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>n-no you're not allowed to read the bell curve
>i-it's debunked racist garbage

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wojak post = trash post


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The bell curve has been debunked though. A lot of scientists have given generous refutations of the work, giving credit even while saying the overall conclusions of the book are erroneous; but, in my opinion, it's nothing but the racist fantasies of an old white man.

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you can read it if you want and draw whatever conclusions from it that you want regardless of its scientific accuracy, no one cares what you think anyways

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Do you have a single fact to back that up?

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Nice butterfly impression

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Nobody has even vaguely refuted it lmao. A bunch of sociologists who have never studied the field got extremely upset and cried about it, that may be what you're thinking of.

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>data says black people are dumb, score low on IQ tests, can't do things well, aren't improved by education etc.
>Murray sees data, concludes black people are dumb
>liberal scientist sees data, concludes that black people are not dumb because that would be sad
>data still fails to show black people are not dumb
>woke retard reads liberal scientist, refuses to understand data, doesn't understand liberal scientist's reasons for disagreeing with Murray, believes in widespread conspiracy to make black people look dumb
>black people: still dumb

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>heh this supports my ideology so I will accept it without question

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Obviously you've never heard of Thomas Sowell

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Genetics isn't everything that determines IQ.

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>heh this goes against my ideology so I will dismiss it without question

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No one claims that.

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They why did they mention "black people" like that matters. Race is a social construct

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The other significant component is "nonshared environment", also known as dumb luck. It's not about whether you took an SAT prep class or had your parents read to as a kid.

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It's a social construct that we lump Bantus and Australian aboriginals under the category "black". It's not a social construct that both of these groups of people tend to be dumb.

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My nigga Sowell is quite exceptional you must admit
All the generations after his got WELFARE'D by The Man (not just blacks doing poorly either)

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Bantus are Negroid but indigenous Australians are Australoid and therefore not 'black'

The cultures of these people are what keep them down tho too

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Culture is a product of biology (race, or genetic clustering) interacting with the environment.

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The way they keep denying reality is fascinating. You'd think by now they'd switch tactics to something like "you can't determine a person's worth with IQ".

But it's an issue that goes beyond just race and IQ.
The more we'll expose the inner workings of our brains and bodies, the more uncomfortable discussions we'll need have.

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It has limited meaning the real world. Extremely low IQ correlates with low performance, but that's all it shows. For anything above a very low level of income or net worth, IQ has no correlation. That tells you that it is only one small piece of a larger puzzle, but people always talk about it as if it's the be all and end all of social and economic differences. If you want to analyse why other groups are successful you have to look at other factors, which is why focusing on IQ isn't useful.

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That's BS.
I hate posting youtube shit, but at 3 minutes in it discusses that very graph

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>For anything above a very low level of income or net worth, IQ has no correlation.
This is not true at all, the average IQ of physics phd students is 130 for example.

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cringe and crackerpilled

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>video by a literal neo nazi
how about no

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Oh, ok. My bad.

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Genetics is everything that determines everything if we acknowledge there is no free will.

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Can you link a time that references that post you're replying to?

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Hide and censor, the lifeblood of the left

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I don't think you realize a scatter plot IS the correlation between a line graph and reality.

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If all you can do is post youtube clips then don't post dumb cunts

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The second chart shows a positive relationship, so why does the scatter plot show almost no relationship beyond 50k~ ? Is it just that there are way more people in the bottom left and so it sort of tricks the eye? I don't get it.

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He thinks an average is the only way of interpreting statistics lol. He probably thinks 'interpreting' means 'slipping in my political bias' as well.

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before you guys engage in platitudes:


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Sowell is a genius, no doubt. And quite a few blacks have showed themselves exceptional, refined, and intelligent. But they're not reflective of the total community.
Presuming, for sake of argument, that the racial IQ question is farcical, blacks still have an inherent problem worldwide, and that problem is cultural.
Anthropology, unlike psychology, has actually made some stringent and repeatably accurate statements, compared to the other social sciences. Culture is a a weak word. But culture is a strong force for majority, because it's mostly intuitive, and is the most pervasive way people derive their worldview from.
Subsaharan Africans (with some exception) have exceptionally violent and tribal cultures. Actual tribalism, as observed in primitive societies, and not in the liberal misuse of the word, suppresses the kind of complexity that a large group of people needs to from civilization. Tribal peoples tend to stay that way, unless affected by outside forces. Civilization is not linear, it's something borrowed.
American blacks have a defined and unique culture, but in its current form, it actively discourages education and glorifies violence, materialism, and hatred for any legitimate authority. What do black kids listen to? Rap and hip hop. How are they raised? Mostly by single mothers, and in urban schools where actually trying and being intelligent is a vice, and avoiding reading, having sex, and doing drugs is a virtue.
It's even in their language. A job isn't a job or a career. It's a "hustle." What words do blacks use, even level headed ones, to perceive daily activities? Whatever reflects being a thug.
All of the problems in the black community are directly related to their culture.

