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How do I deal with the extreme amounts of newfound knowledge I have acquired? Most people are now below me.

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Learn some more and realize you're not special either

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Have sex. Will your newfound knowledge help you with that? If it doesn't, then it's useless.

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Learn proof theory and set theory, go to a mathematician in a logic department and show him your proofs, then correct them.
This might not be entirely true depending on how often you think and in what way you think.
Generally speaking if you do believe in physics and natural sciences, like neuroscience and medicine.
If you think that anything else is only socially useful and not productive.
If you view everything that is done by people as language and mathematics as the only functional language.
If you can pirate everything and do everything by yourself and earn money through problem solving.
You are knowledgeable
Otherwise try this and see if your personality improved.

If none of the above is the case you are not knowledgeable.

Also, everything can be listed and categorized.

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even your own knowledge

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You’ve still got a way to go if you think you can be better than others

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>If you view everything that is done by people as language and mathematics as the only functional language.
Who let you out of your containment board STEMfag?

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No, he still got a way to go if he thinks that beating most people is something you need to deal with.
You could probably beat 99.99% people with plain unstressful everyday commitment.

No one gives a shit about knowledge

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>expressing mathematics is not the only functional language
>using mathematics to express it
well done brainlet

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Do you even understand what you just typed you utter brainlet.

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I have always felt this way as well anon, but I felt it because I was both extremely good looking and tall ( 6 ft 3/ blonde hair, light blue eyes, 8-9/10) but as well as intelligent and always interested in the natural sciences and philosophy/general literature. There has only been one friend I have met who I have felt is my total equal in a mirrored regard. He new less about the "intellectual" side but I educate when we get coffee. There is another but he is average looking.

I have always felt like an aristocrat among plebeians, the great men in life to be normal has always been of the worst thing for they have always been destined to be different.

It makes life lonely at times as friendship becomes a superficial thing as with most female companionship.

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Yes, I said that the language used to make you read my message, all the mathematics involved inbetween us is way more relevant than my post itself or yours.
I was also calling an idiot for not seeing it.

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Exactly, and you can’t see how math hasn’t done anything but carry the message. Language is more important in a discussion than the internet to act as a medium, becuase without language there is no message for your precious math to carry. All mouth-noises are reduced to just that. Math has done nothing but alter the structure of the building in a sense, the foundation holds strong and unchanged however.

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I have always felt this way as well anon, whereas I felt it for being born good looking and imposing ( 6 ft 3 blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, 8-9/10), nevertheless I cultivated my interest for sciences and humanities. I had no equals but a close friend of mine, in spite of being alike he lacked intellectually-wise and I therefore decided to make no sense in English specifically in this subordinate where I show my superiority to him.

I have always dreamed to live in America, because I do not know what it really is, thankfully I was destined to be delusional.

Not only now, I am often grateful for my delusional mind as it allows me to avoid logic departments and photograhers, I will never know what the professional standards of beauty and intelligence are.

Thank you America, I am finally above you too, Facebook, I watch educational videos on Youtube now.

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use your mind powers to levitate 3 feet off the ground, that way they will know they are dealing with a superior presence.

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How much $$ do you make, urbermensch?

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lmao at this larp, everyone who claims he is 9/10 on 4chan is always delusional as fuck

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shit on everyone for being born w/ bad genes

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You wouldnt be asking if your statement were true. Knowing more does not equal to more wisdom, just like having a high iq does not prevent you from retardation.

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If you do not know the answer to that question, then you have acquired information, not knowledge.

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You have the mistaken view that knowledge is discovered rather than created which leads to a false sense of superiority.

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