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>Post books about monster slaying that are not Witcher.
>What are you currently reading and how do you feel about it?

Monthly Reading for June: Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny

Monthly Reading books: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15ZwgDZVXB-nLqjbgcqgntZDyTddd0eqP


Science Fiction:

NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books:

SF&F author listing with ratings and summaries:


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First for Wheel of Time is actually a pretty good series.

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sanderfag a hack

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yes hello where are the cute monster girl harem novels thank

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Is this review of Book of the New Sun accurate?

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People who can't accept the role of providence in narrative should be gassed.

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>milf lovers are worse than the retards who stagnated this general with talk of the same 10 authors for the past 2 years

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Cthulhu would make a good mommy

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>the retards who stagnated this general with talk of the same 10 authors for the past 2 years
It's a different 10 that get whined about every time though

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No, but this is.


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Very comfy

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I just started reading the Wizard Knight

>inb4 hurr why are you reading a highly recommended /sffg/ book instead of some shitty novel by a literal who that no one's ever heard of

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how about some /ll/ literature...

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Imagine what a cursed existence one must live to actually post on Something Awful Dot Com in 2019.

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ah yes hello? one order of comfy adventuring pls

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honestly, I wouldn't mind reading some of that, even if its LRI

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Not much worse than being on the niche literature section of an Albanian Child Slapping Forum.

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is this any good?

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Books where character fucks a hot but alien (not just blue human) woman?

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>tfw half your main cast has no character arc

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Christ this is one of the most grug-brained things I've ever seen. How does this person tie their shoes in the morning?

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Currently halfway through The Wise Man's Fear and Kvothe is just traveling down the road. Tempi is autistic right? The way Rothfuss describes how he doesn't make eye contact or lacks facial expressions is interesting.

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Wheel of time is actual dogshit, with skippable books.

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>Before the Labyrinthine Lore of 'Dark Souls,' There Was Gene Wolfe

>gene "3 hour youtube dark souls lore video" wolfe

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I like terry goodkind. How does lit and sffg feel?

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What do you think of Ninefox Gambit?

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I like Black Library books. How does lit and sffg feel?

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Really good but I didn't like the sequels as much but they were still decent.

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Honestly half the reason I talk about birdboi is because it pisses off random autists.

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you do not understand how cursed somethingawful is, it's like they resurrected all the dead indians and killed them again, it's haunted

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posting in this thread because i think you guys may have experience reading this type of idea, but i want to make a story where the synthetic creation of human beings overrides natural creation, and as a result, male/female sexes are eliminated (although the majority of people look masculine). the problem is that, is this a good idea? personality is linked to masculine/feminine qualities so it's hard to imagine a world where that doesn't exist. how do you have personalities if everyone is the equivalent to a robot

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congrats you've invented Left Hand of Darkness

>> No.13337288

All I can say is that your post has a profound ignorance of anatomy and the effect of sex hormones on the self.

>> No.13337299

I just want that god damn autist to finish his book so I can read it. Plus once he’s published it’s almost 100% certain he’ll stop posting on 4chan. It can only do this thread good.

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I think he just hasn't sorted out his thoughts between the synthetic human aspect and the sexless aspect. Which doesn't bode well for his prose

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Are there any western fiction books where MC fucks his mother/sister/daughter (real, not this step faggotry) and it's NOT presented in a bad light?

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Mine desu.

>> No.13337316

thanks this is what im looking for
why don't you explain it for me then

>> No.13337323

Do share, though I'm disappointed in you that it's fiction and not your diary.

>> No.13337328

If All Men Were Brothers Would You Let One Marry Your Sister I hope you get culled

>> No.13337346

>discovers to his shock and horror that incest is actively encouraged there
>shock and horror
Thanks for nothing.

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I’ve written several short stories about They At The Finale. Basically a tribe of godlike shepherds who don’t understand the technology they use but have the genetic code to interface with it. They need to only interbreed with each other to maintain this genetic purity to continue to access the machines and sustain both themselves and their charges. Their charge is a single city sized autonomous factory that produces humanoid androids that treat the tribe as their gods. He short stories are directly after a global disaster of a meteor impact and in the decades after.

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For reference what each short story deals with is the question of ‘What is the essential notion of man’. The shepherds through millennia or modification no longer appear humans. The androids, created to be classical man, are in form of the Vitruvian Man.

Each short story presents a different notion. Being:
>Man as history
>Man as form
>Man as ideal
>Man as morals
>Man as genetics

And more. Each of these try and build towards the quintessential human, what is left of society arriving at it as the guttering flame of humanity is being snuffed out. So not exactly new ground or anything but I like it, and yes there are freaky post-human incest relations between the shepherds.

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Just finished this. Quite good stuff, though I thought Stephenson just wanted to be done it already by the least 100 pages.

Why there's such a lack of Cyberpunk books that focus on the aesthetics side of the genre? That scene with Hiro on the roof of Da5id's house was probably my favourite part of the book. It was extremely comfy and beautiful, the description was just spot on. Why sci-fi seems to avert from heavy ambience description so much more than fantasy?

This dichotomy is quite weird. While sci-fi is WAY better than fantasy in visual mediums (movies and comics), producing much more awe-spiring visuals, fantasy is typically better at it in the written form.

