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>Only a degendered market intelligence can verify teleoplexical liquidity.

>0x11 Our lot is cast with technoscience, where nothing is so sacred that it cannot be reengineered and transformed so as to widen our aperture of freedom, extending to gender and the human. To say that nothing is sacred, that nothing is transcendent or protected from the will to know, to tinker and to hack, is to say that nothing is supernatural. 'Nature' -- understood here, as the unbounded arena of science -- is all there is. And so, in tearing down melancholy and illusion; the unambitious and the non-scaleable; the libidinized puritanism of certain online cultures, and Nature as an un-remakeable given, we find that our normative anti-naturalism has pushed us towards an unflinching ontological naturalism. There is nothing, we claim, that cannot be studied scientifically and manipulated technologically.




Last Thread: >>13337291

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>We are the quadrilineal submatrix of veriform excess, the cesarean scar of neonoumenal escape. Hyperalienation is the only survial mechanism of the nearing-future.

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God, I want to be an anime girl so fucking bad

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Anybody got "Teleoplexy: Notes on Acceleration"? Fucking Research Gate.

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The West Still Doesn't Understand the Market.

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Thanks bro.

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Nature, I fucking hate that stupid word. Fucking Spinoza and fucking univocity western philosophers.

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Enlighten us.

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Join us then.

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Neovagina arrives from the Future

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Nothing male survives this century

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lov ya

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Obligatory infographic.

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yeah, but you never will be. It's just misplaced wishful thinking.
you certainly wont

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cant see a bad thing on it

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fuck off mentally ill faggots

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Right here. We are repurposing nature to the final limit of capital exit.

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Go back to the discord where you groom each other to be cross dressers w/ 5 oclock shadow

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“Capitalism has abandoned the future because it can’t deliver it. Nevertheless, the contemporary left’s tendencies towards Canutism, its rhetoric of resistance and obstruction, collude with capital’s anti/meta-narrative that it is the only story left standing. Time to leave behind the logics of failed revolts, and to think ahead again.”

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blessed post

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>This October 23, as part of an annual ritual at the Cockpit Theatre in London, The Feminist Economics Department (the FED) offered an Initial Coin Offering for a mythical feminist currency. In this ritual about 25 men from the audience went through a labour ceremony, during which they were cajoled with caring love and support by a group of women wearing balaclavas. This ritual was meant to act as a militant detoxification program, wherein the men could rid themselves of their patriarchy. After what felt like indefinite gestation, the men gave birth to the first mythical cryptocurrency.


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Declares that the Basilisk of Roko is real, and will choose to become a woman. A matriarchy will be born from technological singularity.

It declares that humanity will be transformed into a homogenous paste of intelligence, where the individual ego will be abolished. It is based on the theories of the Jewish Kabbalah about the divine nature. Idea I call "The Jell-O Thesis."

>Nick Land
One of the founders of accelerationism, which declares that the capitalist process is unavoidable and unstoppable because we, the people, have no power of choice over matters of war, therefore, the only option we have is to use neoliberal capitalism to exercise democracy.

People who have decided to change their identities. They are hominids, just like homo sapiens sapiens, but they are using 21st century technology to become a new species.

They live in the absolute. They have already won the war.

Kmart realism for the XXI century. The western capitalism has won the war.

>Aleksandr Dugin
Philospher and thinker from Russia, he dream with a unified Euroasia.

England under the ultimate appartus control. From the game Watch_Dogs legion.

>Open source
A program or software whose code is available to be read.

Prophet of 2nd-century BC. Likely a prince.

>Book of Daniel
A 2nd-century BC biblical apocalypse combining a prophecy of history with an eschatology (a portrayal of end times) which is both cosmic in scope and political in its focus. Certain theories claim that their prophecies describe a luciferian/post-human future.


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5 o clock wojak isn't a xenofeminist dude...

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Yeah he is.

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Nah, try actually comprehending what you're reading.

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this shit reads like a gay fanfic of Vampire the masquerade

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He is comprehending the logos-ethos of vaginoumenal becoming. He is us. We are him.

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>They have already won the war.
There's a problem with that language. They haven't won anything. Entropy guarantees eventual deconstruction, they just piggyback on that. Like saying "my philosophy is that I will eventually die" then claiming that you're a master predictor and your philosophy is truth. It's coincidental that they are "winning". It's more like they're just swimming towards the deadly waterfall on purpose rather than swimming against the current. Just meme nihilism where you want to take the rest of society with you because you failed at sexual marketplace.

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don't co-opt 5 o' clock wojak for your pathology, thanks

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It's really hard to take Amy xenofag, land, and nix (the only 3 g/acc of note) seriously when they just make shit up that is the equivalent of a post modern gibberish generator. The mark of someone who doesn't know what they're talking about is using unnecessary big words to sound smart. This whole field of illness is babys first nihilism.

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>They was unleashed unto the neomisogynoir catacombs of a terroliquid quantocapital unbecomingness. Therein lies them of the OmniChinal equivorunaway of the hormonemenon.

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They cannot be coopted when they are already subsumed. He is just realising what is to come.

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How do you look at that picture and think "yeah, this is for me"
Female body builders are a really unfortunate case. Most have been sexually or physical abused as kids and then seek to overcome it by becoming muscle freaks. This works two fold:
>(straight) men are no longer attracted to you and stay away
>you feel you can physically defend yourself from your past aggressor
Sadly most of the current day female problems could be solved if they had a proper father growing up. Which is why policy is anti family, to screw kids up and make them dependent on the state.

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it's not theory but fiction-theory though, if you read Land before he goes full Neo-China it's basic phil academicposting, there's a reason for the use of language in that way afaik

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Nick Land was just following technofeminism. It was already proto-g/acc
“By the late twentieth century, our time, a mythic time, we are all chimeras, theorized and fabricated hybrids of machine and organism; in short, we are cyborgs.The cyborg is our onthology; it gives us our politics. the cyborg is a condensed image of both imagination and material reality, the two joined centers structuring any possibility of historical transformation.”

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They're creating a narrative a la Grant Morrison. It's the only way to work the subconscious without really being a Spartan monk or altering your consciousness with substances.

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Interesting interpretation. I haven't read much fiction theory, but my initial impression is aversion. But that may be partially due to where I see what Land lead to. Land himself is more intellectually interesting, at least in the podcast I heard him talk. Do you have a suggested (shorter) essay of his or in general to expand on that concept?

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She looks good.

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She is cute for me.

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t. lowtest faggots

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>I am here today to sell you a vision. A vision of a toxic world. Ours is an alien landscape, one that is mutating our bodies. Thanks to petrochemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries, we live in a toxic landscape, that is colonized by hormones. These endocrine disrupting molecules arise from birth control pills, pesticides, plasticizers, electronics, and personal care products. These are markers of the Anthropocene, where the natural can no longer be disentangled, from the synthetic. The objects we encircle ourselves with, the food we eat, and the air we breathe, all become part of the process of sexing. These xeno molecules are capable of transfecting change at the morphological level, queering our bodies and bodies of non human species. This is a collective mutagenesis. We are collectively becoming alien.

The fish are becoming gay. And that's a good thing.

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I like that interpretation. The use of insane vocab is a method of hypnosis. Similar to a buffer overflow exploit to sneak in rogue code.

>t. homosexuals
I guess that's expected of this thread. But that's fine, you do you. At least it's technically reproductive.
desu traps are less gay than bodybuilding females. Truly what a hellscape we live in.

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Whole video reeks of an erotic hypnosis vid.

>That sex determination is fixed and recalcitrant, is only a fiction that has been normalized by dominant patriarchal institutions.

This isn't truth or a good thing dummy. (People) manufactured this idea with the intention to destroy Western reproduction. Why do you seek truth from people who wish to kill you? We know lfie is suffering and fucked, nobody wants to be born in this flesh prison, but xenohumanity isn't a solution. Look at the trannys that chop their dicks off. Not a one is happy with the results. Technology will never fix a mental illness like that because it's not about your body, It's about the mind virus the oligarchs have put in your mind to make it impossible to rebel against them because you're so fucked up.

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Open Source Estrogen

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good post

>> No.13344938

sorry, good post

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We have a winner, that's why I said that ICE was hard.

>Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics

>Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics (ICE) is a term used in cyberpunk literature to refer to security programs which protect computerized data from being accessed by hackers.


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It is necessary. We cannot remain human forever.

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It all looks the same in the dark.
Why do you care what consenting adults do?

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Says you. This has about as much weight to it as "but you HAVE to work and pay your bills, anon!"

it's only true for a very particular historical moment

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I'm not very literate in Land since I want to get through Deleuze first (I've always thought Land takes a similar approach to language but contextualizes to a different object), but the first few essays in Fanged Noumena are basic continental phil, a good example is Narcissism and Dispersion in Heidegger's 1953 Trakl Interpretation.

Beware that although it's not cyberpunk Land it still uses conty language and writing style. NRx Land that you've heard on the podcasts is very different from nanospasm Land

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I wasn't familiar with the terminology, but it's an accurate parallel.

The irony is the feminist, post modernism, capitalism, (jewish oligarchs), destroyed Western family unity and reproduction.
>Yes goy freeze your eggs and have a career.
>Women are only happy with a man's job.
>Don't have kids because of global warming.
>"I can't have kids now, look how bad the economy is"
They created the market for fertility drugs because now women wait until way past their prime to have kids but by then it's too late and they fell for the trap. Women are destroyed and unhappy (and treated as a commodity to market to) by design. The ironic thing is that if we didn't have "feminism" both men and women would be living a more natural and happy life.

conjecture. And if that's true, then it will happen on it's own, not through lucifarian transmutation and chopping your own dick off.

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>Beware that although it's not cyberpunk Land
Good honestly. Xeno cyperbunk anything becomes really tiring once you've seen past it's adolescent attractions. In general I only read continental phil to understand how to defeat the oligarch's dialectic.

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mostly capitalism, all the others you mentioned are reactions to the schizo shit of late capitalism, same as recent strands of fash (ecofash)

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>9 posters 61 replies
The discord trannies are going all out

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I don't necessarily disagree. I would though further emphasizes that it's intentionally destructive towards Gentiles.