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Intelligence in the normal range is a polygenic trait, meaning that it is influenced by more than one gene, more specifically, over 500, and is thought to be 50% to 80% genetic in origin. The heritability of IQ for adults is between 57% and 73% with some more-recent estimates as high as 80% and 86%.

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Exceptional individuals within a population are exactly that, exceptional.

The exact classifications for individual racial and sub-racial groups are indeed constructed socially, however the basis for these social constructs come from real physical realities. If you want examples of this you can look at medicine and sports, there are very real and quantifiable differences between different populations that can be explained mostly by genetics and partially by environment which can in many cases how said genetics end up being expressed in individuals.

The main issue with race today and using it to draw conclusions regarding groups and individuals is that people paint with far too broad of a brush to the point where the observations they make don't hold much weight anymore. In many cases saying "Blacks are like X" or "Asians are like Y" ends up only really describing a slim majority of the individuals in said group at best in the same way that saying "Humans have penises" just because the majority of people on the planet happen to be male.

Clines are way fucking better for conversations about "racial differences" and people need to pay attention to them instead, but most people have never even heard of a cline before.

To be fair, successful PHD students end up making significantly less than a particularly successful business man might end up making. I think that's part of the reason that people seem to think what the Anon who you're responding too thinks, that more intelligent people are only reasonably more successful than the average person on average. In reality that is only true depending on how exactly you define success and that ends up being very subjective in the end.

Someone could be a millionaire and by their own rationalization be a failure in life while someone could be a pauper and be very successful by their own rationalization. Of course the reverse is more common, but there are a lot of examples of this kind of thing.

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I have no scientific knowledge of the field to refute it, but assuming it is indeed true.
So what? you think we'll genocide black people because they are slightly dumber than average? I say slughtly because they are still capable of understanding speech and functioning in society.
Why does every nazi use this book as some justification for a race war, it's simply descriptive, not prescriptive.

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Reminder that this is the genetic race century, and by the end of it we'll be able to modify the genetic makeup of newborns which will make the concept of race obsolete.

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The real blackpill is that we're all on a dysgenic path, because dumb people are having more kids than smart ones.
This is true both on the micro level (the population of any western country) and on the global level, where the population of Africa is rising more than any other.
It's the logical result of increased prosperity, living standards and welfare/aid.

So yeah, blacks are probably dumber than whites, but the average white person right now is pretty dumb, so there's nothing to be proud of.

I don't know where this will lead us. Maybe the whole system will collapse, we'll have a bunch of wars and eugenic practices will become popular again.
More likely, I think the elites over the world will separate more and more from the masses and there will be de facto monarchies/oligarchies. To an extent this is already happening right now, but we still pretend to live in democracies.

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>if your IQ is lower you're inferior
Why are "anti-racists" so mean?

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>More likely, I think the elites over the world will separate more and more from the masses and there will be de facto monarchies/oligarchies. To an extent this is already happening right now, but we still pretend to live in democracies.

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why would it matter if black were dumb anyways? what the fuck is wrong with some of you people. you act like the contributions of great men because they were of your race were somehow make you better. you are nothing like everybody else. There is a lot of historical context a lot of you guys are disregarding, you might want to read a book for once that isn't mein kampft
Why is it so important to have some kind of social darwinian excuse to dehumanize people? do you not have anything better to do?
I'm a math and physics major, im sorry but it doesn't take much to be a fucking engii or a code monkey, you aren't that fuckign special.
a lot of blacks get the shit tier of shit tier american education.
the reason blacks aren't as employed is because of education diversity, they lack education.
and the reason they don't pursue it is because college is an elitist industry meme that is grossly expensive.
And it isn't offering some phenomenal education it is about the same anywhere there is university.
Honestly I rate most of the people here total smooth brains.
and the people defending it aren't probably much smarter but at least enough to know hating another human being is gross and obscene.
Next time you want to be a smooth brained retard trying to get some kind of kick from saying there exist people more retarded than you just know you are the subpar mongrel us whites are ashamed of. We think of you as a total embarrassment.
uh oh a dummy with no scientific background
but it is quite a lot
you're not very smart are you?
those smooth brained whites use racism as a means to feel better about their insignificance amount the more intelligent whites that are not even concerned with such trivial matters as "defining racial disparities"

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>a lot of blacks get the shit tier of shit tier american education.
Sure just fly a plane over Africa and drop millions of copies of Atlas Shrugged. Wait five years and Africa will be a capitalistic rich paradise with skyscrapers as far as the eye can see and innovation abound. Wakanda will finally be real. Just teach them about the free market

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that was good.
but I was talking about our blacks in the US rich economy.
the poor Africans have no real hope, we should just leave them alone.