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>he thinks you need character arcs

>> No.13337471

It's a meme book. Literally.

>> No.13337495

I need a book about a massive galaxy-spanning threat
Something akin to A Fire Upon the Deep but with more focus on the actual threat itself

>> No.13337498

The Commonwealth Saga might be up your alley.

>> No.13337532

Thanks friendo, added to the list

>> No.13337550

Also read the first two books of the Hyperion Cantos. The threat discusses there is a little larger scale than just galactic though.

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The Main character of the Dancers at the End of Time by Michael Moorcock fucks his mother,it's satire of romantic comedy,even his gf knows about his incestous relationship and it's totally okay with it.
The Lazarus Long series by Robert Heinlein,it focuses on a mother/son relationship but there is some father/daughter bros/sis (even fucking your own female clone)
Berserker by Fred Saberhagen
Galactic Center Saga by Gregory Benford
Forge of God by Greg Bear
The Damned Trilogy by Alan Dean Foster

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I wanna read jeff vandermeer so bad but the feminism puts me off. Recommend me something similar.

>> No.13337735

Iron Dragon's Daughter.

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>The Old Man and the Sea
>5 stars

Why haven't you taken the Queen-pill yet?

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No, it's a good series with dogshit skippable books.

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Why is every fucking character suffering in a god damn desert. I feel thirsty just reading this

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The Duality of Man.
It’s Heinlein’s coping novel for the sexual revolution, I’ve heard.

>> No.13338026

Are the Old Mans War sequel books worth reading?
Or is it like The Forever War sequel where you pretend they dont exist

>> No.13338161

Was it good, fren?

>> No.13338164

Only laughed once during reading Snow Crash. Was when the president came up to the chopper.

>> No.13338202

A series with dogshit skippable books is not a good series you twat

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What about this?


>> No.13338225


>Park Chan-wook’s 2003 neo-noir fantasy film and overrated festival circuit darling Oldboy

How the fuck is Oldboy fantasy?

>> No.13338234

How good is it? Interested in Wolfe

>> No.13338271

Unironically Hyperion

>> No.13338281

Not alien but in my book one of the characters has psychedelic sex with a conscious tree-like organism after being compelled to drink its sap.
Yes, I'm a birch sap drinking bitch

>> No.13338286

The magic hypnotism maybe? If it's fantasy, it's the only urban fantasy I've ever liked.

>> No.13338296

I'm genuinely interested how do you properly researched for this. Can you share some of your sources?

>> No.13338302

It's impossible to answer this question. If she doesn't look like a human only deviants will find her hot, and deviants deviate in different directions. What one alien loving degenerate thinks is totally hot, another will find disgusting and vice versa. Impossible to make a useful rec without more detail on what particular brand of inhuman creature you find attractive.

>> No.13338317

I mostly look into some classical ideas of the philosophy of self & consciousness, along with some theorists on stuff like racial purity and the like.

What other kind of research do you mean?

>> No.13338318

Very cultural fetish friend.

>> No.13338326

Like specifically what books do you read to form a coherent idea for your stories?
>mas as form
ok, picked this up randomly. Explain this to me.

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>> No.13338350

Folk practices of my own country are a huge inspiration for what I'm writing. You know, making a crown of Cruciata laevipes or Galium verum, throw them on the roof of your house, each crown representing a person on your family. Whoever falls the lowest, is going to die first.
My grandpa's fell the lowest and he died

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Stories involving exploring and ascending a Tower?

>> No.13338440

Appendix N

>> No.13338474

Why are you so obsessed with towers?

>> No.13338488

I just finished binge reading all six available books in Will Wright's Cradle series after seeing it recommended a few threads ago. Are his other series any good?

>> No.13338493

same reasons some others are obsessed with planes or food or birds or whatever the fuck. It's autism and pseudo-namefagging

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>> No.13338565

Senlin Ascends

>> No.13338593

are there any novels that have a Twin Peaks vibe? not really the soap opera aspect, but it being like 80% normal and comfy, 10% paranormal and comfy and 10% terrifying surreal paranormal shit

>> No.13338596

>Why there's such a lack of Cyberpunk books that focus on the aesthetics side of the genre?
Because Cyberpunk originated as a way to satirize nerds and bully women out of the industry.

>> No.13338607

Twin Peaks is literally just magic realism.

>> No.13338614

Travelers gate is decent and I think it was his first series. The writing is not as good as cradle and I would say it's a little more boring overall. The ending is a little unsatisfying but I think he's working on a new series set in that universe. Never read the other series but it gets decent reviews

>> No.13338622

Sign of the Labrys by Margaret St. Clair.

>> No.13338627

Pls elaborate on this

>> No.13338629

>female author

>> No.13338638

>Twin Peaks literally just fits into a really broad and vague genre that describes a huge range of unrelated works that happen to have magical shit occurring in our normal world.

>> No.13338640

William Gibson was the original gamer

>> No.13338651

pls elaborate on this

>> No.13338681

Creatures of Light and Darkness

>> No.13338690

Margaret St. Clair isn't a female she's a lady

>> No.13338705

/sffg/, I had an idea how to give one of my main characters a character arc, but the only ways I can think of to conclude it are either having two drawn out, emotional pep talk scenes back to back with the same character, or to have her swallow a battery.

which should I go with?