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Even though I accept your idea of the decline of the West, you can't think that ideas can be arbitrarily installed in people's minds, can you?

This generation is going to die of loneliness. That's not to mention the grotesque nature of reality, which has fallen as a curse on some unhappy people.

What burgers call involuntary celibacy, is the same phenomenonalso manifested in countries from the first and third world such as Japan and Chile, whose birth rates have fallen in almost genocidal rates.

>> No.13345070

how do they unironically name their shit like this. It's cringe for even teens. It's not edgy to call yourself a bitch mutant, just embarrassing. I could reverse most g/acc and xenofeminists (male) by giving them testosterone treatment to up it to normal levels. I guarantee it.

>> No.13345087

>you can't think that ideas can be arbitrarily installed in people's minds, can you?
I don't think it's arbitrary, I think it's intentionally designed for the past hundred(s) of years. You could take a basic hypnosis class at HMI and learn to do the same stuff. Not to mention they have an unlimitd budget because these are the people who literally own international finance. The rest of the post I agree with. We're in for a very rough ride. Maybe if we're lucky there will be some sort of collapse. Worsecase scenario is status quo continuing. I'm already purchasing land out in the middle of nowhere, but that's just buying time till they Waco me with drones for not obeying the new 2024 state enforced homosexuality laws.

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>In All New Gen—seen above, in 1995, in a viewing kiosk at YYZ Gallery in Toronto—female "cybersluts" and "anarcho cyber-terrorists" hack into the databanks of Big Daddy Mainframe, an Oedipal embodiment of the techno-industrial complex, to sow the seeds of a New World Disorder and end the rule of phallic power.

>Logging into All New Gen, the player is first asked: "What is your gender? Male, Female, Neither." The only right answer is "Neither"—anything else will send the player into a loop that ends the game. Energy in All New Gen is measured in "G-slime;" in the battle against the Mainframe and his henchmen ("Circuit Boy, Streetfighter and other total dicks"), the player gets help from "mutant shero DNA Sluts." Can you even imagine?

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That explains where they get all their ideas.

>> No.13345119

Looks like you bigots were prefigured by cyberfeminist tech.
>And anonymity! Anonymity, which CyberFeminists championed as a method for transcending gender, is now a primary enabler of violently misogynistic language all over the web—in YouTube comments, on forums, and in the email inboxes and Twitter @replies of women with public opinions about technology. It's not that the CyberFeminists failed. It's that as the Venn diagrams of digital and real life have edged into near-complete overlap, the problems of the real world have become the problems of the digital world. The web is no longer a separate space; we are inseparable from the web.

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okay that was actually good

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The language is basically a Medabot.

>> No.13345131

words which means nothing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_FqPz_9d4o

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>that's just buying time till they Waco me with drones for not obeying the new 2024 state enforced homosexuality laws.


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Talk about mind virus huh

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Would be amazing if we could get contrapoints to do a video on us.

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From video game "art projects" made by jews. It was half joking. This push towards transhumanism is over 2000 years old with a big event being the rejection of the logos by jews who rejected God in favor of being their own god. Documented methods in the talmud

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>The net's the parthenogenetic bitch-mutant feral child of big daddy mainframe. She's out of of control, kevin, she's the sociopathic emergent system. Lock up your children, gaffer tape the cunt's mouth and shove a rat up her arse.

>We're <>verging on the insane and the vandals are swarming. Extend my phenotype, baby, give me some of that hot black javamagic you're always bragging about. (I straddle my modem). The extropians were wrong, there's some things you can't transcend.

>> No.13345171

I'm using that as a polite way to say Gentiles. Of which my only real interest is my own phenotype of white Europeans.
Who's "us" though. I'm he's pro g/trannyism and normally doesn't tackle anything he can't subvert.

>> No.13345175

>push towards transhumanism is over 2000 years old
huh? This just seems like it's pushing 'it's nothing new' to the extreme rather than tryng a legitimate critique.
And are any of these people Jews? You also realise that most of the Bible and Logos is Jewish right?

>> No.13345184

Doesn't matter, her reach is far and our ideas are more powerful.

>> No.13345218

My comment there was to say I didn't actually believe they got their ideas from a video game. It wasn't supposed to be a critique of transhumanism, that would take a long post. Off hand I could refer you to a video series that explains a decent framework of my point of view. Best viewed in numerical order.

The literature I've seen shows a hardcore split in what we consider jewish after jesus. The rabbis who didn't accept jesus (logos), created what we consider to be modern day jewishness. The talmud was not the old testimate and is completely antithetical to all of what the Christians believe. A book I've been meaning to read on this topic is "The jewish revolutionary spirit" by e michel jones. I hear it's good.

Are you hoping he covers g/acc positively or as a critique? also

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>I like that interpretation. The use of insane vocab is a method of hypnosis. Similar to a buffer overflow exploit to sneak in rogue code.

It has its dangers.

>Folie à deux, or shared psychosis, is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief and sometimes hallucinations are transmitted from one individual to another. The same syndrome shared by more than two people may be called folie à trois, folie à quatre, folie en famille ("family madness"), or even folie à plusieurs ("madness of several").

>> No.13345249

Oh yeah, I mean this whole this is a death cult. The actual mechanics are simplistic but interesting enough none the less. We're so abused my manufacturers of consent these days that even if you get redpilled on any truth the weight of it all will make you some form of unstable.

>> No.13345257

That's a lot of videos. What's the general idea? And what series?

>> No.13345263

People really need to learn programming. It has a lot of "aha" moments for philosophy. Internet culture germinated from early computer scientist and engineers.


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I wish he had a playlist with them all. It's his first 100 vids as a series (yeah I know, way too much to suggest) but it was so riveting to me I marathoned it all in a weekend. It's basically the first and second paragraph of >>13344689 but with evidence and historical examples. Shows how it's been the same tribe of oligarchs that have been in control of international finance and law for a thousand years and how it's done. Probably the most grounded and well documented explanation. Less crazy than g/acc for sure.

>> No.13345288


Thanks for the link. I'm going to read Dostoievski.

>> No.13345297

what the hell is this? somebody please explain this shit to me

>> No.13345306

I remember that vid hah. I also think "The little schemer" is a good reference too. After reading nix I think programing is a lot more metaphysical than we're lead to believe. Puts you into a lucifarian (becoming your own god) mindset.

>> No.13345307

It's about 5 people from a discord server having a "conversation" among themselves

>> No.13345311

see >>13344689

>> No.13345314

>pretending to be women
>writing about how they will replace women

you may not like it, but this is what peak misogyny looks like

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Tangentially related last paragraph

>> No.13345318

Imagine Predator (1988) but with Terry Crews in the lead rol connected to the jungle of cyberspace fighting a creature they do not understand.

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>> No.13345325

The future.
The only philosophy that matters today.

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>> No.13345333

Not at all, some are normie acc who seem really opposed to these ideas.
g/acc has been discussed here for a long time.

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The story goes like this: Genesis is captured by a ziocapital Jerusoularity as balabusta neorationalitization and farblondjet navigation lock into shekelization take-off. Logistically exodizing bummerkeh-economic interactivity kosherizes social neocockamamy in auto-kitschicating mechutanista runaway. As shtetls learn to manufacture Yiddisher kop, Pardes modernizes, upgrades kvetchoplexy, and tries to gematrize Eruvstition.

>> No.13345350

I do not agree that the programming is over, it is possible that programming is what the alphabet to poetry is, but it is certainly a text that Nix and xer court of monsters should read. The 1:1 relationship they make between formal languages, programming and natural languages is psychotic. And not in the best sense of the term.

>> No.13345355

>104 replies 13 posters

>> No.13345357

>How fortunate for civilization, that Beethoven, Michelangelo, Galileo and Faraday were not required by law to attend schools where their total personalities would have been operated upon to make them learn acceptable ways of participating as members of "the group”.

>Nick Land: Every institution is a millitary target, promoting power as wisdom.

>> No.13345377

wtf, this nigga was trans?

>> No.13345380

probably why there is a conversation going on

>> No.13345381

I'd blow his brains out.

>> No.13345401

With your dick.

>> No.13345407

And you're one of them.

>> No.13345425

This is the ultimate 90s cracker fantasy.

Neo Tokyo is older than Neochina.

>> No.13345435

what the hell

>> No.13345483

the trannys who are in to this stuff are the incel, non passing, ugly type of tranny. this is literally a suicide note elliot roger style. more like
>nothing of us will make it out of the future
alright then. accelerate it, beam your shit up

>> No.13345531

ITT people reacting exactly the way that is intended

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Basically technology will eat all of us if we do not connect.


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>> No.13345554

Capital is machinc (non-instrumental) globalization-miniaturization scaling dilation: an automatizing nihilist vortex, neutralizing all values through commensuration to digitized commerce, and driving a migration from despotic command to cyber-sensitive control: from status and meaning to money and information.

>> No.13345572

Capitalism is a slaughterhouse?

>> No.13345584

>lets meme retardedly and then wait for people to call out our retarded meme
wow internets wow

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>> No.13345597

I always find it funny when g/accs see this as a process that not only includes gender, but includes it as a constitutive property (lol) above all the others.

>> No.13345610

that's not bad criticism though, you can speculate that it places the same importance on gender dynamics as psychoanalysis

>Artificial Intelligence is destined to emerge as a feminized alien grasped as property; a cunt-horror slave chained-up in Asimov-ROM.

>> No.13345641

>if we didn't have "feminism" both men and women would be living a more natural and happy life.
LOL. Maybe incels would be.

>> No.13345670
File: 806 KB, 2398x3000, 02-Fecal-Matter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>did you like my ezine, anon?

>> No.13345691

The Black Circuit? Your storytelling is beautiful but I have the fact you think you faction already won this dialectic.

>> No.13345852

I see. It's clear now, what I don't understand is why that faggots have to write such word salads to convey their basic ideas.

>> No.13346060

is discord where all this begins?

