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How can I get my daughter to get interested in Marxist literature?

>> No.13283991

neglect her and let her mother abuse you in her presence

>> No.13283994

Molest her and I guarantee that she will grow up to become a marxist

>> No.13283996

Give her that graphic novel biography of Rosa Luxemburg

>> No.13283997

Rape her.

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Also force her to gender studies or similar at college and make sure she has enough financial backing from you such that she never faces real hardships.

>> No.13284030

That will just make her an insufferable “woke” liberal feminist. If you want her to become a Marxist but not by giving her a book as an entry point like >>13283996
suggests then you should force her to get a wage labor job, preferably where she gets to interact with older workers who have to support kids/pay rent on the same meager wage she receives.

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