>> No.13338706

There's nothing really to elaborate on, the guys that invented Cyberpunk were misogynists (Sterling), fucking despised nerds (Bethke) or borderline fascist (Brunner).

Gibson would dig up his mother's corpse and sell it on ebay if he could. The guy is stereotypical boomer who thought because he wrote a moderately popular book people would take his opinions on urban theory seriously, he got laughed out the room so hard he never wrote on the subject again.

>> No.13338710

Go back when you edit to weave the arc into the story. Long winded pep talks are boring.

>> No.13338732

Cyberpunk is inherently egalitarian, at least the transhumanist aspects of it. With the weaknesses of the flesh replaced the differences between man and woman become meaningless.

>> No.13338740

Also Vinge has a weird undertone of racism throughout his books.

>> No.13338742

>the differences between men and women are only their flesh
That's gonna be a YIKES from me.

>> No.13338757

>the guys that invented Cyberpunk were misogynists (Sterling), fucking despised nerds (Bethke) or borderline fascist (Brunner).
Beyond cringe.

>> No.13338759

I'm actually pretty early in. The way I see it, the arc is already actually pretty easy to integrate into the story. The only problem is that she's A main character, not THE main character. the MC gets this huge necessary pep talk right before the scene where she would get one, and after that there's only time for one scene between that and the final battle.

By the way, the thing about the battery wasn't a joke. I can actually think of two different justifications for why eating a watch battery would solve all her problems in the middle of the final battle

>> No.13338788

Snow Crash is inherently anti-capitalist, at least if you ignore that Stephenson works for a company attempting to privatize space and accepts money from Saudi Arabia to sell private advertising information to Disney and AT&T.

>> No.13338799

>Cyberpunk is inherently egalitarian, at least the transhumanist aspects of it
Egalitarian in rich people getting implants to be smarter and immortal, or egalitarian in junkies getting hooked on stuff that turns them into animals, or what?

>With the weaknesses of the flesh replaced the differences between man and woman become meaningless.
And that's meant to be horrifying, part of the destruction of individuality all the cyberpunk authors thought Reagan and Thatcher were bringing them; the weaknesses of the flesh are gone, and you are nothing but so many kilos of meat that buys things.

>> No.13338801

Did he work for them in the 80s?

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>People keep praising Stormlight Archive
>Decide to look it up
>Its YA Fiction

You fucks almost had me

>> No.13338829

>And that's meant to be horrifying, part of the destruction of individuality all the cyberpunk authors thought Reagan and Thatcher were bringing them; the weaknesses of the flesh are gone, and you are nothing but so many kilos of meat that buys things.
>leftshits thought this is what conservative leaders would bring about
>turns out it was leftshits destiny to bring this about

>> No.13338832

Are you ignoring the punk part of the Cyberpunk?

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>Are you ignoring the punk part of the punk rock?

>> No.13338849

>punk rock
Dead genre

>> No.13338959

YA means nothing anymore

>> No.13338969

Yeah when I think of YA novels I think of 1200 pages of politics

>> No.13338994

My sister told me that's pretty much the last Twilight book.

>> No.13339004


i fucking loved the first half of solaris, the rest of the book is boring sadly.
reading some stuff from lovecraft but i don't get the hype.

>> No.13339018

aeronauts windlass
About a steampunk setting where the only inhabitable places left are a dozen ancient towers

>> No.13339112


>> No.13339117

Ask my sister

>> No.13339165

It's all about treaties between vampires and werewolves, and ancient vampire councils debating whether a half vampire baby is a dangerous abomination or not and how she can alter the balance of power.

>> No.13339220

>how he doesn't make eye contact
>if you don't like to look people in their eyes you're autistic

>> No.13339247

Didn't like it when I tried to read it a while back.

This seems more like
>we live in a tower and travel outside of it to do things
than what I am looking for. Thanks though

>> No.13339263

He is loved and hyped by pol types for his fear of blacks and asians

>> No.13339270

>Thanks though
Hope you're a catfag.

>> No.13339280

it's less open-and-shut then it looks. His people have some cultural practices that seem like autism to us, plus he can barely speak english. However, even the rest of his people seem more socially competent than he is, and one of them says he's "not too bright"

>> No.13339329

>reading some stuff from lovecraft but i don't get the hype.
That's because you're retarded.
Based Lovecraft triggering this asiatic negroid.

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Anon, have you tried writing your own tower exploration book?

>> No.13339383

Just finished "The Way of Kings: I really liked it but a nagging voice keeps telling me to read Wheel of Time (Mostly so I understand peoples gripes) before reading the next Stormlight Archive book.