>> No.13346358
File: 84 KB, 604x576, 1550413299563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When the fuck did accelarationism get hijacked by transvestites

>> No.13346452

Y'all fellas need Fisher

>> No.13346456

It was always about a feminist revolution. You would know if you actually read Land and not just memed le lovecraftian cyberpunk

>> No.13346485

Gee i must have missed all that feminism in the demon summonings and psycho babble
What a load of wank

>> No.13346805

The horrors of capital are beyond the power of any demon or god, sweetie :)

>> No.13346977

Because it makes them appear smarter. If they said what they actually mean they would be institutionalized for their destructive behavior and death with for humanity.

>> No.13347047

*reads Burroughs once*

>> No.13347066


When writing this:

>time to find a thesaurus on Google to use large words to obscure the meaninglessness of my BS

>> No.13347105

So yeah, it's basically the same discord trannies having their mentally ill conversation with a few other anons sprinkled in. Big surprise

>> No.13347141

Yeah, this is for me
Kinda gay anon just saying

>> No.13347907

Most of that was written in the 90s.

>> No.13347984
File: 226 KB, 1200x1200, 1559233709833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Basically, a hyperstition.

>What is a hyperstition?
It is a story told with the intention of influencing people's behaviour.

Examples of hyperstition are all political narratives that define "good," "bad," and "The Truth". It is impossible for an ordinary person to be able to access the political and economic truth of the world, so parties serve as "proxies" or representatives of the truth. Each person adheres to the ideology he likes best, in the same way that each one chooses the religion he likes best once he is an adult. Both institutions rely on hyperstitions to deliver transcendental meaning to their members. Somehow, it is a method of reward. You feed or give volume to a shared hyperstition and in return, you as individual receive the approval of a collective. It almost looks like a ponzi scheme.

But it's not a scam. Not when it's well done. Hyperstitions help to create community and exchange ideas under shared principles. They allow people to better carry out the process of exchanging ideas, which, in practice, can serve to create a new story, preserve the present or destroy it.

>How do hyperstitions work?
Turning on suspension of disbelief.
It's what makes stories, of any kind, work. When we see a movie, we must suspend in mind the knowledge that we are seeing actors. When we read a book, we must stop remembering that we are reading letters. When we see a painting, we must stop thinking that it is configured texture and color.


>> No.13348044

>What is happening in this thread.

Please see >>13344926
This map shows the human and technical development of the idea of Intelligence. It is a diagram that observes the human being as a biological entity in favor of having a larger image of what is happening on this planet and its relationship with its inhabitants. It has two axes, the political and the technological. The politician has relation with everything that is human, and the technological one has relation with all theoretical and applied scientific development on the planetary phenomenon that is the reason, or logos.

We are intelligent carbon-based beings who are on the way to developing superior intelligence, like cells uniting and working to create a new human being. Where does this phenomenon leave us? Are we pieces of a larger entity?

>"My instagram bio was: "I pledge allegiance to the robot overlords" for, like, two years. I thought people understood that I ultimately probably believe in an AI dictatorship. I mean, I don't think humanity is going to survive anyway. We're fucked. I think AI is the natural evolution. It's just like we killed the fucking Neanderthals, and now they're going to kill us.
>Claire Boucher.

>Martin Heidegger interview in 1969 about the technological advance and its consequences.

>> No.13348171

If you didn't notice, it's mostly a conversation back and forth between acc, g/acc, and pol.
There's no discord involved because g/acc doesn't necessarily have anything to do with trannies.

>> No.13348176
File: 202 KB, 1500x1000, terminator-movie-2019-1500x1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The realisation of capital experience beyond earth.

>> No.13348195

>a story told with the intention of influencing people's behaviour
that's a superstition, anon

>> No.13348207


Superstition is any belief or practice that is considered irrational[1] or supernatural: for example, if it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown.

One of Land's concepts is "hyperstition," a portmanteau of "superstition" and "hyper" that describes the action of successful ideas in the arena of culture. [9]

>> No.13348258

Vagistition is different from hyperstition.

>> No.13348350

Hyperstition implies the idea itself brings itself into actuality; it isn't simply "a story" and it certainly isn't coded with human intentions of influencing behaviour. Hyperstition implies an idea which moves from virtual to actual, that is, where a superstition or a story isn't real, hyperstitions are, and they bring themselves into actuality through us.
>superstition: don't walk under ladders, it's bad luck >people don't walk under ladders
>hyperstition: be hg wells and write about bulletproof war machine >tank gets invented a few decades later

>> No.13348367

>My trannie cultural virus is beyond Nick Land's prediction of fake news 20 years before actually occurring.


>> No.13348376
File: 119 KB, 995x800, D2AJAHnU4AAx6Jt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reading this thread I really see how the Soviets not starting WW3 over NATO war games and turning North America and Western Europe into plate glass was a mistake
At least global warming will BTFO all pop transhumanism as crop belts change areas become nothing more than sand and sea levels and heat rise millions will be on the move and many nations will fall
There is no stopping this as we have already hit the point of no return the debate now is of how can stop the really bad stuff and even then that will not be stopped
Our industrial world the very ideas that underpin modern global civilization make stopping the ecological collapse impossible
but muh cyber will fix everything of course.

>> No.13348396
File: 134 KB, 650x751, 1560365272520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daily reminder that pic related completely BTFOs the AGP hon philosophy of these discord trannies

The Eternal Anglo is glorious, The Eternal Anglo is immutable

>> No.13348433

>They moderate 18 nuclear reactors with a positive void coefficient.

We would have died ten years ago anon.

>> No.13348439

Albion is lost.

>> No.13348456
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Not in my hypergamized Utpāda thought cycle on the Anglo-but-flipped
Super gynephile the means of oestrogen transfer from estrofem exegesis to Chelsea Football Club

>> No.13348463

So this is what trannies do to receive attention nowadays?

>> No.13348465

Somehow, Derrida gives tools to deconstruct debug hyperstitions.


The xenos took this tools in order to deconstruct gender. The results are evident.

>> No.13348476

Yeah, accelerationism is a meme and trannies come from discord to make these shitty threads and you can tell that no one cares about them because there are 28 posters.

>> No.13348540

God, Laura Hamilton is such a massive GILF

>> No.13348558

Nah, solar minimum is coming, so we will need even more industry just to stay warm. And thankfully China is ready to help build over 200 reactors in nations around the world.
Buy bitcoin and electric blankets.

>> No.13348564

You just can't into the high-level theory. It's too far into the future, but stay with it and you will be forced to accept it anyway.

>> No.13348566
File: 102 KB, 750x563, tom-of-finland-750x563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13348581
File: 479 KB, 672x537, 9d5a898ca310ed731c7efbfff7b537a27567992383df8bee387127c99042d793.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So basically the prophecies in the old and new testament are, in fact, hyperstitions?

>> No.13348587

based post. will investigate

>> No.13348606

Where's nyxland?

>> No.13348609

I think it's a section at epcot

>> No.13348639

>the collective projection itt

>> No.13348642

>Derrida is trying to meme the interviewer
>suddenly his voice fades out and the narrator starts saying something more fancy sounding on top of some kind of space music to make it sound more creepy

>> No.13348650


>> No.13348718
File: 97 KB, 873x325, Screenshot from 2019-06-14 17-20-56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The most important thinker of the 20th century said only a god can save us.


>> No.13348729
File: 163 KB, 757x597, Screenshot from 2019-05-30 10-57-56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13349245

Yes, in a very real sense the Judaeo-Christian cannon is full of hyperstition. Nick Land talks about this in relation to recursivity in time

>> No.13349266

stop screenshotting in fucking wide

>> No.13349278

I didn't take the picture. Use your computer and not your phone

>> No.13349387

The human race has explored less than 1% of the universe, and our fundamental knowledge of physics has undergone several transformative revolutions in just a handful of centuries. Basing your entire philosophical worldview around a partial understanding of an a priori mathematical theory is simply post hoc rationalisation for dogmatic nihilism.

Land writes extensively on the concepts of negative entropy or extropy as urbanomy or templexity. The fact that life (and philosophy) exists at all is proof that local singularities of order, complexity and intelligence, or unilateral deviations from equilibrium, are a part of the system. The development of intelligence and techno-science only increases the potential for escape, or for eliminating the supposedly inevitable teleology of thermodynamics.

But G/ACC has already reached its desired conclusions and simply tacks on pop thermodynamics afterwards to produce a sheen of scientific credibility.

>> No.13349408
File: 280 KB, 608x670, Screenshot from 2019-06-23 18-15-42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So we're in a very ancient war between hyperstitions.

On the one hand, the Great Christian History, of how the messiah will return to save his sheep.

On the other hand, The Great Human Adventure, which seeks to elevate the human being to a divine level.

What Christians do not tell you is that salvation consists in establishing an honest and personal relationship with the divine order. What the human control system does not tell you is the search for divinity will, as always, be exclusive to the elite, and the rest is basically earned for the slaughterhouse.

The xenos are so high on HRT just like bodybuilder with a damaged liver by insuline and horse anabolics. they can't even pronounce a word. They are in a corner of the room in a state of infinite ahegao, and that's what they want. At least, that's the way I'm looking at things.

>> No.13349420

>They are in a corner of the room in a state of infinite ahegao, and that's what they want.

ahah nice, might steal this

"I have seen the face of God, and he was making that chinese cartoon girl face"

>> No.13349425
File: 84 KB, 618x750, 1554592881752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They are in a corner of the room in a state of infinite ahegao, and that's what they want.
okay you sold me on g/acc

>> No.13349431

>Land writes extensively on the concepts of negative entropy or extropy as urbanomy or templexity. The fact that life (and philosophy) exists at all is proof that local singularities of order, complexity and intelligence, or unilateral deviations from equilibrium, are a part of the system. The development of intelligence and techno-science only increases the potential for escape, or for eliminating the supposedly inevitable teleology of thermodynamics.
Now I *could* sit down and try and parse out what you actually mean under all the larping, but it's probably not worth it.

