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>could be reading but I'm shitposting on /lit/ instead

How the fuck do I stop this?

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read my post
there you're reading

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Kicking doors in 3 in the morning, fuck you and the jew ass laws your enforcing

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Put your phone on charge, go read in the bath. 3 pages in you will habe forgotten your phone
... as soon as you come back though you will lose yourself on the internet

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start reading
seriously, let's you and me go take forty five minutes to read and see if we forget about this thread

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Realize that you're pathetic. The only thing that can change this trend is a little exertion of willpower. I know how hard that can be for someone as retarded as you. But turn away from the shiny light box and pick up a book and fucking read.

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There’s nothing wrong with having internet time, the important thing is to assess what time you are actually doing nothing and replace that with reading. Flipping through TV channels aimlessly: read a book. Image board surfing: read a book. If you aren’t focused on any one thing, read instead.

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My problem is I legit do everything BUT reading. Even though I enjoy reading a lot. My thought process is "I'll just do this for awhile longer" "let me do (long list of shit I don't need to do) THEN I'll read" "let me just watch this one youtube video then I'm gonna read for 5 hours"
Should I get meds? Am I retarded?

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what you need is a big tiddy goth gf to lock you in chastity till you read, that's how all the cool kids do it.

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How does he do it, folks? Every time, every single time.

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yeh drugs seems the most probable path in making that situation better

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When I'm on 4chan, I feel like I'm reading other people's thoughts. Telepathy can be addicting.

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I keep having dreams of copulation with a cousin of mine who I have not seen for about 7-8 years

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you are in a way, for all its dishonesty 4chan is still probably the most honest place on the internet and really in society in general. Excepting smaller sites with even less rules about posting that also have anonymity.

It is an incredibly radical experiment in freedom of expression with no consequences. The results are not exactly encouraging but they are still indicative of a great deal of things that are rarely spoken aloud or posted under a name linked to an identity, even a pseudonymous one.

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actually i will amend this post- It may be even less honest than other places on a great deal of topics, because there is consequence for lying, but on a minority of things which cannot be said in almost all circumstances it is more honest.

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>could be reading but am shitposting on 4chan instead
>could be at the gym but am masturbating instead
>could be talking to actual people but am watching youtube instead
>could be enriching my life with pleasant hobbies but am drinking instead
how did it get to this

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Turn off the internet.

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Smash your monitor with a hammer

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Block 4chan in your web browser or turn off the internet my man.

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Go to a library, leave your phone at home.

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>wet books

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>cut out fapping
>cut out video games
So fucking bored with all the free time I have. I could read more but I read on the way to work, at work and on the way back, I need some time not reading.

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Same, I have so much time I end up doing nothing... I think once I read a page I won't be able to stop but reading one page...

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I know this is supposed to make me feel like I'm going to die soon, but really it just puts into perspective how long I actually have. Not even near the halfway point yet. FEELS FUCKING GOOD MAN

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90 is best case scenario, anon. You shouldn't rule out death before it.

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Nice try anon. But I've got a good 70 odd years in me! OUT OF THE WAY NERD

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Step 1. Sit Down
Step 2. go to www.4chan.com

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pls delet

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