I mean it makes sense because Sanderson is only 25% done Rythm of War but it feels weird

>> No.13339407

you know what? Fuck it. I'm going to do it. I am going to make one of my characters eat a battery and go on a zombie killing spree.

this is definitely The Word speaking through me.

lovecraft's work is actually popular among all political leanings. The only difference is that when the left writes lovecraft tributes, they depict the original stories – most of which are first-hand accounts – as skewed by the author's prejudices. So you end up with stories where the protagonists survived the Innsmouth genocide, or are descendants of Abdul Al'Hazred. It's a mixed bag

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Hello fren. My girlfriend recommends
>Wheel of Time
>Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone by Greg Keyes
>Swans War by Sean Russell
I recommend
>Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams
>Red Queens War by Mark Lawrence
>The Dying Earth by Jack Vance, especially Rhialto the Marvellous
>Early Terry Goodkind

>> No.13339466

dumb frogposter

>> No.13339473

your girlfriend (male) is a fucking retard, let him know that.
>Mark Lawrence
and your taste is just as shit as his. Go suck eachothers dicks

>> No.13339480

How are you guys gonna feel when birdboi gets fucked by the first agent who reads his shit and tells him no one will ever publish his vanity project.

I’m gonna laugh.

>> No.13339482

Lovecraft is kinda underwhelming despite the hype for him in nerd media. Most of his stories are essentially the same handful of plots punched up with (repetitive) purple prose/"world building" about obsidian pyramids and shapeless creatures.

Now if you really want some bad writing from that period, look up The Night Land, which is written like a 8 year old child breathlessly describing a trip to an amusement park or the ocean or whatever.

>> No.13339484

I hate the autists who call literally any kind of description of the world around a character ‘worldbuilding’. It’s retarded.

>> No.13339500

What's a cool fantasy book that I can gift to my a 8 year old niece?

>> No.13339507

John C. Wright's Moth and Cobweb series maybe?

>> No.13339513

Alice in Wonderland
The Edge Chronicles

>> No.13339514
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pls no bully
It's ok fren. You will make it some day. I hope you enjoy rereading The Darkness that Comes Before again

>> No.13339518

Have you actually read it? is it any good?

>> No.13339520

The Hobbit.

Sabriel/Lirael/Abhorsen would be a strong recommendation too but they might be a little mature for that age range, maybe more suited for 10-11.

>> No.13339521

Harry Potter

>> No.13339529
File: 14 KB, 657x527, rwgj4zmr1ob21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did. [Spoiler]she thought it was funny[/spoiler]

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I just finished Shadows Linger and I thought The Black Company, the first book, was so much better. If I had known the first two thirds of this book was about some innkeeper schmuck and barely featured the company that I loved from the first book, I wouldn't have bothered. Is the third book, The White Rose worth it?

>> No.13339586

underland chronicles since nobody else is going to say it

>> No.13339589

Absolutely brainlet tier take holy shit.

>> No.13339590

A Wizard of Earthsea or The Hobbit.

>> No.13339596

This and Memories of Ice made me too depressed to continue reading Malazan for a long time.

>> No.13339604

Feel free to explain faggot.

>> No.13339605


>> No.13339636

May Bird trilogy. Kind of like a junior Wizard of Oz.

>> No.13339680

The Prince of Nothing. Now I got that out of my system, The Hobbit is an excellent choice and perhaps Inkheart?

>> No.13339721
File: 81 KB, 1024x956, 1560446300192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prince of nothing isn't a book tho

>> No.13339739

What's a good reason to exist?

>> No.13339754

To experience

>> No.13339770

then I'm fucking up.

I'd try lsd or amphetamines if I didn't think it would interact with my meds

>> No.13339900

I actually liked Sanderson's other books (Mistborn, Warbreaker) but I thought Stormlight Archive was boring, bloated shit. Plus Shallan.

>> No.13339969

All Brandon Sanderson is YA. There's some kino fight scenes in it though

>> No.13339973


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>I just finished Shadows Linger and I thought The Black Company, the first book, was so much better.

>he didn't enjoy the masterfully paced and written dual passages between Croaker's and Shed's perspective
>he didn't enjoy the underlying theme of man's eternal greed for more
>he didn't enjoy the web of lies both pov characters manage to spin in order to protect their interests
>he didn't enjoy the character arc Shed goes through, from angsty barkeeper to cold blooded murderer who almost manages to take over the Bushkin, all fueled by the literal devil in the background
>he didn't enjoy the series temporarily turning into a well written spy thriller instead of "went on carpet and killed/captured someone THE BOOK"

Imagine being such a plebeian, not able to appreciate Shadows Linger for what it is.

>> No.13340166
File: 442 KB, 900x506, kim-stanley-robinson-mars-triology.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm about halfway through this and honestly am growing a bit tired of it. It just feels so god damn meandering.

Plus mars jesus and his autism hands is a retarded story arc. That plus the fact that apparently all the mars rebels are weird degenerates geriatrics doesn't seem to add much to the story except descriptions of centenarians fucking.

>> No.13340180
File: 678 KB, 1255x1772, Zamonia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Zamonia redpilled and worth reading if I myself have a personal creative project?

If so what are the best translations.

Thanks in Advance

>> No.13340214

Tower of Babylon by Ted Chiang

>> No.13340248
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>tfw no samurai/ninja Sword & Sorcery books
Was watching Ninja Scroll for the 50th time and it finally hit me that this movie is pure Sword & Sorcery in a Japanese setting and now I wanna READ Japanese Sword & Sorcery and there just ain't any :( Closest thing I've found is Gonji, but that's more of a samurai type character in a medieval yuropeon setting.