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I mostly agree with that pic, but I'm not sure about "hell on Earth". The elites will probably keep the general population somewhat satisfied, it's in their interest to not piss them off too much.
The US is a great example. The general population believes they have a choice between two very different options, but ultimately nothing ever changes and the people don't actually decide on any important issues (immigration, military interventions, wealth distribution...). Instead the elites handle that between themselves and dismiss the general population with simple rhetoric ("we need more immigrants because the economy", "we must fight terrorism" ...).

>why would it matter if black were dumb anyways? what the fuck is wrong with some of you people. you act like the contributions of great men because they were of your race were somehow make you better.
Nah, I don't think that's the main motivation for threads like this here. It's that this website loves to challenge taboos and there's almost no greater taboo right now than race differences.

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If you think mass migration is bad now, just you wait.

Really the only solution is to nuke Africa.

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>there's almost no greater taboo right now than race differences.
>racist bravely says racist things in a world where racism is widespread and acceptable

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kek'd hard
nah no need to ruin ecological preserves.
we just need better immigration as in NO immigration.
we have enough people and we should prioritize them.
KEK'd hard man
thats good

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>in a world where racism is widespread and acceptable
You must live in a different world. A world where pretty much all mainstream media, politics and huge corporations aren't pushing for "diversity". A world where people aren't ostracized, don't lose their job and don't go to jail for saying something racist.

Imagine being this delusional.

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Are you one of those people who complains 'you can't talk about immigration' despite constantly talking about immigration?
Sad desu

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>I mostly agree with that pic, but I'm not sure about "hell on Earth". The elites will probably keep the general population somewhat satisfied, it's in their interest to not piss them off too much. The US is a great example. The general population believes they have a choice between two very different options, but ultimately nothing ever changes and the people don't actually decide on any important issues (immigration, military interventions, wealth distribution...). Instead the elites handle that between themselves and dismiss the general population with simple rhetoric ("we need more immigrants because the economy", "we must fight terrorism" ...).
For now, but you're not thinking ahead. What happens a couple decades into the future, when the Kalergi Plan is successful, and the people are disarmed? The government can simply sweep in and RFID chip every single 80IQ parasite. Pic related.

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You can talk about immigration online in anonymous form, but if you do that IRL you're very likely to lose your job at any "woke" company in the West or at least be heavily ostracized and/or attacked in the street. That's just how it is, I don't know why you'd want to deny it.

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My Dad bitches about immigration all day long. So far he's never been ostracised or attacked in the street.

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Dare him to bitch about it near big corporations.

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American here. Can you explain what that tweet is supposed to mean?

>> No.13271153

Kek leafties btfo

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Oh wow. I'm honestly surprised that companies do things like this, as it can alienate lots of their customers. I can't imagine that they benefit more from this than by staying neutral; and I think it puts a lie to the "pure profit motive" that capitalists like to harp on.

>> No.13271175

Is it the company, or is it the hip 20-something they hired to write their tweets? If there's no outcry the executives probably don't even know what their social media is actually saying.

>> No.13271181

I highly doubt that the higher-ups don't keep track of what their PR people are doing.

>> No.13271183

The alternative is that the executives are apolitical and don't care what stance their hype men are taking so long as it doesn't hurt the bottom line.

>> No.13271188

I have trouble believing that, that they're allowing low-level employees to make public, inflammatory political statements that are presented as the official words of the company, and they simply don't care and let it go on until something negative happens, or don't bother to pay attention to it at all. I think it's more likely that these sorts of things are instituted from the top-down by people with specific political goals who desire to use corporate power to influence events and public opinion.

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>Is it the company
Did the company fire the employee? Did it even issue an apology?
Of course it's the company, although they won't say it's their explicit policy. But they benefit from cheap immigrant labor and the general urbanite individualistic culture that most of their customers are part of.

Watch how Google reacted to the Trump election, for example

The saddest part is that all these "conservatives" (Farage, Trump...) aren't even proper nationalists and don't conserve anything, at the end of the day. It's all one big show to maintain the illusion of choice and keep people occupied.

