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I'd love to kick Rene Guenon in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch him with the full force of my steel capped toe under his chin, send that little faggot flying through the air.

As he lies on the floor, coughing and wheezing and chocking on his own blood, his jaw a mangled mess of bones detached from the rest of his skull, I stand over him and laugh wickedly. He looks up at me in fear and pain, his eyes searching, begging me for mercy. He finds none. I raise my boot then stomp down, splitting his skull like a melon and finally ending his pathetic life

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Implying his Sufi spiritual masters would not save him from danger

www.fa ck.com/SufiMusicOfficial/posts/when-rene-guenon-was-a-young-man-in-france-one-night-he-set-out-for-a-long-walk-/1497508580319709/

>When Rene Guenon was a young man in France, one night he set out for a long walk through the woods. During this exercise in “peripatetic contemplation,” a practice to which he had accustomed himself, he accidentally fell into a ditch that was so deep it was impossible for him to find a way out on his own.
>Stranded in complete darkness in this pit in the middle of the woods, with no one within sight to be summoned for help, Guenon thought he had finally met his end. As he prepared himself for what seemed to be an inevitable death, a hand appeared from above, seemingly out of nowhere, and pulled him out of the ditch.
>No sooner, however, had he been rescued by this unknown figure, that he took off and disappeared into the woods, as swiftly and mysteriously as he had appeared. While Guenon’s attempts to catch up to him to offer his heartfelt gratitude were unsuccessful, he did manage to get a clear look at his face. Many years later, while in Cairo, Guenon attended a Sufi gathering involving a majlis of dhikr, only to find the man who had rescued him years before in France seating at the center of the gathering.
>As Guenon went into a shock, ecstatically pointing at the man who he recognized from years before, the mysterious figure who happened to be Shaikh Salāma Ḥasan al-Rāḍī, a Sufi master, stood up, smiled and embraced Guenon, acknowledging their previous encounter.

Allaah protects those whom He loves.

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>letting a frog turn you into a wog
>with fanciful fairytales, no less

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Ok faggot

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and redpilled

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manlet Guenon btfo

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Look, I love Guenon's critiques of modernity but the man smoked way too much opium and hash.

Can you find a single photo of him where he doesn't look baked out of his mind?

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So I can take opium and be a mystic? That's pretty much already my life

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>only recently is guenon-posting a thing and there are people who unironically start to hate him now
why does 4chan do this

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Why do I always find these violent fantasies of beating writers to death, or near it, hilarious? My own opinions on the particular writer don't matter at all; anons describing how they would kick the shit out of my favorites make me laugh just as hard, if not harder, as when they do the same with those whom I despise.

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it's a copypasta
apparently Warwick Davis is going to sue 4chan over it lol

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He looks like some kind of mongoloid.

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He was smarter and more accomplished then any single person on /lit/ ever, most of the anger at him has to do with cope and jealousy

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what did he accomplish in betraying his race and nation by converting to a paedo's death cult?

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He wrote a lot of interesting stuff on modernity that is very useful to traditional Catholics. I'd wager his read more by Catholics than by Muslims.

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