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How many pages did you read today?

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20 some pages of Phaedo and then a couple of some Yoga shit

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0. i suck

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About 30 pages, but it was entirely on the clock so I was getting paid for it

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Absolutely based

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I am a construction worker and read on my phone literally any second I'm sitting down or in the truck which can be hours a day, depending

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yo can you get a fucking move on

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thirty i think but i never count, it’s a bad habit

read one page right now

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I finished a book and started another. I think I'm about 40 pages into it. I don't know why you guys worry so much about page count though.

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Technically 30 but it was all programming book, can't get myself to finish beyond good and evil since this is my second philosophy books and philosophers love speaking like anime villains at times. You know what l'm gonna read before bed just because of how pissed l am. Philosophy is just fanfiction for the universe

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skimmed a 300page book

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About 30. Coming towards the end of Journey to the End of the Night...things are getting subtly sadder and more bleak.

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About 30

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i failed. i had sex for 4 hours straight instead

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Why are there so many booklets in here?
Read Pinball 1973 today in maybe 1 and a half, 2 hours.

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0. I'm sick and having difficulty concentrating but I'll try later to read

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Fifty-seven. So that’s the introduction done.

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many pages worth of shitposts

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Nothing. Spent all day playing video games.

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>philosophers love speaking like anime villains
Where do you think we got the inspiration for anime villains?

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What are you playing?

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30, I have around 50 pages left and will hopefully read them in the evening

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None, but I wrote 800 words...

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well that would leave enough time to read one page

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read a whole book in 10 mins

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Zero, but I just got out of bed. Read 80 pages yesterday, will probably read about the same today

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The last Canto of Don Juan (Byron) and the whole of Stoner. First time for both. Probably better ways to spend 6 or so hours, but hey ho

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25 sitting in a park and 25 more when I'm going to bed.

Reading a farewell to arms atm :)

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30 pages of the Multiple states of Being by Rene Guenon. I understood little but I finished it.

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Picture books don't count

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drink pinot grigio while reading that book

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What a waste of good reading time

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Hey I did that exact same thing (same book in probably a little more time) on the day I first met my gf about a year ago. Hope things went as well for you today

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however many "The Grand Inquisitor" is, had to stop afterwords... heavy shit

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That’s good too. Keep writing

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I can’t think of any

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About 50 but some had pictures on it

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I don't really keep count but probably around 250-300???

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Do you work in Vancouver?

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Around thirty. Twelve chapters, anyways. Really short chapters.

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that's on average like 3 pages for each chapter. how

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I can't get my mind off bullshit but I was at 300 a day. I guess I'm going to try and get 60 more today at least but it's bs

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45 pages of Darkness at Noon. It's a good book, but it does feel a bit 'laggy' and drawn out, and it doesn't help that A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich is one of my favorite novels and covers some of the same territory

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who here /100pagesaday/ master race?

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not him but I started playing mtg arena

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0 but i did read many 4chan posts and drink a whole box of herseys chocolate milk

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How many do you read an hour?

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Chapters 19-25 of Oliver Twist. Man, does he name the Jew. It's almost like anon's nigger novel but with Jews instead.

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30-40 when reading the classics, the only thing i read anymore desu, i plan to read some pleb books that don't require too much brain power sometime and practice speed reading ( which just means reading faster, not subvocalizing is a meme) and increase it to atleast 50

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I'm reading philosophy at 30 an hour and working on length now to extend it to 10 hours a day then bumping up again. I do mini meditationsto keep my mind from wandering but the place in at is too active and I can't think

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What classics btw?

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190. Planned to either read another 100 or write about 3K words, but did neither because a friend showed up.

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I read a 400 word novel in the past 2 days. To be fair, it was a pretty simple amerilard action story where everything exploded in the end

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Read Michael Crichton, same action but each book has an interesting focus, Jurassic park focused on chaos theory and contemporary math dogma

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the last books read were dosto and woolf, i'll start with tolsto after i finish the brothers karamazov

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been on a good streak.
Finished paradise lost in 3 days, yesterday started everlasting man and read 80 pages of it. Just woke up so todaay read 0 but hoping to read 100

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brothers karamazov

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took a shit so 6

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I read 2 sentences
the book I'm reading is 285 pages long
I've read 63 and 2 sentences from page 64

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>400 word
Please tell me you mean page

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How is it

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Yeech, fair reading tho

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based, 70% of the way done. no idea how it will end

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what an insignificant get

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>t. never gotten septs

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there have only been what 13 septs in the entire history of this boad right

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This isn't even a fast board
Anyone could have planned a meme reply for this get based on the speed of responses alone

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the struggle for the final 33

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>t. never gotten septs

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>someone got septs in my thread

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about tree fiddy

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0. But I’m teaching myself French.

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70 pages of Diarmaid MacCulloch's 'A History of Christianity'.

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20 pages
Of Kiwi Farms threads.

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0 :(

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Good post and GOOD taste

>t. Tolstoy

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on what?

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The chapters are really short.

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Ethan Ralph, owner and speditor of the relapse retort.

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idk like 40 50

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34 of the Iliad and 35 of The Black Swan

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40 of the Spectator by Addison and Steele this morning, plan to read more in a minute.

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Wasted one-in-a-million septuple of the holy Trinity (7 3's)
Good metaphor for the wasted potential of this board

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On a good day, 120 or so. I usually try to get at least 30 in a day. So that'll be my limit. Of course there are times when I don't read at all for whatever reason.

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shit misread you OP, I've read nothing yet

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How is the black swan? I'm supposed to read it in a couple days

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