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I'm a slow reader. Whenever reading fiction or dialogues, I like to visualize it all and "live it". However that means I'm slow as shit and I never get to the end.

How fast are you? It takes me 3 minutes per page on the half A4 book. Should I work on it? Stop subvocalizing or something?

I wouldn't want to speed read, but when I hear that my friend reads 4 books a month, I feel I can and should do much better.

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Read at your own pace.
>when I hear that my friend reads 4 books a month, I feel I can and should do much better.
Seriously, why do you care?

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I assume you read for enjoyment. So enjoy it. Reading fast isn't anything important, unless, I don't know, you have 3 minutes to defuse a bomb and the manual is 5 pages long. Mostly, people use it to brag, and not much else.

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Many reasons, good and shallow. I want to be smart, to have a deeper understanding. Well read, so that I could offer perspective or say something relevant. Also who doesn't want to be the smart ass, who can shove everyone's bullshit in their faces?

I wouldn't want it, if I didn't enjoy the feeling of knowledge swishing inside, all the ideas interacting with each other.

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It’s not that you can’t read fast enough, it’s that you don’t read often enough

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You don't need to read fast. But if you keep reading, eventually you'll get faster.

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That too. But the other part of the problem remains.

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>I want to be smart
What you want is irrelevant. You're either smart or you aren't. If you aren't, then that's the cards you're dealt with.

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>to have a deeper understanding.
then you're going to want to read slow

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Yea dont worry about it so much. I have this problem too. I read in the same pace I talk. I can read fast, but if it's a book I really want to absorb and comprehend, I have to take it slow.

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Stop shitposting and using the internet in general to free up reading time. Get up early and read some shit and reflect on it while you do whatever during the day.

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does your speed not vary depending on what youre reading like everyone else's

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The real bottleneck with reading is the speed at which you think. Words are just crystalized thought. Reading is only retracing the thought-paths of a previous thinker. If you want to read faster, you need to think faster. Reading philosophy is great for practicing this.

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That is bullshit on so many levels but it's also a bait.

That's what I'm gripping with. Subvocalization helps with comprehension, but then again, if you don't exercise yourself, how are you gonna get better?

Not really. I mean unless it's some autistic study and you lose focus after every two sentences. Abstract texts are faster because there's no dramatization.

I'm not sure how true that is. Thinking and reading are separate, so that either could be the limiting factor, I think.

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How can I not worry about it if I'm a competitive person?

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>who doesn't want to be the smart ass, who can shove everyone's bullshit in their faces?
Anyone worth talking to i'd say.
Ironically, you aren't very bright are you?

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The most stimulating people have been those, who I've disagreed and even gotten into nasty quarrels with.

Of course that doesn't generalize. Some mouthbreathers would argue any stupid shit.

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