>> No.13340250

not as good as I feel about agents getting BTFO by armies of terrible litrpg and minotaur erotica eating up their market share on kindle

>> No.13340258

>Now if you really want some bad writing from that period, look up The Night Land, which is written like a 8 year old child
That adds a lot to the experience though, the narrator's going through something completely alien and can barely find the English to describe it, it comes across like if it were any more exotic it would be completely unreadable.

>> No.13340261

I couldn't finish Red Mars but I loved Years of Rice and Salt.

>> No.13340301
File: 68 KB, 317x475, never die.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a fantasy authors take on Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. It might be what you're looking for.

>> No.13340303

Heinlein went full bore into the sexual revolution. It's an important part of the Moon is a Harsh Mistress as well.
I will never understand why Libertarians constantly push Atlas Shrugged, when MHM champions the same political philosophy and is a thousand times more enjoyable to read.

>> No.13340315

The Wee Free Men

>> No.13340405

>It might be what you're looking for.
>dat Mark Lawrence blurb
If it's grimderp or epic fantasy then I'm not terribly interested. I specifically want Japanese S&S like based Ninja Scroll. Though I do like that it's a stand-alone and is less than 300 pages. I might check it out just based on those two things alone. But if it's grimderp I'm gonna rape you.

>> No.13340546

Imagine the amount of self convincing it took for you to justify that tripe.

>> No.13340558

How do I keep track of all the people and places and things I build in a world? I keep forgetting what the name of a city is or what a doodad is called.

>> No.13340625
File: 3.37 MB, 4032x3024, 20190622_121847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just picked this up in second hand bookstore. Foil cover. 2002 print.
Anyone ever heard of David Drake?

>> No.13340628

>Anyone ever heard of David Drake?

>> No.13340634


Is he any good?

>> No.13340655

I only read Redliners by him and it was brilliant.

>> No.13340916

Sanderson is a huge Wheel of Time fan and I have the suspicion that Stormlight Archive is his attempt at making a version of a new generation.

>> No.13340943

>mostly-male convicts exiled to moon
>rather than penetrating other men they cower and whimper into polyandrous group marriages
Can't believe the homophobia of this dude.

>> No.13341061

A bit out of the /lit/ wheelhouse, but does anyone have any coll watoad stories to recommend?

>> No.13341195

Need self published works that's not shilled please.
How many royalroad novels got the Kindle Publishing House treatment?

>> No.13341386

Hey /sffg/ I was wondering if you could help me with a name for a story that I read I'm pretty sure sometime recently.

I'm not even sure if it's a short story, or an aside in the main story. Anyway, this race inhabits a hollow earth, and they have limited space, surrounded by rock, and they try to dig out of it, but each tunnel obviously cuts down on the living space, leading to wars. So they change the tech to "bubble ships" which are self sufficient and just pass through the rock, filling in behind themselves, so no space is lost. They get through a certain amount of rock, and hit an acid ocean I think, and I'm pretty sure they succeed in getting to the surface in the end.

Any ideas?

>> No.13341398

Have you tried writing it down?

>> No.13341425

Anyone love Ready Player One too?


>> No.13341431
File: 55 KB, 537x540, Cosmere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know what you mean by that. I meant genuine thanks for giving me a suggestion and at least it wasn't the same shit I normally get in these threads.

Already read it.
>tfw get recommended the same 2-3 books every thread

>> No.13341455

Go and stay go

>> No.13341462
File: 772 KB, 1000x4000, Suggestion Chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cosmerefag. I've been giving new books to this general for years. You always scoff and ignore me.
You're only now picking up cradle after it has been shilled for so long.

>> No.13341466

Anyone read Ursula le Guins short stories? I can get both books for £8 on sale, just curious for some opinions.

>> No.13341565

Expect good prose.

>> No.13341582

define "good"

>> No.13341587

Try A necromancers apprentice (Order of the White Hand)

A nice YA about necromancers who fight bodysnatchers.

>> No.13341597

Multiple levels above Sanderson and Erikson.

>> No.13341689

What's prose?

>> No.13341704
File: 2.05 MB, 797x1336, SelfPublishedBookChart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Start with Cradle, if you've already read it try Orconomics.

>> No.13341718
File: 12 KB, 493x144, U6TJqSY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It might be happening.

>> No.13341789

Isn't that the guy who tried to copyright something mundane and managed to make a ass out of himself?

>> No.13341801

There's several people like that but yeah he tried to copyright his cover art style and novel series name.
I think the most prominent incidents are that chick that tried to copyright the word "cocky" and that weird dude who wanted to copyright "litrpg".

>> No.13341831

Thanks lads.

>> No.13341845

Any decent to good books set on big generation ships?

>> No.13341864

Three of your books I was planning to put on my updated self published chart, with a disclaimer that some contain smut. Maybe put the smut ones in their own category.

>> No.13341876

Aleron Kong. He thinks he is "the father" of the litrpg genre.

>> No.13341897

Yeah that's the guy. Never read his novels but apparently they are so bad that even reddit out of all places shits on him. And those fags gobble up anything and praise it to high heavens.

