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Daily reminder that the Greeks prized strength AND speed.

If you're training slow-twitch muscles (eg. bench press, deadlift) and doing other isolation exercises, get the fuck out of this board right now.

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Tell me a good collection of Diogenes.

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> Plato argued that the whole body should be trained to increase strength and speed for running and wrestling

Spot-on. Slow-twitch muscle fibers will get your ass kicked in a fight, and are good for nothing but an ego boost. Correct.

> to train for war, the ancient Greeks would exercise the whole body, which is a principle that many later ancient Greek athletes lived by. The first Olympians believed that in order to have a harmonious body, the entire body must be trained, which would result in fierce warriors and strong athletes. Aristotle later said that the training of the whole body infuses it with courage

full body workouts = strength gains, growth hormone, alphaness. Correct.

> The pentathlon was a combination of five events: discus, javelin, jumping, running and wrestling. This race reflected the ancient Greek belief that one’s body should be strong as a whole and not just in one area.

Isolation exercises are for weak faggots. Correct.

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Youre face when the greeks literally invented gyms and the proper way to lift is naked


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> Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician, believed that athletes who walked after exercising would have a stronger and more rested body. Because of his beliefs, ancient Greek athletes ended each workout with a low-intensity cool down.

Walking burns fat. Mild cardio is good for the heart. Correct.

> Aristotle observed that athletes who have a rest day should not rest completely but do a mild, low-intensity workout instead. These practices are still in use today because of how well-founded the early principles had been

Active rest helps gains, carry-over, prevents boredom and accumulation of slow-twitch muscle fibers. Correct and used in many Soviet era training programs.

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Uh, bro... slow twitch are the aerobic fibres... Fast twitch are anaerobic and are used in lifting like bench and deads...

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>> Aristotle observed that athletes who have a rest day should not rest completely but do a mild, low-intensity workout instead.
how the fuck did he observe that? what smart fuckers they where

good thread

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But what was their routine?

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> Lucian, an ancient Greek philosopher, postulated another principle. He believed athletes should always train in "exuberated conditions." His idea was that training should take place outdoors in the sun every day of the year. He thought that the body should be beautiful, tanned, and lean to perform its best. During workouts, he believed athletes should work as hard as possible.

Basically a Bulgarian-style high intensity with vitamin D boosting testosterone. Great for gains and breaking through plateaus before a competition. Correct.

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>what is exploding from the bottom
>what are speed squats
>what is a well rounded training year
>what is periodization
>what are cleans
>what are snatches

wew lad

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> After exercising, they also often had a bath and a massage. Massages would consist of gentle movements and stretching of their arms and legs

Ice/Epsom salt baths help recovery. Stretching is obviously great and only idiots neglect it. Correct.

> An exercise [Lucian] invented involved a long jump where athletes would run and jump high into the air wearing weighted suspenders.

Weighted jumps, excellent for training speed and power. Again, speed+strength exercises boost growth hormone in a way that slow-twitch exercises do not. Correct.

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You can't isolate by type either way, retard. They all benefit from parts of the motion.

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can't tell if youre a retard or just didnt read the thread

the greeks would never have trained bench press

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I approve this message

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What if it meant they could thigh fuck more clean shaven young men?

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I'm sorry I crushed your pathetic worldview, but slow exercises that build muscle build slow-twitch muscle, which has little to any carryover in real world situations, and does not generate the boost in growth hormone (which itself increases testosterone) that does speed+strength exercises such as discus, snatch, clean, sparring etc.

I mean, the force of a punch comes from the hips/ass, not from the chest. Hyperthropic muscles don't generate force. So there's literally 0 reasons to isolate the chest for hyperthrophy. Big chest = weak as shit.

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>speed+strength exercises boost growth hormone in a way that slow-twitch exercises do not. Correct.
you got some sources on this ?

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In which brainlets find out the origins of gyms and exercising lay in naked sweaty greek pedophiles

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I can't tell if you are trolling, or if you are some dude from lit trying to show his superior knowledge off or just some retarded fitizen

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>implying I give a shit about how a thousands years old civilisation trained now that we have much greater access to science, research, and generally good advice relating to fitness and weightlifting than they ever did
Bench press is a cornerstone of any good routine. Now fuck off

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ITT: American education.

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> Fruits, vegetables, and grains grew very well in Greece and were the primary part of everyone's diet up until fifth century BCE. At that time, trainers recognized that meat was key in building muscle. At this same point in history, sports were becoming increasingly popular and athletes were given large gifts by rich admirers. Because of these gifts, athletes were able to afford lots of meat.

High-protein is obviously good for building muscle. > not drinking raw milk from the goat/bull you carry on your back every day and then kill and eat. Correct.

> Ancient Greeks believed that training and music should be experienced together because they both pleased man’s spirit. Music was used both in training and in competition. Each gymnasium had at least one aulos player. The aulos player’s job was to produce rhythmical music in order to help the athletes, particularly when warming up.

Music pumps you up. No meme rap or degenerate metal garbage, obviously. Correct.

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Bench press is the most substitutable you mean. It's great if you're competing in powerlifting but it's not the most fantastic exercise.