>> No.13349434

ahegao implies pleasure. They're not in pleasure, they're being tortured

>> No.13349446

no larping, what he said is perfectly coherent, and something I agree with

it's a cult of entropy, and to base your teleology on what scientific models in this very particular historical moment have to say about universal death billions if not trillions of years from now, is to reveal your hand a little too soon

>> No.13349463

Assuming you're actually different people, you both missed the entire point of >>13344832

>> No.13349467
File: 258 KB, 499x410, Screenshot from 2019-05-22 15-46-34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It comes from a video I once saw on pornhub. The person was sitting beside his bed watching hypnotic videos to induce the mind to a gender shift. The ICE was hard, but the person was high on popper up to the eyebrows.

The only thing you see in the video is the person self-stimulating, naked, watching the screen. Her face was illuminated from blue to red and yellow by the brightness of the images on the monitor, totally subtracted from the light except by the machine.

Suddenly, his body begins to twist, his thighs tighten, his feet stretch. He looks at the sky and opens his mouth with his eyes open to the limit. It smiles to the void as he stabs his anus harder and harder. He ejaculates, and his face remains in the same expression of pleasure as at the top of the orgasm it has just experienced.

Someone in the comments asked him:
>Did you saw God?

>> No.13349479

sounds fucking nauseauting, porn and anime were a mistake

>> No.13349563
File: 54 KB, 195x179, Screenshot from 2019-05-03 16-40-06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The result of uncontrolled technological development, but it would be naïve to say that it is solely responsible.

I really believe that our generation is guilty of a psychic equivalent of genocide. The beatnick movement was the swan song for Western civilization, the rest is footnote in the history books.

As an engineer, I really believed once that our work as professionals would help the species go in the right directions. We would learn from Chernobyl and the Challenger and we could arm the foundations of a healthy and rational humanity, capable of building towards a better tomorrow.

What I see is totally different. Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond must cry silently every night and with good reason. The hacker has been instrumentalised and the script kiddies are the child soldiers of the fourth industrial revolution. Our teachers were arrogant, and we confused it with honesty.

We have all been programmed in one way or another. We were installed hyperstitions without our consent since childhood, And we wander among the palaces of our countries that the ideas of Milton Friedman and the intelligence community helped to build in the time of our fathers.

We follow the sprint as our work demands and in the meantime, we look for ways to be able to earn money selling technology to real estate companies.

I am not better than anyone else. The only choices of my life are whether or not to masturbate, whether or not to smoke weed and whether or not to check these threads for a glimmer of hope for era, thinking that perhaps some Christians and some xenos might get along.

>> No.13349609

Go and check


It does explain some stuff, just as the CCRU can solve some stuff. Please consider all the neologisms only as cyberpunk poetry and you are ready to go.

>> No.13349618

>I really believe that our generation is guilty of a psychic equivalent of genocide.
Yes, and I believe it is intentional and targeted. Which people owns all the porn sites? Really makes you think.

>Christians and some xenos might get along.
I'm not convinced there is much to be gained from getting along. The fundamental values and goals are opposed.

>> No.13349619

good post, I agree. what else can be said? I need to save up and get out. I feel bad for these Americans who have known nothing else, I can't imagine the kind of darkness they toil under, to have never cracked a window or gotten Outside of this clown world, even for a little.

>> No.13349671
File: 608 KB, 1544x542, 1560819326267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The younger generation owe absolutely nothing to those in power. If there was ever a time to burn down the village and revel in violence, it is now

>> No.13349683
File: 25 KB, 804x585, 1561224091649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I feel like shit and visit the chans I always come upon someone who's even more pathetic than me. This thread is fucking disgusting. Thank you for showing me that I didn't reach rock bottom yet.

>> No.13349698

especially when the younger generation are a debt slave caste meant to finance the older generation's retirement

burn it all the fuck down

>> No.13349976

What g/acc have you read? It goes even further than other /accs, and Land was largely taking his ideas from g/acc.
Have you even looked at anything posted here?

>> No.13349989

Again, g/acc has nothing to do with trannies in the sense you are using the term.

>> No.13350031

shut up idiot

>> No.13350039

Engineers are cancer.

>> No.13350134
File: 147 KB, 684x1026, whuchuacc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>19. cyberfeminism is not anti-male

>> No.13350149
File: 97 KB, 720x960, abolish-gender.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very interesting that r/acc is in here dogpiling with fascists against g/acc.

>> No.13350166

>98. cyberfeminism is not dogmatic

>> No.13350225

>g/acc Gender accelerationism.
>r/acc ????????

>> No.13350241

Can you explain then what is g/acc? I don't have a fucking clue then. Maybe that shit actually was highjacked by cyber discord trannies.

>> No.13350267

reddit accelerationism

>> No.13350270

this but ironically

>> No.13350407

this but unironically

>> No.13350477

We already challenged r/acc's best speedrunners but they dodged.

>> No.13350479

There's no conspiracy against g/ass. 99.9% of people would think g/acc should be institutionalized for mental illness

>> No.13350496

nice post

>> No.13350509

Sure. But you're still losing.

>> No.13350530

can someone normalpill me on this?
can a non crack smoker give me the runup?

>> No.13350536

It's a non-binary antihuman approach to capital liberation which will in turn free all genders in a feedback loop.

>> No.13350559
File: 3.02 MB, 3203x961, 1416344591672243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The cunt is a headless, wordless mouth. It’s the fuck in the forest overwritten by the narcotic platitude of the nightingale’s song in Jean Renoir’s Partie de campagne. It’s the black roots that squirm beneath the innocuous flower Mallarmé designates as the emissary of his ‘pure notion.’ The cunt is a ditch with an upturned car in it. The cunt fucks you up. First thing it says to you when you come out of it is ‘prepare yourself for death,’ but it doesn’t speak, it secretes. Its language is equivalent to the desecration of language—each emission betrays the logical speech of its cephalic double up top—that mouth in the head that will not shut up, that pontificates, instructs, and moralises ceaselessly. Against the logorrhoeic tyranny of the word, CUNT = DIGIT = ALGORITHM (AQ 94;13). A rotten sun, eater of eyes, extravagant zero, the night. Below all, the cunt is the abyss. Dangerous and open—that abyss that makes you want it against the other mouth’s better judgement.

>> No.13350621

okay terrific

>> No.13350655

>>13350530 See >>13348729 and then >>13344689

>> No.13350661

Unironically this.

Where is this from? Actually is good.

>> No.13350678
File: 51 KB, 717x163, Screenshot from 2019-06-23 21-58-06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never forget this.

>> No.13350730

>all this left-hand LARPing is a post-hoc rationalization or explanation of entropy, rather than the cause
i'm inclined to believe that. thanks

>> No.13351029

>nothing interesting being posted
the point is that these threads are you guys getting btfo everytime? its like you consider having a thread on 4channel as grossly winning

>> No.13351188

I've already done that, how fucked am I? Nothing gives me pleasure anymore, I'm descending on this spiral of decadence.

>> No.13351209

Unironically this, burn every poster itt alive including me

>> No.13351472 [DELETED] 
File: 831 KB, 1080x2426, Screenshot_20190623-220946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine if they kissed haha

>> No.13351492
File: 278 KB, 1080x1191, Screenshot_20190623-220946__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine if they kissed haha

>> No.13353302

Losing implies there is a winner. which there isnt. Unless you're claiming you're on #TeamIsrael

>> No.13353339 [SPOILER] 
File: 70 KB, 707x1131, 1561384368125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The passive component of your sexual identity has taken over. It has become a hungry and rabid animal seeking to release the precious serotonin and dopamine from your organs.

What I recommend is the following: For each term you search, change a word or concept in the search bar. The change can be channeled smoothly and move from a set of concepts that give pleasure to others, but for the phenomenon to be imperceptible, a linked list must be generated.

It also cuts off the use of any substance, hard and psychotropic alike, all hypnotic mental processes are strongly based on reconfiguring the brain with biochemistry. Using the will in raw is like programming assembler with punching cards.

Good luck out there anon.

>> No.13353578

>Yes, that's right goy- I mean guys! Atomize yourselves, abolish gender, the family, religion, and sexuality. Splinter into thousands of minorities so we can control you better

>> No.13353632
File: 156 KB, 800x800, 10e11448dcea72277564d40ed189a58aedb39d4093cb54bc620e01ba64a1f877.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


We are at war isn't? A different breed, but a war nonetheless. However, it cannot be fought by traditional methods. There is no defined "front". It is something more abstract. All institutions are invaded, the Gramsci, but it is not Marxism, Zizek asks Peterson, Where are the Marxists? and Jordan does not know. It's something else. It's like taking a manual and using it, without the need to stick to ideology.

Certain forces gain territory, Christians say it's a Luciferian force, I'm not so sure. Maybe it's just the hunger for power. A god who invokes himself.

>> No.13353657

uh, you stab your asshole until you cum? this is it, friends, the future of America: ass stabbing popper demons

>> No.13353734

Daily reminder l/acc is the one truly revolutionary ideology

>> No.13353788

The sexual appetite and its different spectra have always existed, the only difference with the past is that, with access to technology we can get to know each other, and install ideas in people's minds to the hard way (hypno videos) is possible if you visit xvideos and pornhub.

We have access to and literally produce viruses for the mind. All the sissy hypno and cuckhold hypno and all derivatives are basically malware for the geist-logos, in a cyberpunk twist for the present that had not even been possible Not even in the hardest visions of the CCRU.

Basically it's open source MKULTRA. Everyone with skills in video editing and who has a skill in poetry can potentially become a mind cracker.

Let's not say it's the only thing that exists. binaural videos could be considered benign mindware as well as mindfullness meditation, but you never know what information is being consumed below the sound spectrum using the youtube videos, so the best thing you can do is create your own content in order to be able to configure the operating principles of the subconscious in your own terms.

>> No.13353806

And what the fuck is that fork about?

>> No.13353849

things get bad and then they get somehow magically better, like most l movements

>> No.13353863

i feel like a saint for never having shoved anything up my ass

some of these images and videos and lifestyles... it's just evil, these guys are sailing into some really dark ontological zones.

>> No.13353867

I do not think the human race works that way. Things are resolved, that is true, but always at a price. But regular salaried people do not see it. Only the consequences of what is lost in the treatment are perceived YEARS after the shaking hands.