>> No.13341900

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson

>> No.13341907

Imagine the sort of diseased mind required to think this is something to be proud of.

>> No.13341918

>tried to copyright the word "cocky"
Didn't she actually succeed in that?

>> No.13341920

He honestly writes some of the worst dialogue out there. Like hes never had a normal conversation with anyone, let alone a woman.

>> No.13341922

Diaspora by Greg Egan

>> No.13341935

i really hope hes coming back. i dont give a shit about the drama or anything else. dont give a shit about what he did or didnt do. i just wanna know how tamer continues.

>> No.13342013

On the Steel Breeze; Chasm City. I prefer them over Aurora
You can also try Children of Time, it takes place over a rather large period of time, and the ship starts off as an ark ship.

>> No.13342038
File: 144 KB, 1200x800, gene-wolfe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any other Christian (not Mormon) SFF authors who are worth reading?

>> No.13342095
File: 54 KB, 306x500, 51jcpiXW5eL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone read this series? Looks like a trip.

>> No.13342129

Not only that, he takes stats to a new level. 1000 page novels, that have pages of stats in them.

>> No.13342138

Imagine-the-sort-of-mind anon, you seem to be enjoying posting today.

>> No.13342150

>that cover
>I have the powwwaaahhh.. HE MAN

>> No.13342189

The Children of Hurin

>> No.13342207


>> No.13342314

Who even still gives a shit about religion. Can't remember the last time I thought about God or the Bible or anything. I resent all these classic authors who clearly have this massive hard-on for their religious upbringing not realising that's just nostalgia for being a kid. Get over yourselves.

>> No.13342366

Found articles about the proceedings continuing in June. So the case is still ongoing.

Plus Faleena Hopkins is trying to copyright a font. Found a cover of her work and the fonts looks like shit.

>> No.13342367

David Drake is one of the top military science fiction authors out there. He's mainly known for the Hammer's Slammers series and the RCN space operas. IIRC Seas of Venus is a couple of stories about mercenaries on a teraformed venus where everybody lives in underwater domes because the surface land is covered by a hellish primordial jungle, I recall one of the stories being a sort of a horror deal about the crew of a hovercraft getting stranded PT-109 style and having to trek through the jungle. I liked it when I read it several years back.

Apparently he quit being a doctor to write litRPG.

>> No.13342587

Dark Universe by Daniel F. Galouye maybe?

>> No.13342626

Yeah, they're really fun. The quality's better for her younger work but Changing Planes is one of the only good things she wrote toward the end of her life. Solitude's one of my favorite stories, it's like a horror story specifically targeted at me.

>> No.13342638
File: 353 KB, 202x341, tips.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13342667

Non-Stop by Brian Aldiss
Orphans of the Sky by Robert Heinlein
Captive Universe by Harry Harrison

>> No.13342683

Thanks, i've picked them both up. I really don't like her later work, so didactic.

>> No.13342699

Pure 70s sci-fantasy-samurai kino

>> No.13342713

>Apparently he quit being a doctor to write litRPG.
Living the dream.
What's your guys' opinion on Gamebooks?

>> No.13342715

I really liked Hull Zero Three.

>> No.13342716

Doing a reread of Malazan. Struggling to get through Toll the Hounds. Am I just a brainlet of is it just kinda draggy?

>> No.13342731

They're a poor knock off of light novels, that's pretty much it.

>> No.13342740

Malazan could be re-edited into <5 books and miss nothing.

>> No.13342797

That was my first post of the day. Ctrl+F found a few more "imagine" posts but they weren't me. I guess I'm just very suggestible and unconsciously adopt patterns of phrase.

>> No.13342810

did the IMAGINE meme ever come to /lit/?

>> No.13342811
File: 15 KB, 300x170, Enhydriodon dikikae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Birdboi here. Would it be a bad idea to try and make the first book in The Continuation War be self contained but at around 330k words long? Or should I just give up and split it into pieces and not try and reduce down to that length?

>> No.13342815

why would anyone on lit ever have any sort of imagination lol

>> No.13342819

no it's about small women

>> No.13342822

actually what you should be worrying right now is what accountant you should hire to take care of your royalties

>> No.13342831

I am under no illusions about my popularity. I would consider it a minor miracle even to be published and I doubt I will even be able to make a living on writing alone.

>> No.13342836

the joke is you're worrying about sequels when you haven't finish a gosh darn book yet, prove you can write a novel then work on the series

>> No.13342846

there's no parrot quite as much fun as a caique

>> No.13342853

Aye aye captain.

>> No.13342871

The only thing Mark Lawrence is good at is writing reviews...he should stick to that and give up novels

>> No.13342898

You should keep your shit out of here and go make yourself your own thread. Just fuck off.

>> No.13342905

So did Kote somehow call the true name of lightning without realizing it or was it because of there being a strong conductor nearby?

>> No.13342956

Ok. I apologize for posting. I won't bother the thread with my stuff anymore. Thank you for your time.

>> No.13342959

this is your brain on YA novels

>> No.13342975

I love you birdboi. Ignore the incels.

>> No.13342990

Just finished The curse of Chalion.This book is fucking brilliant. What should I read next bros?