>> No.13271205

How many times has a company ever stated that their social media manager was fired after they walk back a comment, unless that comment was something considered heinous by a vast majority of people and/or outright criminal? You're completely right in that there are people who will use their money and influence to shape the world at large how they'd like it, but there's also people who don't care at all how the world is so long as they have their money and influence. I don't think it's possible to say what sort of person is in charge of a company unless there's a leak or a history of promoting certain things before they are widely accepted.

>> No.13271222

It's almost 5 AM and I'm arguing just to argue though.

>> No.13271263

you know where to go back

>> No.13271271

I've seen nobody deny this.

>> No.13271277

No one does. But Jewish IQ does not fully explain their over representation is positions of power.


>> No.13271380

I heard this before but I have a hard time believing it.

The brain and the nervous system has a lot of plasticity when you are growing up, playing with legos and watching some educational stuff surely has some effect on you. How can it not? Especially when IQ tests test for things like spatial rotations.

>> No.13271402

>Ashkenazi having higher IQs
Literally no one denies this.

>> No.13271599

I'm black and plan to read this eventually, can someone sum up what exactly the controversial points of this book is ? Is it saying that certain races have predetermined limits on the level of intelligence they're capable of acquiring- or is it just showing the obvious by presenting statistics of people with less access to education as related to low IQ?

>> No.13271611

Sowell is a mislead libertarian-fascist Uncle Tom or /pol/'s house nigger, if you will. He also severely overrates his own intelligence

>> No.13271623

This post is what comes out when you cross cognitive dissonance with ideological rigidity.

>> No.13271635

I think it's just the most basic fact that different population groups vary, like on pretty much any trait, in average IQ.

>> No.13271643

What planet are you living on? He’s 100% right. There is no bigger taboo in western culture right now than racial differences. How dishonest and or retarded do you have to be to deny this?

>> No.13271656

>it's taboo to say things that are said constantly

>> No.13271661

Are you pretending to be retarded?
Just look at people like Watson, looking at the treatment he got one might think he denied the Holocaust, but no, he just said blacks and whites vary on average among some trait.

>> No.13271671

>autistically keeps sticking to his script in hopes nobody notices xe has no clue what xe's talking about

>> No.13271690

>'b... but you can't be racist any more' they squeal, in a country with an institutionally racist police force, criminal justice system, media, political establishment and corporate culture

>> No.13271691

Have you seen them play basketball though? Niggas got some HOPS.

>> No.13271692

>institutionally racist police force, criminal justice system, media, political establishment and corporate culture
imagine being this caught up in your imaginary blacktwitter victim role.

>> No.13271694

I’m I literally talking to a bot?

>> No.13271696

Why do nigs get harsher sentences for the same charges?

>> No.13271698

And if we gon be for real for real, they just know how to dance on an instinctual level. Every musical innovation since classical music has been made by black dudes. We're just barely finding out that rap is an artform.

>> No.13271699

they don't

>> No.13271707

Oh anon.

>> No.13271712

>victim role
I'm not the white guy who's somehow convinced himself racism no longer exists because there was a brown man in his comic book film

>> No.13271720

>in a country with an institutionally racist police force, criminal justice system, media, political establishment and corporate culture
None of that exists outside your fictive reality.

When controlled for repeat offenses?
Any source?

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>brown man in his comic book film

>> No.13271757

>racism no longer exists
Who claimed that?
Whites are legally descriminated against in University admissions, of course racism is still a thing.

>> No.13271767

Repeat offenders.

>> No.13271770

I believe in reparations.

>> No.13271785

This but unironically, where my UBI

>> No.13271802

Social scientists aren't scientists

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>The last comprehensive US national survey of functional
literacy was done in 1992.
> surprised to see that only 4% of the white population is in the top category and can complete tasks like using a calculator to figure out the cost of carpeting a room
What, I should be ruling this world if those numbers are right

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>be american
>submit bix nood mixtape as bachelor's thesis
>it actually gets accepted
>get job as software engineer with bachelor's degree in english
as someone who's not american, none of this makes sense. are blacks being applauded for just showing up at this point?

>> No.13271818

Literacy is, like, subjective anyway, and any notions to the contrary portrays a concerning level of anglocentrism.

>> No.13271820

But but he made references to famous operas, and people have used operas for thier English thesis before, and a opera is exzactly like a rap, right?

>> No.13271827

God, I hate niggers.

>> No.13271843

Please don't drop n-bombs.