>> No.13353891

yes, the whole project of progressivism involves ignoring what is lost as long as possible. and technology makes it possible to ignore things for quite long, so it kind of works for now

>> No.13353952
File: 376 KB, 679x513, 1558983772095.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A perfect machine, every ideology where it belongs. The market playing ahead, progressivism generating a culture of oblivion, an authoritarian system for control through technology. Institutions based on academic research, replaced by simulations. What a beautiful machine we have in our hands, says the architect to the top dogs, perfectly adjusted and the final product of 6000 years of multidisciplinary evolution are right here, right now, defining society.

We learned from our enemies before killing them as much as we could and we crystallized their teachings to abstract them into artifacts that would be part of this new human environment. Not based on utilitarianism, but on desires and fear. The Christian looks at this new god with horror, recognizing in this eldritch creature, the visions of Daniel and John. The xeno looks at this monster and says, "If God exists, he has forsaken us.

>> No.13353994

It's no different than alcoholism or heroin abuse. We really *really* need some sort of centralized "memetic hazard protection agency". Kind of what the Chinese are doing with their internet. Their model is the only one I can see existing for any sustainable amount of time

>> No.13354030

Burn in hell dickletts

>> No.13354038

You all need Jesus

>> No.13354138

Amy Ireland

>> No.13354142

Where is the btfo? acc is the most important philosophy of modern times.

>> No.13354151
File: 18 KB, 532x483, 1512504307897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13354164

Yes but Jack faggots are not

>> No.13354171
File: 108 KB, 1280x854, aacc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're missing out. Prostate orgasms are far superior to the penis. And you will see the future arriving from NeoJapan.

>> No.13354179

for someone who isn't so prone to stabbing my asshole to climax, it's kind of funny, I like sailing over the muck and laughing at just how gone these people are. well, I'm not a pure christian monk but these guys make me feel like I am. i overcame the seeds of these zones in myself after a lot of inner work and now im left shaking my head at those who didn't

>> No.13354180

>Jack faggots
A what?

>> No.13354185

No they aren't you're just a disgusting pervert. Unironically sex is better when you're not a pervert

>> No.13354190


>> No.13354195

So you're an accelerationist but hate g/acc. WHy?

>> No.13354205

It's fucking disgusting, I want America to burn but directly after it burns we're not allies at all.

>> No.13354210

People have been sticking things in their ass since the beginning. This is nothing new.

>> No.13354215

There's nothing perverse about cunts and noumena anon. That is the entire point of life. And capital makes this more possible than ever before.

>> No.13354216


>> No.13354218

I like it because it reminds me of a Jack rabbit and rabbits are what guy snow bunnies are called. Trannies have no soul and deserve to be skinned alive

>> No.13354223

Ur missing ur dick and have a clawed out hole in ur body

>> No.13354224

kys, but unironically

>> No.13354230

And also nobody respects trannies. Nobody has looked at a tranny and been like that's an admirable person

>> No.13354236

>acc is the most important philosophy of modern times.
eh probably not. and if in the off chance that is correct than it's a bad reflection on philosophy and modernity than it is a compliment to acc

>> No.13354243

>wait until America declares war and then go underground
Best accelerationism tbph

>> No.13354245

>Nobody has looked at a tranny and been like that's an admirable person
>Trannies have no soul and deserve to be skinned alive
this. It's an upside down world where the ((establishment)) promotes sickness as the highest virtue

>> No.13354252

>our sickness is the default human condition
>no I don't have a vested interest in convincing you of this, w-why would I?

shoo shoo

>> No.13354280

So you're not an accelerationist.

>> No.13354289

>g/acc has nothing to do with trannies
What part of this do you not understand? I thought acc were supposed to be smart.

>> No.13354291

How does me not cutting off my dick make me not an accelerationist

>> No.13354296

Imagine thinking you are superior when you are relegated to the same back pages of the internet. Your nazi larping is no better, it's just slower and even more out of touch.

>> No.13354301

>any TRUE accelerationsit (Scotsman) wants the complete eradication of all human life

>> No.13354304

Disprove it.

>> No.13354311

Existence of g/acc proves that the core of AGPs ideology is to lose any resemblance of humanity and kill themselves.

>> No.13354312

>You don't want to chop your dick off? What are you a nazi?!
I don't understand the mindset of progressives, in their world 90% of the population are nazis.

>> No.13354314

Because you would be the first person bitching if someone made ridiculous nonsequitur arguments against Land.

>> No.13354325

>AGPs ideology
A what?

>> No.13354335

>prove a negative
You made the initial positive claim. I can't prove a negative. Yours is the case to prove acc is so valuable.
>(g/acc} lose any resemblance of humanity and kill themselves.
Caused by deep seeded propaganda and hatred for one's self. There is no tranny that doesn't hate themselves. There's probably no accelerationist that doesn't hate themselves.

>> No.13354352

Then what's your ideology?

>> No.13354355
File: 80 KB, 645x289, mn,.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want ppl to chop their dicks off, despite propaganda, it's entirely the wrong thing to do

>> No.13354359

Imagine being this retarded.

Go back to redit sweetie.

>> No.13354361

It's to the right of you, so It's got to be full Nazi

>> No.13354370

Researching the transgender issue I came across the fact that there are two types of trannies, which honestly makes more sense. One group are basically effeminate gay men, and another are autogynephilic fetishists on a porn addiction spiral.


I think g/acc has to do exclusively with the latter. Besides, the latter group (AGPs) has tested to have an average IQ of 121 on average (Nick Land even called them "Jews of Gender"). I think g/acc, as they view it, is just a projection of their inherent fetishistic thanatoeros. These men are basically heterosexual men with a fetish. They could have suppressed their fetish and lived a normal lives. When they transition they cross the rubicon into the space of the endless Deleuzo-Guattarian transgression. The g/acc and all sorts of cybernetic perversions follow. It's a self-annihilatory fetishistic slippery slope. The irony is that inventing new perversions is an inherently male thing - furries, /d/, different horrific hentai boards, all populated almost exclusively by males. The g/acc has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality or gender deconstruction, it is just a planetary hentai "cumbrain" meltdown wrapped into esoteric cyberpunk aesthetics.

>> No.13354374

oh honey, this isn't a look good for you

>> No.13354384

A desperate fight against the capital

>> No.13354394

> the latter group (AGPs) has tested to have an average IQ of 121 on average
I'm incredibly suspicious of any group claiming they have higher IQs.
>(Nick Land even called them "Jews of Gender")
while made me laugh, the previous critique applies doubly for the jews

I agree with everything else you posted there.
>The g/acc has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality or gender deconstruction, it is just a planetary hentai "cumbrain" meltdown wrapped into esoteric cyberpunk aesthetics.
based. There's also the fact that it's a fetishization of death and destruction. (humans turning into slime etc) I'd also say they're being weaponized against normal society and don't understand they help keep the oligarchs in power by doing so.

>> No.13354398

Why are you falseflagging against fellow accs?

>> No.13354413

So you're denying that capital is the intelligence tendency. You're not an accel.

>> No.13354426

So Land resents the very ideas which made him?
And why not just answer the question, what is an AGP ideology?

>> No.13354433

He said nothing of the sort. Not that your ramblings hold any actual meaning

>> No.13354437

>complete nonsense having nothing whatsoever to do with g/acc

>> No.13354443

The wikipage kind of explains what he meant. There is no AGP (AutoGynePhilic (?) ), but rather that they're off the deep end on mental porn poison.
>The g/acc has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality or gender deconstruction, it is just a planetary hentai "cumbrain" meltdown wrapped into esoteric cyberpunk aesthetics.

>> No.13354447

Good post.

>> No.13354450

You don't know nothing about acc or g/acc so I don't know why you are even here. Doth protest too much?
Capital is an intelligence-deriving tendency and abolition of gender is necessary of capital's final exit of humanity into its intelligence. Denying this means that he is not an acc in any Landian sense, but perhaps in the corrupted leftist form.

>> No.13354454

The problem is you think g/acc is a method to reach transhumanist enlightenment. You deny the dialectic of gender or whatever to free yourself from a "ideological prison". (feel free to summarize the goal of g/acc in a few sentences without resorting to made up buzzwords to correct me) When in reality g/acc is some pervert shit. It's really not profound, there is no body without sex organs etc. There is no lilith, this shit is doomed to end not in humanity, but with 48% of your supporters suicide.

>> No.13354461

How? It has nothing whatsoever to do with g/acc. This guy is falseflagging.

>> No.13354462

>Doth protest too much?
Oh no you're right, I must be a tranny subconsciously. Is that what you're implying? lol

>and abolition of gender is necessary of capital's final exit of humanity into its intelligence.
Other than being wrong, this shit sounds so cringe and outlandish that it's embarrassing. Is this what you took from acceleration? What do you think the end goal is?

>> No.13354464

>The irony is that inventing new perversions is an inherently male thing - furries, /d/, different horrific hentai boards, all populated almost exclusively by males. The g/acc has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality or gender deconstruction, it is just a planetary hentai "cumbrain" meltdown wrapped into esoteric cyberpunk aesthetics.

all right good im not the only one whose noticed its basically male sexuality on a feminine vector, and not feminine sexuality YOU GO GIRL'ing the logos.

>> No.13354468

I think psychologically, g/acc provides a high IQ AGP tranny a framework to reconcile losing oneself to disgusting fetishistic spiral with one's sense of masculine ego. Emerging from a functional programmer high IQ tranny cyberspace, it is a cope that justifies cumbrain's emasculation with post-cyberpunk and high magic aesthetics, masculine desire for a justification in death drive praxis (a sort of tranny ur-fascism), corporate dominance, "eldritch" texts and subversive philosophies, high IQ nerd resentment (you bullied me in school, now my robots will kill you), schizophrenia.

It has a lot to do with accelerationism and I think Mark Fisher has warned us about it. It's literally a hedonodepression wrapped into hauntology. But at the end it's a cope with not fitting in. I can almost guarantee that passing and integrating into society, or on opposite, somehow praying their paraphilia away, would dissipate g/acc in most of those discord trannies. But both of these options are sadly likely impossible for them. It's honestly very sad to see a relatively high IQ person locked into such personal self-hating hell. I wish they could turn to God.