>> No.13342993

Postmodern feminist garbage.

>> No.13343004

You only say that because he causes controversy.

>> No.13343011

Even Erikson himself admitted Malazan is bloated and he should have reigned himself in. It's the first series I ever read where I had to start skimming through all the books to finish them.

>> No.13343019

I like birdboi enough that I am curious of his eventual novel. He's talked about his pace so we'll only have to wait a few months if he keeps it up. Once he actually has a book I will judge him further.

>> No.13343128

>crawling to 4chan for attention

>> No.13343135


>> No.13343194
File: 89 KB, 683x1024, 1547782461394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, I get the impression that people here don't like epic fantasy.

>> No.13343258

It's become so boring to me. Especially with grimderp being so many people's particular brand of epic fantasy.

>> No.13343270

What kind of plot/story can you use in non-grimdark epic fantasy that has not been already been told?

>> No.13343287

Epic war between man and anthropomorphic roast turkeys. The conflict begins when one diplomat accidentally eats the other.

>> No.13343360

The problem with epic fantasy is that almost all of it for decades had been either LotR clones (at best attempts to making new and better LotR by stealing for a few more sources) or le epic subversions.

>> No.13343374

Unto Leviathan

>> No.13343408

We don't,post your favorites so i can call you a redditor actually i'm looking for recs because i don't know what to read next

>> No.13343466

Grimderp is still well in the minority of epic fantasy

>> No.13343473

Grimderp gets praised the most because retards think edginess and nihilism that SUBVERT DEM EXPECTATIONS is the height of fantasy fiction.

>> No.13343498

is harsh realism intrinsically grimderp?

>> No.13343510

Is there an actual aspiring authors general for writefags?

>> No.13343545


>> No.13343552

there was /write/ for like a week because the mods banned write what's on your mind, but then they unbanned it and /write/ disappeared. right now I think all writing stuff is split between /crit/ and Pst Your Novel Ideas,

>> No.13343564

For aspiring authors of any genre that could fit into 'genre fiction' Fantasy, Sci-fi, Mystery, Thriller, etc. /lit/ may honestly not be the best place for them. Outside of a few threads like /sffg/ there is a ton of disdain for not only new authors/aspiring authors but authors who want to write things that could fit into these genres in general.

A better place for them might actually be /tg/.

>> No.13343572

CS Lewis

>> No.13343590

I know BB was using /wbg/ but that's more for settings then plot development or the stresses of writing

>> No.13343599

A /write/ general could possibly do well on /tg/, but it may end up being banned. Who knows. I know that /lit/'s community won't give most aspiring authors a home. /tg/'s is more forgiving but still critical enough to give good feedback.

>> No.13343603
File: 89 KB, 800x578, 800px-US_Navy_051105-F-5480T-005_An_F-14D_Tomcat_conducts_a_mission_over_the_Persian_Gulf-region.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh.... I love fantasy and science fiction. I write fantasy. I'm gonna talk about the fantasy that I write in the fantasy thread, not be drowned in countless shitty poems and pretentious drivel of outer /lit/
But you can appreciate that I don't spam the threads with what I write and more often than not I try to make and keep this thread alive and make conversations happen. Bet you didn't know that because I try not to be an avatarfag, but sometimes I just have to post the good ole' Tomcat because it's just such a piece of art in and of itself.
Oh, and I'm not autistic about planes. I happen to deeply respect the f14 and some things in my book resemble jet fighters in design and purpose. But what I write, the themes, the lines drawn, the plot, the characters, they are whole and of themselves. I'm not writing a "what if planes were in medieval times" piece of story, but something entirely original, and complex. There is a lot of thought and work put into it.

>> No.13343612

Exactly. Very little of it is either epic or fantastic.

>> No.13343619

Anything that have good "combat", be it fist, or sword preferably or even something more metaphorical.
I've been struggling to find a book that really describe the feeling you get before, during and after a fight.

Bonus if it's somewhat realistic.

>> No.13343623

>harsh realism intrinsically grimderp

Let's put it this way: every single fantasy author who says "harsh realism" means "grimderp".

Is the link intristic? Not necessarily. However, the combination of in-depth historical knowledge necessary to make your book even approach realism; the ability to actually understand how people with values vastly different from yours tick and then emphatize with them instead of writing them off as broken and inhuman; and, finally, imagination to project that on a made-up world, seems exceedingly rare, if not nonexistent.

>> No.13343661

Exactly. "Harsh realism" may not be inherently grimderp, but it certainly is as defined by fantasy authors. They forget that unrelenting misery without hope is just as unrealistic as fluffy light heroism.

And yeah, the combination of those 3 qualities you mention is incredibly rare. Academic and professional background have left me with the 2nd for sure, a good amount of the 1st as well, but I sure as shit don't have the 3rd. I'd add a 4th required quality: Ability to write well. (Another I lack)

>> No.13343668

Hard to say. There are books which describe the physical aspects of a fight much more realistically than most, but you seem to be angling for the mental side which honestly I think is different for everyone.

>> No.13343684

REH's boxing shorts are really good

>> No.13343701

>mfw I thought you meant REH's shorts he wore when he was a boxer

>> No.13343718

I'll take anything you have with a realistic depictions of a fight in the physical way.
It's just that the mental aspect is often overlooked, beyond the blood drunken berserker tropes, and few mentions of shaking hands and combat numbness.