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>deadlift and bench press
lmao. What else should I cut out? OHP?

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>the proper way to lift is naked
how else could observers make sure you were using the correct muscles for the movement?

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what he means is that bench press is good exercise for increasing strength in your upper body.

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literally 0 boxers train the bench press and rightly so. bench is the ulimate vanity exercise

OHP >>>>>>>>>>>>>> bench

enjoy your broken shoulders and neckbeard posture

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> Aristotle believed that fitness should be a part of children's education, but that over-training was bad.
Stuff like grip strength and speed can really only be learned when still a child.

If you’re a lazy fat ass when you’re a kid the best you can hope for is a power-lifter quarter squat with 6 spotters. Pathetic. Correct.

> Aristotle thought that an appropriate amount of exercise was a key part of education; however, he recognized how much some athletes over-trained. Aristotle referred to the excessive training that many competitive athletes did as “evil”

Over-training lowers testosterone and hurts the immune system and recovery. Over-training is as dangerous as a sedentary lifestyle. Correct.

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see >>13939

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don't forget to train abs everyday, people

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>literally 0 boxers train the bench press
>implying I give a shit what boxers train
>implying I train to be able to win fights

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> upper body strength

there's not 1 (one) single movement that doesn't generate its force primarily from the hips

it's like you've spent so much time dedicated to a shitty exercise that you try and tell other people that the human body isn't what the human body is

stop benching or fuck right off this board

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Greeks lived a god-tier life. First exercise at local gymnasium and afterwards engage in intellectuel conversations.

There is just something about how you feel after lifting which makes feel and think different.

also fucking little boys

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>>implying I train to be able to win fights

exactly, you train for vanity, to see yourself in the mirror and mistakenly believe that fucked up top-heavy proportions is somehow aesthetic

enjoy getting knocked the fuck out by some dyel asian manlet who trains judo

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I really REALLY wish there was an outdoor gym where I live.

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Yea but who actually cares about winning fights? I'm not ashamed to flee from someone who wants to kick my ass, and I'll look good doing it.
Do you even sprint bro?

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> trains arms everyday
> gets worldview utterly destroyed
> I-I d-don't actually care about thinking I can win fights, guys

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and someone who trains judo gets wrecked by someone with a gun. what's your point?

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Oh yes, the legendary arm sprint. the fabled deltoid deadlift.
You might be onto something here

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no surviving works!

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Nigga, you have no idea.

Aristotle wrote on dozens of modern subjects, invented logic, began science itself and did all of this so well that his works were in active use for more than 2000 years after his death. It wasn't until the 19th century that we started to develop better ideas of logic and biology, and this nigga died before 300bc.

There is no other human being in the history of the world who has held that much influence on so many subjects.

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uhhhhh bull milk is too "salty" for me m8, you mean cow right?

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t. aristotle

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I wish Aristotle was the kind of immortal god that he was still alive today, but unfortunately that's not true. I wonder what he'd say about 4chan though...

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Exactly why I'm not trying to turn into some bloated fat fuck whose only goal is to be a immobile mass of muscle like most of people from /fit/

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Who the fuck actually gets into a fight that often? Sorry but after being locked up 5x now I don't exactly want to go back.

Every time I hear that I just think about how dumb people sound

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Plato (/ˈpleJtoʊ/;[a][1] Greek: Πλάτων[a] Plátōn, pronounced [plá.tɔːn] in Classical Attic; 428/427 or 424/423 – 348/347 BCE) was a philosopher in Classical Greece and the founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. He is widely considered the most pivotal figure in the development of philosophy, especially the Western tradition.[2] Unlike nearly all of his philosophical contemporaries, Plato's entire work is believed to have survived intact for over 2,400 years.[3]

Along with his teacher, Socrates, and his most famous student, Aristotle, Plato laid the very foundations of Western philosophy and science.[4] Alfred North Whitehead once noted: "the safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato."[5] In addition to being a foundational figure for Western science, philosophy, and mathematics, Plato has also often been cited as one of the founders of Western religion and spirituality.[6] Friedrich Nietzsche, amongst other scholars, called Christianity, "Platonism for the people."[7] Plato's influence on Christian thought is often thought to be mediated by his major influence on Saint Augustine of Hippo, one of the most important philosophers and theologians in the history of Christianity.

Plato was the innovator of the written dialogue and dialectic forms in philosophy, which originate with him. Plato appears to have been the founder of Western political philosophy, with his Republic, and Laws among other dialogues, providing some of the earliest extant treatments of political questions from a philosophical perspective. Plato's own most decisive philosophical influences are usually thought to have been Socrates, Parmenides, Heraclitus and Pythagoras, although few of his predecessors' works remain extant and much of what we know about these figures today derives from Plato himself.[8]

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>here for masturbation
Why the fuck would you come to /fitlit/ then faggot.

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/lit/ is calories in calories out true or bs

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>implying you get into fights so often that you feel the need to base your training around it
>implying I don't train legs as hard as I train upper body
>implying that people only train for either vanity or getting into fights and not for enjoyment and general fitness
Fuck off m8. Even if you do get into fights that often it's more likely because you're a belligerent dickhead than anything else

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