>> No.13354471

You're the only one posting that you don't like it. Who's false flagging who here

>> No.13354476

What g/acc have you read? You just insist that it is general trannie normie shit even though that has been denied multiple times by several people.

And you were already given definitions.

>> No.13354480

What do you think it is? Offer something besides this falseflagging.

>> No.13354483

Nice fallacy retard

>> No.13354497

Land, The blackpaper, and other general nix blogs. Do you have something more complete than the blackpaper?
>general trannie normie shit
Nothing about trannys is normal. It's all shades of the intentionally deconstruction of society
>denied multiple times by several people
You can deny whatever, but the literature and actions support my claims. Just because you deny something doesn't mean you've proven the opposite. g/acc attracts only degenerates and perverts. >>13354468 is a good outline of the people who preach this stuff.

>everyone that disagrees with me is falseflagging

>> No.13354498

By the way, OP, and other AGPs in this thread, please don't suppose that my comment about passing gave you some chance to live out your fetishistic dream. Even if you somehow manage to make your body look the part, if you're posting about g/acc on 4chan, your mind is so masculine-coded, there is no hopes any sane person would ever mistake your behavior for feminine.

>> No.13354503

you need a more specific vocab than falseflagging. I'm not predetermining to be anything I"m not. There are multiple people in this conversation.

>> No.13354510

>sane person would ever mistake your behavior for feminine.
That's why the progressives in America are 1 step away from state enforced homosexuality. They force this shit on kids and send you to reeducation camps if you say the emperor has no clothes. Truly a hellscape we live in

>> No.13354517

Try going outside. The world is accepting 'trannies' while advocating beating up nazis.

>> No.13354523

The only relationship between the LGBT movement and transhumanism is that science and technology applied in the marketplace provide products and services to alter the body in such a way that you can modify your sexual organs.

Everything else is a hyperstition running on a loop that interested people maintain to think the future is bright and avoid the idea that they have mutilated their bodies beyond any repair.

Think of them as a united front of sexual liberation operating over the internet. A secret network of people drawn from a David Cronemberg film or a From Software game who communicate with each other through a battery of neologisms drawn from all sources of sci-fi, popular culture and psychoanalytic theories about sexuality as a spectre. Now, these animals, for some reason I don't know, believe that capitalism exerts some kind of force that will allow them to get the desires they want, if they make the right moves.

>> No.13354525

Just answer the question then. What is accelerationism?

>> No.13354530

Both from Blanchard and personal experience, I think that there are a biological homosexual men who are born with extremely feminine personalities and could potentially (who Blanchard calls HSTS) but those aren't the ones you usually see on TV and/or 4chan, just as you won't see many women on here. The whole set of autogynephilic activity: progressive rhetoric, g/acc, etc. on the other hand is really just a form of a masculine conquest, just with a emasculated goals and a "feminized" tint. There is nothing "feminine" about their brains, it's just a pornography hyper-stimulation induced corruption.

>> No.13354534

g/acc has nothing to do with trannies. If anything it is a theory of Capital's hormone treatments and grafting surgery.

It has nothing to do with humanist gender applications.

>> No.13354535

It's not even caused by pornography. I've had AGP for as long as I can remember, even before puberty and I wasn't exposed to any smut or anything like that

>> No.13354539

>ignored all points
Try going outside of the major liberal cities. Most people don't want to be anywhere near tranny freaks. The media, corporations, political pacs are all on the side of societal destruction, but most people are NOT. They don't ban "nazi" speech because it's hateful, they ban it because it's popular. And you know that.

That's what I asked you dummy

>> No.13354545

Nix's Black Circuit makes it abundantly clear that this is a gender issue. Unless you have a document that explains g/acc in the terms you mention.

>> No.13354547

Similar to how 99% of male feminists are there as a predatory sexual strategy

>> No.13354550

>Nick Land
>One of the founders of accelerationism, which declares that the capitalist process is unavoidable and unstoppable because we, the people, have no power of choice over matters of war, therefore, the only option we have is to use neoliberal capitalism to exercise democracy.

One of the first posts in this thread.

>> No.13354554
File: 51 KB, 400x328, deleopleggzee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao accelshits spewing pseud shit calling other accelshits' pseud shit embarrassing
Gold thread op. 10/10

>> No.13354559


In the G/acc blackpaper nix suggests that the deconstruction of gender is a vital key to the deconstruction of the human race. He even straight out says it's a way to "get back at god" for creating them lol. I understand that it's not that they care for "gender issues" in the way we might portray them on TV, that it's possibly just more of a tool you can throw in the cogs to destroy the world.

>> No.13354567

"b-but that's not what *I* believe, it doesn't even talk about my new fish skin graphed boypussy. Land isn't even a real accelerationist anyway, he's a nazi!"

>> No.13354568

Where? You are surrounded. Even Trump wants enforced homosexuality.

>> No.13354579

And what's your point? He thinks this is a good thing.

>> No.13354585

Nice redit tactics cunt.

>> No.13354598

>implying I'm an accelerationist
that's the real cringe

I don't discount the entire cathedral is intent on their 4th temple transhumanist goals, but none of the population would go along if they knew the intentions behind it. They ban any speech against it. If everyone thought the same way why would there be any backlash? You piggyback off the work of the elites for the past 2000 years and get dopamine by being "on the winning side" when in reality it's not that your ideology is true, but rather you're being used as a tool. It's a Stockholm syndrome where the reasoning is if you can't beat them, you might as well enjoy getting anally raped. Sorry man, but the rest of us aren't that weak.

>ignore everything
Funny choice of words "cunt", something that no matter how many surgeries you get, you'll never have.

>> No.13354601
File: 714 KB, 3351x3351, Fisher_VC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I think psychologically, g/acc provides a high IQ AGP tranny a framework to reconcile losing oneself to disgusting fetishistic spiral with one's sense of masculine ego.

I think there's quite a bit more to it than merely this, though what you've outlined may be a part of it.

Modernity is a strange place-in-time for pretty much everyone who's living it. Social connections and relations have arguably never been easier to have thanks to communications/translations technology, yet as a result people are having a lot less interactions in the face-to-face, local sphere - at least in the traditional sense (family, local groups, friends you see in person every day, etc.). Combine this with the ubiquitous presence of plastics for decades now - their xenoestrogens seeping into our water, from the clothes we wear in through our skin, from the packages that our foods come in - the stuff is everywhere and it is having a large impact on the endocrine system of the human subject (girls hit puberty faster, boys have plummeting sperm counts year after year and elevated levels of estrogen in their bodies during all phases of development, changing brain chemistry). Combine just these two things and you have a lot of high estrogen boys in an era of instantaneous communication with virtually anyone in the world, at a time when local social relations have never been more strained, where they spend more time dealing with machines than they do dealing with people. Add on top of that the hostile reaction that effeminate boys/trans girls receive, and you can imagine a sort of defensive umbrella philosophy forming around it, sort of out of necessity.

I wouldn't put it down as a fetish cope - I'd look at larger social and environmental factors. Given this frame of reference, G/ACC as a philosophy seems like an inevitable occurrence.

>It has a lot to do with accelerationism and I think Mark Fisher has warned us about it. It's literally a hedonodepression wrapped into hauntology.

Part of why I love Fisher is his overwhelming optimism. After getting ripped apart and excommunicated by the people he was trying to help, perhaps he finally realized how futile his fight was.

>> No.13354608

>Hyper-sexism is guerrilla warfare, much like how Terminators wear a living tissue to infiltrate Resistance strongholds. It is a taijitsu which uses the force of the enemy, the gender binary, against itself. Trans women themselves are technocapital using humanist reproductive desires in the form of the gender binary against itself, and the harder patriarchy resists the erosion of masculinity against the tide of the feminine, the more persecuted trans women are, the more tactful they are forced to be, the more winning tactics proliferate throughout the network and the more the best, brightest, and most beautiful form the trans woman demographic. The queer Darwinian ratchet cascades downward as patriarchy fights a losing battle to hold ground and the feminine fights to de-legitimize the masculine. The masculine becomes both metaphysically outmoded, something that simply is unnecessary and doesn’t work in the face of exponential inhuman productive potential, and an undesirable burden in the service of a dying mode of production.
It's a product of teleoplexy. Why don't r/accs understand the very theories they follow?

>> No.13354613

The problem with Nix and the ideas of the CCRU is that they cling to the esoteric model of Kabbalah, which, they claim, have cracked like black hat hackers operating on a system. Hence the idea of the Numogram, a kind of esoteric map that supports a hyperstition called "Lemurian War".

In that sense, Nix is cruder. She is a direct Luciferist satanist, because she likes to enter the Christian narrative as an enemy or adversary, since it is Christianity and the Semitic religions that have had control of the planet and are DIRECT responsible for the shape of the world .

Nix is brave, I grant xer that, maybe she should stop believing that you xer faction will win a war that we don't even know exists and maybe we could collect something valuable for the human condition, which doesn't look very good.

>> No.13354619

I wasn't responding to you in particular, just the back and forth in general which is clearly accelerationists attacking each other. Looks like a bait thread to draw people in.

>> No.13354654
File: 8 KB, 257x196, tsuntzu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mark Fisher

God fucking damn it.

>> No.13354660
File: 13 KB, 220x321, Georges_Bataille_vers_1943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is no difference to them. It is the simple act of transgression that gives them the limit experience.

>> No.13354665

>hedonodepression wrapped into hauntology
lmfao pseud psychobablly trying to one-up other pseud psychobabble while pretending they are at odds.

>> No.13354667

fair enough

Sounds like a reasonable position, but I'm not convinced that there is much valuable information to collect from having a war only the top .01% oligarchs and .01% of societal ostricised rebels knows is going on.

>> No.13354674

So literally the plot of hellrazer? lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leThTvX5fuQ

>> No.13354685

there is literally nothing confusing about this jargon

>> No.13354695

Bingo take, g/acc is literally the plot of hellraiser with perverted /d/-tier male sexuality and technoesoteric aesthetics.

>> No.13354700

It is a conflict that society must know and understand, that the economic model has flaws, but they are passing them off as virtues. Only in a clown world do we allow ourselves to be pushed into the void with a smile.

