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Change is the the answer. No matter what question you ask, it can all be traced back to the fact that everything, organic, inorganic, terrestrial or not is ever changing. Nothing stands still, everything, even death, is part of change. Change is the one constant in the universe. Novelty is how human beings interface with change, we seek out novelty because it changes us.

Why does a man cheat on his wife when once upon a time in the recent past he would have given his life to protect her? She didn't change, she stagnated, she lost her novelty and so he moved on. It wasn't even a real choice for him. Change is the secret on everyone's lips that no one ever speaks but every man, woman and child instinctively knows.

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What a load of horseshit.

Humans have free will for starters, which includes choosing not to change.

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piece of crap progressivism, your gnosticism will lead to hell on earth.

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There's good change and bad change, we avoid bad change and (should) go after good change. Most people are stagnant for most of their lives though.

For example, allowing homosexuals to adopt children is bad change. A child needs a male and female role model to learn about life, growing up with two men or two women will affect its mental and social development in ways highly likely to result in change their brain doesn't want: change that brings pain, suffering etc. Even if the child grows up relatively normal, faces no interference from its defective parents and settles into society well then it makes it even harder to point out the many, many cases where it doesn't work out for the child. Success cases legitimise bad change, which is what we should be avoiding,

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>Humans have free will

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Proof that somewhat true statements can still be cringe. What are you even trying to accomplish OP

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I'm trying to stimulate some discussion, I know I'm probably not the first person to suggest this line of reasoning and I know for definite it's not even fully fleshed out in my mind but I think if people looked at life through this lens, they'd be more patient with each other, more understanding and better equipped to make it through life with less mental suffering.

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