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Every paper I write seems to be perceived as pretentious when I intend eloquence.

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Read eloquently.
Keep a little practice journal.
Someday, five, ten years later, you might be ready. Enjoy

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Write less eloquently and more profoundly. Use fewer words if you want people to listen. Remove all non-essential words. Pretentiousness means attempting to impress by implying greater intelligence then held. The solution to this is simple, write it with the mindset that you want people to think you're stupid. I'm serious. You want people to think you're stupid, while also providing written work which isn't actually stupid. Try your best to sound like an idiot while still conveying information and hopefully giving the reader a better understanding of whatever is being written about.

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Post example :^|

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Well, the insinuation regarding pretentiousness is that it's insincere. Maybe you should focus on keeping your writing genuine, instead of insisting on eloquence. A common writing advice I hear, is that you should write like you speak and this is definitely important to creating a good rythm for your prose. Creating something that is fun to read for the audience you aim for is much more important than chasing some arbitrary idea of what you think your writing should ideally sound like. Moreover, try to be yourself when you write; if you write a pretty sounding sentence, but you can't see yourself ever blurting that out in the middle of an intelligent conversation, then it's probably best to get rid of that shit.

As for how to learn to write more eloquently, read books with good prose and practice a lot. you're still young now; try to focus ond writing a lot and writing fast, rather than on writing the best thing you could possibly write.

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It’s because you mislabel things and use incorrect imagery.

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Read and imitate, in writing first then speaking, if you can, the great orators of the history.


Here you have the first, in a series of book, that presents the great speeches of which there are fictitious and real, starting with Homer, you will find that it rubs on you. Imitate them and copy the sentences that ooze beauty. And read poetry and write then yourself, forget all the books written of how to write in this and the 21, those are a little better than garbage and so will be your writting.

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just add french words sporadically

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Grant a representative piece of prose upon which I might pass judgement, so but that it be but what it may be, and no more, it may allow you to progress towards a mastery of prosecraft.

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