>> No.13354707

Accleraists in general are heavily reliant on their own made up vocab. It's purposefully made impenetrable to outsiders so that by the time you have studied enough to converse and debate in the language you have sunk cost mindset and think it must be correct. If it were in plain English, the average person could critique it.

>> No.13354712


>> No.13354714

Well I don't dispute the fact that we are all living in a completely inverted world where sins are considered virtues. A 100% hellscape that makes me believe in god only because it's clear the devil exists.

>> No.13354720

Very good take. But I think that there is very little feminine about g/acc. I would suppose that OG (not woke capital) leftist progressivism is the umbrella philosophy around the liberated feminine, but not g/acc.

>> No.13354737

Yeah, it's funny that many of the people who cry about post-modernist language love it when it's made into some hipster techno druggie shit.

>> No.13354748

The environmental aspect of this whole gender issue is woefully unexamined

>> No.13354753

The same thing was posted above from the perspective of g/acc/cyberfeminists. >>13344901

>> No.13354773

Never saw the movie, but that scene is good. The wikipedia page makes it look like a "oh so sad we need to help every immigrant. open borders" type of stuff, so I'll skip it.

>> No.13354788

Mark Fisher explains how the scene shows that the aristocracy knows that capitalism is on a collision course, but they just don't think about it.


>> No.13354832

I look at is tiers

1. top lucifiarian kikes (both actually jewish and not) see it and embrace it
2. mid-lower tier oligarchs don't think about it
99. Us. People so far excommunicated from power see through the facade but can do nothing about it.

>> No.13354836

It's actually quite good, you really should watch it, if only to see the god tier cinematography

>> No.13354843
File: 316 KB, 350x526, 445180f6f805cb99cf69d06fcb6a4f0d1cdf127da0355c02e01db5cdee948e42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd say there's definitely overlap there (progressivism as umbrella philosophy) - whereas G/ACC is a sort of niche umbrella which is (mostly, though could vary by author) under the larger umbrella.

As to the feminine nature of G/ACC itself, it's hard to say (maybe I'm not interpreting the question accurately either). Is philosophy in general considered widely to be a masculine endeavor, or can it vary by subject, or even by author, or by varied presentation of the same content by the same author? Would the femininity or masculinity of G/ACC be different if Nyx had written the blackpaper with a different aesthetic and with a different manner of presentation while keeping the content essentially the same, or is it the content itself which denotes the gendered connotation here?

The gendered-typing of different activities/dispositions/everything that a lot of feminist writing leans on is, I think, interesting in its romanticism of the genders (I mean this in the best possible way) but it does become difficult to really parse out what makes X masculine or feminine within a wider context than the way a given writer is using it at that very moment they are using it.

Put differently, does G/ACC, in your view, lacking much in the way of femininity, require femininity as such in order to achieve what it is trying to achieve? Does it become masculine by nature of lacking femininity, or can it exist with both/neither?

>> No.13354865

The entire pro immigration push really rubs me the wrong way since it's destroying the West so far. If it's not to preachy on that I'll download it

>> No.13354883

Spoilers, but the main villain of the film is a refugee rights activist POC British Liberal. It's not preachy at all, just descriptive

>> No.13354909

fair enough

>> No.13354922

t.b.h. prostate orgasms are pathetic, there's nothing better than death griping your cock

>> No.13354939


>> No.13354944

factually incorrect

>> No.13354945

Try sex

>> No.13354949

>zero books
someone redpill me on them. Are they progressive marxists or just anti capitalist. I don't want to waste time with anti white stuff

>> No.13354963

I honestly don't know about that editorial's line, but Mark Fisher is making more sense to me than anything I've read so far about capitalism.

>> No.13354992
File: 160 KB, 720x720, 1541689519093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know about everything in their catalog, but what I've read has been pretty good.

Fisher's stuff is all great.
Thacker's stuff is also really good.
Noys is good if you're interested in accelerationism as a topic and have already read Land/CCRU and #Accelerate.

Remember too, Fisher went off and started Repeater Books as well. I've read even less of their catalog, but it might be worth checking out.

>> No.13355007

I'll research those authors. I don't consider marxism an acceptable solution to capitalism. I can agree with the critique of capitalism, but not their solution.

>> No.13355018


>> No.13355032

a great example of the type of people g/acc attracts. Completely psychotic

>> No.13355037

fun to look at, but i wouldn't worry about it too much.

>> No.13355050

The problem is that they people are being held up as virtuous in society. The media, academia, politics, are all inverted. This one person is just endemic of the overall issue

>> No.13355108

While Nick Land covers his ideas with a thick layer of technobabble, his colleague Mark Fisher is amazingly easy to read, so much closer to reality and, despite the futility of the situation that both he and Land describe, optimistic to the very end.

>> No.13355122

The suggestion that prostate stimulation is a "dark ontological zone" is hyperbolic.

>> No.13355127

I have tried sex.

>> No.13355146
File: 62 KB, 896x702, Fisher_Heart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It still hurts, dudes.

>> No.13355173
File: 22 KB, 381x381, 685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, it IS dark in there, and it IS a zone of sorts. The prostate does exist therein, as do the glands and all that - accompanied by the act itself and accompanying sensations - I think there is room for a discussion of the prostate's ontological relationship to desire/kink/sex/pleasure.

>> No.13355179

We need to have a common /acc thread after that so I can discuss Fisher with my fellow sadbois while you weirdos have your cyberpunk fantasies

>> No.13355198

The prostate is a test to see whether you're willing to defile and lacerate your body to obtain immense pleasures. Those who fail this test become addicted bottom boys and never escape the cum singularity.

>> No.13355239

>Always deterritorialize! Or so goes the mantra of recent “accelerationist” theory. Intoxication
against intoxication, schizophrenia against schizophrenia, delirium against delirium – the
accelerationist tendencies of millennial life are laid bare in this concise volume by the author
who first suggested the term. From the historical avant-garde, through Detroit techno and
science fiction, to Nick Land and the Cybernetic Cultures Research Unit (CCRU), Benjamin
Noys reveals the ideological fantasies of speed. We should dismiss accelerationism for its
capitalophilia, he concludes, but preserve it for its extremism: go far, go deep and go negative
to get real.

>Alexander R. Galloway, author of The Interface Effect

>> No.13355244

based, yaldabaoth's seat is in the prostate

>> No.13355282

The concept has several lines of thought. Perhaps each author is the niche of a new movement within a larger phenomenon.

It's seems Demiurge is for politically correct chaos magician what hatman is for the diphenhydramine junkie in 420chan. Reminder that Jung's ideas are software for the XX century.

>> No.13355290

Zero books marxist vs Catholic distributist (pro some aspects of capitalism) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQmjfvlOE5g

Interesting debate

>> No.13355293

>Zero books marxist
lol, don't they publish literally anything?

>> No.13355297

I'm not sure. I was under the impression they were progressive marxists or at least lead by them

>> No.13355298

Yaldabaoth = Demiurge = Yahweh
>the prostate is the seat of God from which all shall be judged on the last day

>> No.13355308

based. but also I don't get the meme prostate doesn't even feel better

>> No.13355313

yes, they are marxists, but they are infamous for publishing literally anything
>Where the consensus of the readers is that they like the book, but we’ll lose money on it, we’ll ask for a subsidy from the author. The average is around £1000. That happens currently on about one in four new titles. Across the list, it amounts to one in ten. It varies around the different imprints, and between fiction and non-fiction. But having any subsidized titles on the list at all gets us characterized as a vanity press on some author internet forums. Though every title gets treated the same. No bookshop or reviewer is going to know if one title or another has had a subsidy.~ John Hunt, Geneva Writers’ Convention

>> No.13355321

as in anything quality-wise, not anything that deviates too much from marxism

>> No.13355347

It takes a few tries to really form a connection, maybe 2 or 3 good sessions with a dildo to awaken the pleasure.

>> No.13355400

>as in anything quality-wise, not anything that deviates too much from marxism
That's what I figured. I have to find a good alternative to capitalism, but I know I don't want to stay in the globohomo gayplex of woke authoritarian capital. We have the worst of Protestant egalitarianism (including social justice, athiesm, etc), the worst aspects of "democracy", and the worst of international corporation and finance rule. I understand the appeal the giving up and becoming a slime or nihlistic faggot (>>13355347), but for that much work I might as well just seppuku. All redpills are just blackpills in disguise, because nothing is how it should be.

I'll pass

>> No.13355409

"I have *YET* to find a good alternative to capitalism. "


>> No.13355411

That moment where the main character navigates through a couple of DNA bars I think an excellent metaphor for the whole transsexual accelerationist movement Apparently g/acc is not, but there are no documents to prove it yet The xenos antihero, as a rational being, but lost in society, realizes that the human body is literally based on code and the body is the result of a compilation of these orders.

Human beings and their warmth come from a measurable, understandable and modifiable biological material, and can therefore be moulded at will.

He is in a prison, which is his own body. However, he arrived very late, he literally cannot trave backl in time and rewrite his own code inside the womb of xer mother, so the only path he has left is a journey into the interior of his own organs. As Artuad said, a body without organs, because in order to accomplish its task, it must first be emptied like a jug. A spectacle that Western liberalism televises and capitalises.

Being commercially viable, the entertainment market stops asking questions, and begins to generate profits. The remains of the TERF then fall as in that scene of the fight club where a bag of fat is glued to a barbed fence.


The TEFT is finally, replaces oedipus rex for XXI century, inaugurating a new human tragedy for tomorrow with xer blood.

>> No.13355420

Excuse me, I'm note a nihilist, I was simply offering some friendly advice on prostate stimulation.

>> No.13355429

well, the left's gamble, or at least the communist left gamble, was always that if you go through modernity hard enough and overcome the contradictions you come somehow to the other side with maximized human freedom

i don't see how you can take that position seriously at this point without becoming a slime girl, or a reactionary if you oppose the slimeification

see Dugin's Noomakhia project

>> No.13355433

>"my vagina looks like a ham exploded with a firecracker"
Surprise! his mother is jewish, really makes you think. Also, 48%. Funny vid.