>> No.13271846

Please nuke america, idc care anymore we dont deserve to exist

>> No.13271848

Progressives love propping up their negro pets

>What a time we live in. Music that was once considered for thugs or ignorant people is now finally being broken down by those in the upper class and being seen for the true art that it is. We so called thugs and street people were ahead of our time and our genius is finally being appreciated. The first shall be last and the last shall be first...

>> No.13271849

Could you image working for a year plus on your thesis book, double checking all your references and work while this guy parties all semester and then a mont before it is due he spends a night dropping a rap album, but it is fine because he rymed a reference to otheo

>> No.13271864

Imagine getting butthurt about this

>> No.13271873

These wh*te "men" be thinkin they got rhyme an shit. Bet these suckers can't even spit half decent bars but they actin like that shits easy.

>> No.13271877

Nigmagine nigging nignogged nigger nig

>> No.13271878

>muh shitty dragon sculpture wasn't accepted! How could this happen!

>> No.13271879

Please stop dropping n-bombs

>> No.13271883


>> No.13271893

I have noticed that.

>> No.13271902

Mexicans are like 10x better at using spice tbqh

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>> No.13271915

Have they tried cooking their food properly?

>> No.13271922

Have anglos?

>> No.13271938

Enjoy your taco, Juan, I’ll be eating steak.

>> No.13271949

>I'll be eating meat with blood in it

>> No.13272144

>show a graph with a bunch of noise and very weak correlation
>BUT WOW look what happens we ignore the actual data and look at a table of medians

>> No.13272226


>> No.13272232

This board has really gone to shit huh

>> No.13272260

it's not like you can fake being a software engineer. if he can't do the job, his role is going to be marginalized or he's going to be fired

>> No.13272265

you can be anything you want because everyone gets a trophy :)

>> No.13272275

would you rather he got some non-technical sinecure?

>> No.13272279

considering he's a semi-celeb affirmative-action hire at google, that's probably exactly what he got.

>> No.13272288

The null hypothesis is that there is no difference in intelligence, so the burden of proof is on you. Beyond that, and even beyond arguments over the claim itself (whether the author failed to properly account for the confounding variables of class and education) there's the simple fact that IQ has at this point been reduced to an almost pseudoscientific concept. "IQ" still has a presence in popular culture, but we honestly might as well be debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

>> No.13272293

>simple fact
more like, your take on things

>> No.13272328

he's not a software engineer, then. he just works at google

>> No.13272329

IQ is just a test lol

Imagine being triggered because some people run faster at 100m.

>> No.13272345

It is important to emphasise something that Murray himself points out at every opportunity. Even though there might be a standard deviation difference in test scores between some races, this doesn’t tell you anything about individuals. There is a larger than 1 standard deviation range among individuals in each race.

This means there is no basis for discrimination in terms of race.

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>Race is a social construct
Why havent u redditors killed urselves yet?

>> No.13272366

??? It obviously is, as is every category. Even race realists will admit this. The question to ask is if it corresponds to something factual and useful.

>> No.13272375

>This means there is no basis for discrimination in terms of race.
Imagine a group of people you don't know. Even if you haven't yet tested them, statistically you can make a guess of their IQ performance by knowing their race.
You won't be always right, but you'll be right more than a random number of times.

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>pic related will be racially classified as black
>but race is not a social construct

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>genetic dna is a proven fact
>B-but race is a social construct, n-no what do you mean u can trace ancestry to racial tribes?

>> No.13272417

>mapping onto DNA
It's all so tiresome

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Colors are a social construct. As are many other things.
What's your point?

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This pernicious thinking just exacerbates the problem of race in modern society and leads to phenomena like black people with good qualifications being rejected for jobs on the basis of having a black name; having to "whiten" their resume in order to appear more palatable to employers.

Pic related shows the educational attainment of African immigrants from various countries into the US. For reference only 30% of the native US population have bachelor's degrees or higher. As you can see these people have a higher educational attainment rate (because rich people are the only ones who can afford to make the trip, and they tend to be high IQ), yet would be scrutinised by people like you for being black.

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Are you implying they´re not connected?

>> No.13272443

Yes. People with as little genetically in common with each other as its possible to have will both get raced as Black. Genetically almost identical people will get raced differently based on what side of the Straits of Gibraltar they live on.

>> No.13272449


>> No.13272455

We all know every group has outliers. It doesn't change the fact that on average some groups are better at some things than others.

So if you don't have the time or the means or the will to assess every individual it makes sense to discriminate based on whatever limited data you have.

>> No.13272456

>Genetically almost identical people will get raced differently based on what side of the Straits of Gibraltar they live on.
This is ur brain on reddit.

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