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Any books on overcoming abrahamic fear mongering?


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>he's scared that we might be right
i get to live happily while you have to live in fear of burning in hell

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We all receive the fruit of our actions.
Including our beliefs. You will have to answer why you believed your fellow man was only worth eternal torment.
Remember that.

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would you like to be a sophist? then steer clear of rational thought. rationality will make you a christian

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Yes yes very cute

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Jews don’t believe in hell.
King of the Jews comes down to tell everyone that they will go to this newly invented place of torment if they don’t listen to the Jews.
You putting two and two together?

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As opposed to hindus insisting this is the end of the world and preparing for a big war, as well as oppressing their muslim majority country?

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What do you mean end of the world?
Kali Yuga?
Aren’t Christians saying this is end times as well?

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Also why are you bringing up Hindus?

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The Kali Yuga doesn't translate to fearmongering for Hindus like apocalyptic cults do for Christians. For most of recorded history in fact the Hindus have been living in the Kali Yuga.

>oppressing muslims
Muslims are treated better and given more rights in India then non-muslims are in the vast majority of muslim countries

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>creates an ideology meant to placate and subvert a strong Pagan Europe which happens to expel Jewish teachings as heresy
>helps spread it like wildfire, destroying everything in its path and plunging the entire continent into the dark ages

hehe nothing personnel, kiddo

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Why should one be scared of abrahamics being right over any other religion being right?

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What does one read to reach this depth?

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Joyce, Nietzsche.

Particularly Portrait. That's almost the whole book.

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God has no care of what you say or claim to believe, only of your deeds. A good man who's never heard the gospel is going to greater heights than you.

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Epistle of James

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What is good

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Because Christianity is the only truly exclusive religion. Even Islam isn’t totally exclusive:
>(2:62) Whether they are the ones who believe (in the Arabian Prophet), or whether they are Jews, Christians or Sabians – all who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and do righteous deeds – their reward is surely secure with their Lord; they need have no fear, nor shall they grieve.
Now contrast that with the Bible:
>(John 14:6) Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
Every significant religion other than Christianity emphasizes good actions, while Christianity acknowledges that we cannot become perfect through action or wisdom alone. Only Jesus claimed to forgive our sins completely, and this happens through faith in his sacrifice for our sins. God is making the decision easy for us. Every religion is implicitly admitting that you can be Christian, but the Bible says that Jesus is the ONLY way, and he is!

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The Antichrist, in particular

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