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Why are so many people against socialism when it is in their interest and would make their lives better? ie. they would have more say in the work place, a job would not be their life and they would have more time to spend with their family and develop their creative interests, they wouldnt be slaves to someone else's profit, better healthcare, they wouldnt be fired ezpz to be replaced by a pajeet or a chink to do their work for half the price, etc.

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How is this lit related?

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i'm not against socialism in practice, i'm skeptical of the possibility of an altruistic leader making it a reality

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Because some of us already lived through that "benefical" system, you uni mongo. Stop sucking up whatever some retarded book tells you and ask yourself why there are traditions out there to keep a fish in noes bathtube alive before christmas, Kurwa.

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>trading your liberties for less right, weaker workers rights and a lower real wage
how is this in my interests? Any of the East Bloc where mediocre at best, the best example in the terms of living standard was Titos Yugoslavia, and it was essentially Europes Mexico but without the cartels and better marketing. The economy was dependent on the remittances from workers going to Western European countries to work

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Because I'm still suffering for what this benefitial system did to my family.

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socialism is kind of a weird grey area but it seems like all it ends up creating is a large useless state that continuously robs itself to sustain its promises until it is forced to change or collapses.

Most modern countries are already in a ridiculous amount of debt and inflating their currency to shit. Why would you want to make it even worse.

posting this kind of thread collapses.on /pol/ would be worthless

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They would have far less to say in the work place, because politicians decide what happens not the workers which have shown themselves to be able. Plus this means that there is no insentive to grow and better oneself in ones work. Productivity sinks, so do wages etc,

The job would be your life, becase if you lose it, you get into trouble with the staate. Not working was a crime in the DDR.

You have even less time, because you need to wate for bread and get shit done which is falling apat due to no money to buy something new. You would have even less time with your family, because the staate will consider your children their property. Women will be made, as the have been in the past, to give their infants into early kindergarden to go to work. They could take them home in the evening. The staate raises and indoctrinates the kids in the meanwile.

You dont' have any creative interests, because those do not put food on your table and don't repair your car which constantly breaks down and has a 10 year waiting list to get a new one.

You will be the slave to the staates profit and your healthcare wil be fully provate (you will be expected to bring "gifts" to your healcare provider to actually get anything worth your time, even prescriptions).

Stop being retarded, kiddo, and ask people which know what was the reality.

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>when it is in their interest and would make their lives better
Who the fuck do you think you are talking to swine?

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>posting this kind of thread collapses.on /pol/ would be worthless
not our problem, faggot

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>building in a bunch of assumptions to your question

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Would the notable communist countries have been as tyrannical as they were if the US wasn't trying so hard to knock them down?

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more people here are gonna be able to talk about socialism than on another board so stuff it.

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>killing the most intelligent and proactive parts of the population through starvation, concentration camps and assasinations is a healthy reaction to international competition

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>they wouldnt have killed 50 million people if it werent for the US bullying them.

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>implying that number isn't bs capitalist propaganda

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Reminder that ussr managed to industrialize an agricultural country after a revolution and 2 world wars that damaged it heavily and become the second military and economic super power on this planet.
>b....but comunism no work

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Tell that to the children who survived

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I’m only against socialism with lesser races

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>archived on the actual blood and suffering of the inhabitans of those glorious countries, similar to china
Yes, tell us more about how the individual will be much happier and healthier under socialism and how capitalism only cares about profit and financial numbers.

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Ah yes; I too enjoyed that book.

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It wasn’t the ussr it was stalin who industrialized a massive shitty area of slavs into making 10000 tanks which they then terrorized europe with for 50 years and are responsible for the lack of economic growth in europe in the 20th century.

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^this, once all wh*te people are finally eradicated we can begin building a new world.

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This is not literature related. Leave this board and go to /pol/. No one should respond to these low effort, off-topic, brainlet-tier threads in which nothing is discussed but meaningless psued opinions.

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We just need to separate the races and let the best one win

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Because I’m not a narcissist who believes the quality of my life should be prioritized over all else.

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>people who never built anything are going to build the new world

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Yes the profit of billionaires should be prioritized

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It's just more materialism, I'd gladly live my life in slavery for a taste of something higher

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Socialism does not work.

>would make their lives better?
Not when you are dead.

>they would have more say in the work place
They wouldn't have a job, but if they did they would have zero say.

>a job would not be their life and they would have more time to spend with their family and develop their creative interests
They wouldn't be able to afford a family, or they would be dirt poor and could do nothing anyways. Creative interests have been actively suppressed in every single society that tried socialism.

>they wouldnt be slaves to someone else's profit
They would be slaves to the states profit.

>better healthcare
More like no healthcare at all.

>they wouldnt be fired ezpz to be replaced by a pajeet or a chink to do their work for half the price
No they would be replaced by whoever the state deems fit to replace them.

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already failed miserably and set us back 40 years + 200 000 killed in camps.

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Because I HATE THE STATE I'm a FREEDOM LOVING PATRIOT and if MY boss wants to pay me $0.50 an hour then that is a VOLUNTARY contract between CONSENTING ADULTS. The STATE has NO RIGHT to take $800 in TAX from me a year, I NEED that MONEY to pay for MY rent.

UNIONS are COERCIVE because you have NO CHOICE but to join if you want to WORK. SOCIALISM, an idea SO GOOD it has to be MANDATORY!


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