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Is there anything more disgusting and pathetic in life than the man whose goal is to accumulate wealth?

He gets excited at seeing his bank account get bigger, he shows more emotional response to being handed $5k tax free than he does when his wife says "I love you" and means it, he cares more about money than anything else in the world. It's sad and the sign of a rotten soul.

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I think lust is more disgusting than greed, especially since most sins, even disregarding religious context, are of that nature rather than the latter. At least greed implies productivity, whereas lust provides no other end than toxic pleasure.

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maybe it's the system that is disgusting. at one point in time the vicious money seeker was a ferocious warrior, it really all depends on what system in which the conqueror gets to ply his trade.

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Yes, a man who dedicates his life to getting (You)s on 4chan(nel)

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Yeah the reddit tourists who think getting (you)s are validating and act like retards are the worst people ever for sure.

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>At least greed implies productivity
not true, the accumulation of wealth is a bureaucratic simulation of productivity. Sure if a business makes money it can roll its profits back into R&D to improve itself, but the idea that individual salaried wealth is equal to the level of work your putting into your job is simply not true.

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Little do you know I've managed to convert post replies into a form of crypto mining, I'm actually the richest shitposter on this board.

Also if you don't reply to this post your mother will die in her sleep tonight

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No greed was always disgusting, even in warrior civilizations

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greed is a pointless term.

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sounds like you're attacking a strawman, most people want to accumulate wealth so they can enjoy life instead of living on the breadline

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Insatiable desire of money

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What's up with these sophomoric threads all over the board? Is it because of summer?

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Yes. Being a jealous NEET because some finance chad fucked your oneitis.

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>tfw your ancestors toiled as slaves to provide material safety and comfort for their offspring, only to be shit on by their more retarded descendants

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Based. Chastity is the highest ideal.

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Is there anything more pathetic than a coping wagecuck

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>changes their words to more retarded ones rather than argue their point

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I care more about being work free than anything else.

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sophomoric post

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godfag go and stay go

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I could imagine the only thing worse would be being the wage slave that lines the pockets of said man, or the cuckolded taxpayer that bears the burden of this mans financial thrift.. would that be you OP?

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How can I argue with such an infallible statement as
>greed is a pointless term

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>lust is pointless and just provides senseless pleasure
This breaks the NPC.

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have sex

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and then he loses all his wealth in death
ultra cuck

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>puts his money in crypto and memorises the brain wallet key

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t. assblasted stoner

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there is nothing wrong with wanting to accumulate a significant amount of wealth you filthy little commie

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>Is there anything more disgusting and pathetic in life than the man whose goal is to accumulate wealth?

The woman who marries him for it.

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Greed is more destructive than lust by its nature. Greed is the ruinous accumulation of wealth at the expense of others; it’s one of the primary characteristics of a psychopath. Lust corrupts easier than greed, though. I claim that pride is the first of the evils, since all sins come from it, since pride is putting oneself first above God and man.

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Nothing more pathetic than a poor man who doesnt understand basic finance and is in debt. I have more respect for drug addicts

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Please, tell me how you stockpiling money is going to be "productive" to society. Past a certain point incalculable individual wealth doesn't generate anything meaningful or valuable from it. Sure you can leave it as inheritance or donate vast sums to charity, but the problems those charities tackle are not necessarily going to be solved by your generosity.

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Poorfag cope.

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>sins of the flesh send more people to hell than any other sin
St. Alphonsus on Hell

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Get to fuck. I miss the intense lust I felt as a teenager, the intense fantasy of the pleasure sex would and obsessing what those I lusted after would look like naked. The fucking amazing sex dreams.

When you’re my age and you’ve been there and done that it’s all rather dull.

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It starts to fade by 23.

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Not him but it only grew stronger for me as I aged. 25 was stronger and more frequent than a decade before.

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t. Bugman.

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lol you think money grows on trees m8?

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You have strong slave-stock genes anon.

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There is some viciousness that perpetuates itself between the rich and the poor that is best tempered by a strong middle class.

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I’m 30 now, it only gets worse.

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>He gets excited at seeing his bank account get bigger,
Literally the rational response. Even if you are gonna moralfag, a larger bank account gives better potential for charity and is something to be excited about
>he shows more emotional response to being handed $5k tax free than he does when his wife says "I love you" and means it,
Repetition. If you're wife says "I love you" everyday, then it is less exciting that randomly being given $5k. Doesn't mean that that love doesn't matter to you or that you would leave her for money.
>he cares more about money than anything else in the world
I agree on this one, that is a bad sign. Disregarding money, caring about material things in general to the exclusion of all else is a bad sign.
>pic not rel

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Nobody (rich) gives a damn about little pieces of green paper

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>Is there anything more disgusting and pathetic in life than the man whose goal is to accumulate wealth?
You're 100% right though

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0.01 has been deposited

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