Thanks i'm not too much into pulp but i'll check that out.

>> No.13343730

in all honesty outer /lit/'s readers seem to hate genre fiction more than its writers. /crit/, /write/, write whats on your mind and novel ideas have seemed accepting of genre fiction to me, the only issue is they're specific, not general purpose. if we rebuilt /write/ here we would be able to use it, but we need a dedicated thread slave to keep it alive. the original /write/'s thread slave only made it because wwoym was banned

>> No.13343757

I'll give it a go possibly.

>> No.13343762

You know fights are one thing that tends to get a work classed as pulp, right?

>> No.13343768

This, they all have this idea that they could be the first people to write truly /lit/ sff if they really wanted to.

>> No.13343790
File: 39 KB, 640x640, 00_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want realistic fights
>I'm not into pulp

>> No.13343829

I don't know much about genre.
Isn't pulp those short stories published in magazines ?

>> No.13343870
File: 1006 KB, 520x293, Su-27.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

F-14 is shit, at least post a real plane.

>> No.13344039

lol is that conjuror

>> No.13344126

Anyone know some super grimdark fantasy books that DON'T include any rape/sexual violence. I'd settle for it being hinted at or implied but absolutely nothing overt

>> No.13344143

The funny thing is he really is good at writing reviews. The ones I've seen have been pretty thoughtful and in-depth, managing to make it pretty clear if I'm going to enjoy a book or not without spoiling the whole thing.

Too bad his own writing hasn't appealed to me at all.

>> No.13344201

There are a few people who like either individual series or the subgenre in general, but it's shit. They're soap operas in prose.

>> No.13344210

John C. Wright

>> No.13344211

I just read Furies of Calderon. I didn't hate it, but I really disliked the way it constantly switched between four different PoVs when none of them felt properly developed. Also I felt like most of the battle sequences dragged on too long and were so concerned with minutia that they lost all tension; the only one I really liked was the whole section with the insect hive. Do either of these improve in the sequels, or am I just wasting my time?

>> No.13344362

hey /sffg/, I learned today that one of the novel ideas I had planned out could actually work as either a prequel or a sequel to my first novel.

Also, what's this I hear about bringing /write/ back from the grave?

>> No.13344417

Patrician taste anon, I just reread it this week. I've been told to read the sequel about Iselle's mother next, but I haven't gotten around to it until now.

>> No.13344941

The sequel, Paladin of Souls

Comfy book that nobody here ever talks about bc they're too busy discussing the usual suspects.

>> No.13345073

It's the end of june. What books are you expecting to be released in July?

>> No.13345089
File: 663 KB, 998x349, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dark Age, we get to have a few more cool Darrow and Lysander stories in between the endless tedious red refugee and gay detective chapters.

>> No.13345337

>continuing reading Red Rising Trilogy after the third book
The fourth book was shit, not continuing the series after that.

>> No.13345353

Suggest Xianxia for me to read. I just read Cradle.

>> No.13345489

New Cradle is supposed to be in August. Waiting for that.

>> No.13345512

Bernard Cornwell and David Gemmell have cool fights
Paul Kearney focuses puts some focus on the "prepare for battle!" stuff

>> No.13345622

Thanks mate.

>> No.13345633

So I decided to read Dune because I've always heard its considered one of the best sci-fi series (I don't read much scifi/fantasy) along with the fact that's being adopted to film by Villeneuve. I just finished God Emperor. And while I did like the first I thought 2 and 3 were really shitty sequels, God Emperor less so but I still don't its near the first. Whats the general reception of the books after the first? I have Heretics as well and honestly I'm a bit bored of the series and from reading the jacket the fact that its another big skip in time doesn't makes me even less inclined.

>> No.13345675

I enjoyed heretics more than god emporer. It's fine to stop where you are. Heretics is interesting, but it serves mostly as setup for the rest of the series which is 1 boring ass book where nothing happens until the last 50 pages ending in a cliffhanger that leads into a bunch of fanfiction.

>> No.13345704

well only now, it wasn't then

>> No.13345716

I guess it wouldn't hurt to try out Heretics. Chapterhouse is the boring book where nothing happens until the last 50 pages?

>> No.13345946

Yeah it has some cool worldbuilding but I really struggled finishing it, especially the last half of blue mars was a real slog.

>> No.13345963
File: 30 KB, 331x500, 34876543213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just finished pic related and what the FUCK happened to this guy? It was absolutely dreadful, I had a really hard time finishing it. I loved everything else he wrote, even nights dawn which gets a lot of hate but this just SUCKED. Also packed full of postmodern sjw shit which was mostly absent from his other stuff.

>> No.13345996

Carl Sagan waxes nostalgic about John Carter of Mars:

>> No.13346470

Retards don't realize that a lot of scientists grew up on Burroughs-style sci-fi.

>> No.13346474


>> No.13346517


>> No.13346763


Hi birdboi, i would finish a story asap and then let us read a bit!

>> No.13347122

I've always felt that Abercrombie does everything fight related really well.

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