harry Potter
>High literacy rates are bad because literature is much sikrit club for us intellectual elites
Which one is it faggots?

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The 1st is the cause of the 2nd

We learned it the hard way

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In the future we will just speak in emoji and acronym, haha

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Why wouldn't they be?

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Yes, I'd rather have people in my country that can read for a variety of reasons. If they decide to read literature that's just an added bonus.

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No because obviously the plebs need to be dumb and controllable. What do you think dumbass?

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>Progress? It is true that, today, at least in all highly organised countries, nearly everybody can read and write. But what of that? To be able to read and write is an advantage--and a considerable one. But it is not a virtue. It is a tool and a weapon; a means to an end; a very useful thing, no doubt; but not an end in itself... to what end, is it generally used today? It is used for convenience or for entertainment, by those who read; for some advertisement, or some objectionable propaganda--for money-making or power-grabbing-- by those who write... Generally, today, the man or woman whom compulsory education has made "literate" users writing to communicate personal matters to absent friends and relatives, to fill out forms--one of the international occupations of the modern civilised humanity--or to commit to memory little useful, but otherwise trifling things such as someone's address or telephone number, of the date of some appointment with the hairdresser or the dentist, of the list of clean clothes due from the laundry. He or she reads "to pass time" because, outside the hours of dreary work, mere thinking is no longer intense and interesting enough to serve that purpose... The higher the general level of literacy, the easier it is, for a government in control of the daily press, of the wireless, and of the publishing business--these almost irresistible modern means of action upon the mind-- to keep the masses and the "intelligentsia" under its thumb, without them even suspecting it.

- Savitri Devi

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It's an advantage and a considerable one? There's your answer

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No. It brings language down to the lowest common denominator. Vocabulary has declined substantially over the last few generations

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And if you faggots think. Everyone in the west can read and we are as controllable as ever.

The crazy cat Lady assumes that the average prole would do something different than consuming media if he hadn't been thought to read. She wrote this during a time when we didn't have tv to get our news so the entire premise has changed.

If by any chance vocal computer interface like Google and Amazon get more and more prominent and the need to write and read decreases because you can get by just as well without it, we will see if illiteracy has any positive effects.
I assume not.

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>vocabulary is becoming simplified
succinctly and accurately define "dank"

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Uhh, dope as shit. Oh and highkey lit.

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no. you used two phrases that mean the same thing in this context, and "highkey" doesn't even remotely work here
also no. you only covered the positive sense of the word

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can you stop larping as a public high school teacher on 4chan. you're embarrassing yourself

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The problem was teaching women and minorities to read

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>"highkey" doesn't even remotely work here
You smell like piss from the locker we stuffed you in yesterday. Did you forget to shower, piss-boy?

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The problem was teaching you how to read.

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Are those supposed to contradict each other?

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More people publishing=more good books unseen

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Based and Nockpilled

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1. Source
2. Without universal education what makes you think you would be lucky enough to be born into the literate, cuck?

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Literacy rates are good. The more literacy people have the more leftist they are

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