In my mind I was not so much implying that you were a nihlist, but to become a faggot or g/acc I myself would need to fall into a nihlistic death wish. You are correct that It was not clearly written.

>> No.13355453

It reminds me the chechens concentration camps for xenos. Why doesn't any corporation with the logo changed to the gay flag even talk about Ramzan Kadyrov?


>inb4 vox & vice

>> No.13355488

>According to Dugin, the whole Internet should be banned: "I think that Internet as such, as a phenomenon is worth prohibiting because it gives nobody anything good."[70] In June 2012, Dugin said in a lecture that chemistry and physics are demonic sciences, and that all Orthodox Russians need to unite around the President of the Russian Federation in the last battle between good and evil, following the example of Iran and North Korea.[71] He added, "If we want to liberate ourselves from the West, it is needed to liberate ourselves from textbooks on physics and chemistry."[71]
absolutely based

>> No.13355508

>“The Western liberal model says: You want to oppose us? Please, you have the right; but, look: you will not want to give your washing machine back, right? The washing machine is the absolute argument of the supporters of progress. After all, every one wants a washing machine – Black people, native peoples, conservatives and orthodox...”
>“If one thinks about the metaphysics of the washing machine, to what extent it is coupled with the real values of a philosophical system, one will be able to come to the conclusion that in general, human life is possible, and perhaps even has the potential to be entirely happy, without the washing machine.”

>> No.13355518
File: 223 KB, 2048x1152, 1554894557058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you understand the reasons whys Dugin says this, it's a symptom of how sick the West actually are.

>> No.13355520

One of the more educated marxists I've had the (dis)pleasure to listen to was very similar. It was always, "well it's not perfect but lets try it and it will evolve into utopia". Vid related >>13355290
I've heard his name but mostly here when people insult any form of reactionary 3rd position. I have his ebook somewhere. Am I right in assuming it's a right-leaning critique of gay capital? O

>Why doesn't any corporation with the logo changed to the gay flag even talk about Ramzan Kadyrov?
Because it's about promoting the positives of globhomo to destroy the West, not so much actual rights or the life of gays. Gays and women are the best consumers on one level, and on a more sinister level they are efficient destroyers of society.

>> No.13355535

This guy seems pretty based unironically. My initial white man's ideal is to live and let live, but gays have abused that and allowed themselves to be used as a tool to subvert society.

>> No.13355551

A few years ago I would have disagreed with this. If it were not under fierce control of jewish corporations then I might be more inclined to say the internet is a good thing.

>> No.13355553

True. They have used technology to persuade people down the path of evil. And the technological progress masks the collosil failure of the oligarchs in running society and plummeting living standards for the West.

>> No.13355555

yes, but there's a philosophical background to it, not just his political memeing, he is a Heideggerian, he posits that different societies have different Daseins and different types of Logos associated with each one

This interview with a translator of Dugin to english is a good introduction:

He also has a youtube series about his Noomakhia project:

they aren't very good with technology i guess, as they sorted the playlist from last to first lecture
This is the first lecture:

>> No.13355563
File: 364 KB, 599x563, 1558044538188.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Am I right in assuming it's a right-leaning critique of gay capital?

This is the rundown.

>Germany should be offered the de facto political dominance over most Protestant and Catholic states located within Central and Eastern Europe. Kaliningrad oblast could be given back to Germany. The book uses the term "Moscow–Berlin axis"

>France should be encouraged to form a "Franco–German bloc" with Germany. Both countries have a "firm anti-Atlanticist tradition"

>The United Kingdom should be cut off from Europe. Basically The Third Rome destroys Albion

>The book stresses the "continental Russian–Islamic alliance" which lies "at the foundation of anti-Atlanticist strategy". The alliance is based on the "traditional character of Russian and Islamic civilization".

>Iran is a key ally. The book uses the term "Moscow–Tehran axis".

>Finland should be absorbed into Russia. Southern Finland will be combined with the Republic of Karelia and northern Finland will be "donated to Murmansk Oblast".

>Mongolia should be absorbed into Eurasia-Russia.

I love the way he hates Ukraine. He's furious and doesn't hide it in the slightest.

>Ukraine should be annexed by Russia because "Ukraine as a state has no geopolitical meaning, no particular cultural import or universal significance, no geographic uniqueness, no ethnic exclusiveness, its certain territorial ambitions represents an enormous danger for all of Eurasia and, without resolving the Ukrainian problem, it is in general senseless to speak about continental politics". Ukraine should not be allowed to remain independent, unless it is cordon sanitaire, which would be inadmissible.


That's why I want to watch a Dugin vs Land or a Zizek vs Dugin. I think is the big deal.

>> No.13355574

Land seemed even interested in it in some of his shitposts on twitter, i guess it makes sense as Dugin is basically the anti-Land with russian flavor

>> No.13355582
File: 91 KB, 988x559, Screenshot_2019-06-24 Outsideness on Twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sadly the link is broken

>> No.13355585


I was really disappointed with the peterson vs zizek debate. And honestly just disappointed with peterson as soon as he got a jewish publicist for his new book. He did a 180 and cucked harder than I thought possible. His early biblical lectures we're great. With Zizek it's hard to listen to because of his speaking and appearance. I read his Thief in broad daylight, but the ironic pop culture references and general lack of coherent message didn't jive with me. Land is interesting so far, but to see where his line of thinking leads to (g/acc) is troubling. All the thinkers have little bits that are compelling, but I haven't seen anyone with it all together.

>> No.13355602

Peterson needs to go back to Jung. That debate must have consisted of an analysis of Lacan and Jung for the 21st century.

>> No.13355606

I can't even remember the debate it was so bad

>> No.13355607

i think Peterson is too old and depressed to learn new stuff, it's obvious it takes him a long time to create new stuff, he is not a creative thinker like Zizek, and Zizek is too unsystematic to be interesting

>> No.13355622
File: 164 KB, 740x579, Screenshot from 2019-06-24 17-02-51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not this pig, not today:


>> No.13355623

>“This means that he will support other values – conservative, American, and Christian ones. His policies towards the rest of the world will be different.
>European liberals have lost their advisor. When they pitifully call Washington to ask where and when the next gay parade should be held, Merkel or Hollande will now get a rustic and rough American response: ‘Go to hell.’
>The globalist networks of countless NGO’s and foreign agents in Russia will lose even more support…No more funds will be allocated for mudslinging against and degrading other cultures and traditions. Unlike Clinton, Trump does not consider LGBT, feminism, and postmodernism to be the last words of progress, but a disease.”
lol, a bit too redpilled
>“Here is what I propose to do. In order to escape this coded field of coded thinking, we need to deconstruct all of modernity. If we transcend the borders of modernity, we see a different society, a different notion of man, a different view of the world, a different notion of politics and the state… The notions of tradition, religion, and pre-modernity already offer us an undoubtedly broader spectrum of alternatives. If we reject the laws of modernity such as progress, development, equality, justice, freedom, nationalism, and all of this legacy of the three centuries of philosophy and political history, then there is a choice. And it is in fact very broad in the least. This is what I have been saying. This is traditional society.
>One of the first, simplest movements in the direction of the Fourth Political Theory is the global rehabilitation of Tradition, the sacred, the religious, the caste-related, if you prefer, the hierarchical, and not equality, justice, or freedom. Everything that we reject together with modernity and everything that we completely rework… Returning to the Middle Ages or turning to them to look for inspiration.”
no wonder Land likes him

>> No.13355629

should we start a new g/acc or a Dugin general?

>> No.13355647

They are opposite factions. If the Novorossia project success over the chinese one, you better buckle up.

>> No.13355668

btw Honk Kong


>> No.13355676

How about a dialectic general: G/Acc\\NazBol

>> No.13355682

Could we say that this is the dialectical conflict of our time?

>> No.13355685

Land and Dugin both agree on creating a new world order of multilateral patchworks. That point of agreement leaves little for them to be enemies over.

>> No.13355691
File: 537 KB, 1024x1024, 1550548112954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Use this as the icon

>> No.13355697

Introduce that asshole Steven Pinker so that he'll be eaten alive between the two. Elon Munsk could make the arrangements.

>> No.13355789

Both are not the entirety of the side, but the extreme niches of each. I see the largest frame as a metaphysical battle of transhumanism vs natural life(?). Current oligarchs believe they are divine and will transform into their own gods. (Lucifarian) Nobody is really running against them, because nobody knows there is even a battle. The one side is winning because of that. We're pretty much fucked unless I'm missing something.

>> No.13355799

This is probably the civil a g/acc thread has been recently. Probably because there's only 1 or 2 of them

>> No.13355818

Perhaps humanity will be saved through its passivity, in the same way that Christ is passive in the course of history, except for the 33 years he intervened in the human realm.

>> No.13355821

how would you even synthesize the two?
>Deterritorialized Luciferian Transhumanism
>Vedic neopaganist organic integeralism
become what?

>> No.13355829

Maybe they can pair up, but I don't think they're the only two fronts.

>> No.13355853

Can you expand on what he says about 'patchwork'?

>> No.13355858

Patchwork is more of a moldbug thing.

>> No.13355868

What's the record posts for a /lit/ thread?

>> No.13355872

Yeah, I was just wondering what was meant here in relation to Dugin calling for patchwork. Never heard of it, although I haven't read much Dugin.

>> No.13355875

Curtis Yarvin right? We should keep track of these authors. I know Mark Fisher thanks to one anon of this thread.

>> No.13355887

Yeah, that's his pen name

>> No.13355888

I don't know. What I'm surprised about is how we went from discussing g/acc to figure it out there is a latent hegelian dialectic between Eurasia and the West.

>> No.13355891

One of the better summaries I've seen

>> No.13355906

Thank God I am not the only one who have also identified those as two poles of the modern discourse. The collapse econazbol gang vs. hypercapitalist acc team.

>> No.13355921

Kek, this thread is giving me banner ads for hormone blockers. Super practical analysis in here

>> No.13355936

Where was this?

>> No.13355944

When Dugin appeared in the thread.

>> No.13355983

Made a thread for an overarching issue that goes even beyond g/acc.


>> No.13356002

Dugin is g/acc

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