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Say that Socrates met Max Stirner- how would he try to counter him?

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He would slap Stirner on the ass and tell him that he's now his property.

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they would be friends and just have normal conversations

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He wouldn't, he'd just be savouring the delicious milk and having friendly banter.

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Que materialist screeching

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Read Republic books 1 and 2 for an idea. Plato would probably say Stirner blushed and called Socrates a baka before rushing out, just like what happened with Thrasymachus.

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Stirner would start pissing and shitting himself at the prospect of being out of his mothers basement

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The same way he countered Sophists probably

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did you just use materialist like a philistine?

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I doubt Stirner would have agreed with his definition of Justice.

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I feel like stirner would have probably done a better job of convincing Socrates that he should have fled Athens after his trial.

The both would probably have a laugh about the topic of love from the symposium.

They would have a major disagreement with metaphysics as Stirner would call the Forms a spook

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I mean this isn't even controversial. Most immoral people admit to being miserable and forced to be continue being immoral just to mitigate the consequences of their immorality.

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Really? There re many immoral people who are rich and powerful.

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>rich and powerful people aren't miserable

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I like the dialogue in which the main interlocutor says "Oh look at the time Socrates I gotta go, bye!". I think it's Eutyphro.

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t. someone who doesn't understand stirner beyond memes, he's impossible to argue against within his own domain, he has home field advantage

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surely not all of them are

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No just the immoral ones

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Stirner was the reincarnation of Socrates. Later that being returned to us in the form of Terence McKenna. The most recent incarnation is Ben Shapiro.

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probably couldnt communicate

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>Bad people all know deep down they're being bad, good and evil are uncontroversial
How's middle school treating you?

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On the very first fucking question max would've disagreed. Also the second. And the third. The rest of the questions are dependant on the answers of the first three.

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>But of course it never pays to be miserable
Too bad Nietzsche wasn't around to btfo him.

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Have you even thought they are miserable because of them being denigrated by the people who uphold the values of the time?

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too bad he doesn't argue outside of his own domain, point is that he'd be btfo

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I don't think Socrates could speak German.

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Immoral people are miserable because their immoral, what part of that is hard to understand.

>Do you think rotten apples are rotten cuz of apples that aren’t rotten

No I don’t. Cuz that’s fucking retarded

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so nearly all of them?

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sometimes i like to play dollies with my books. i put them together and i make one say "I'M THE TREATISE" and the other say "NO I AM THE TREATISE" and then they kiss or sometimes they kill. then when one is dead, i like to open the dead one and pretend like the bigger one is reading the dead one (the winner is the big one mostly). then the big one opens and i have to read them both at the same time. then when i read them at the same time i become like their baby, and then i'm like them. then i get another book, the mommy book, and that book i don't open or read. then when the books go to sleep, i sneak out another book (this one is usually a rogue) and i read it just like you read any other book.

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Sometimes I get hear about a very rare book everyone is looking for. A book that everyone seems to talk about, everyone secretly wished they had, etc. And lo and behold I find it in the back seat of my car. its bound in leather with gold lettering in the most exquisite font. I find a very good occasion where I’ll have a few hours to really dive in and take it apart. I’ll sit down open the book carefully, flip to the beginning and start in earnest. After a few paragraphs I stop, look around, a LAUGH OUT LOUD, my laugh reverberating through the cosmos like the shrill of a screaming eternal and infinite God, I slam the book and throw it over my shoulder and it disappears into the void

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I hate this style. It's just one assumption after another. There's always some fool that suddenly starts agreeing with everything said. The agreement is kept short enough that the readers eye is immeriately drawn to the next statement of conviction until at last the chain of weak links comes to a halt on a general principle that sounds logical.
But what if you disagree with any one statement? Then that whole house of cards comes crashing down.
Life a quality of the mind? No, that's ridiculous. A tree is also alive. Just because blacks are mindless animals, doesn't mean they're lifeless.
Fuck you Plato for penning this book. Athens was full of smug assholes that thought Achilles and the tortoise was clever, because idiots fell for it

Diogenes should have pulled a knife and proclaimed:"Behold, a dead man!"

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Far from being Dionysian or perverse, obstinance in Evil inevitably becomes extremely anal, continuous toil to abate consequence and guilt.

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>being this illiterate

They should have never taught u to read

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Nah, that technique is stupid. The text literally has to tell you at every single step that it is correct.
At one point Socrates makes the claim that a good thief and a good guard need the same skillset to be good at their professions. That's plain wrong.

The text is littered with such tricks and outright false statements.

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>Obstinance in evil inevitably becomes extremely anal
No it doesn’t
>continuance toil to ante the consequence
>and guilt
Uh no. Moral people don’t feel guilty their moral. What you described is the immoral persons attempt at morality and their feelings of it so far, they are 3 days in, and can’t stop complaining

Moral people don’t complain because they have faith. Your argument is absolutely wrong and a projection from the side of the wicked, it’s obvious in the incoherence of your argument and the scapegoating. Moral people don’t have to do that because they acknowledge they are sinners as well, they don’t have to bash others in order to feel better about themselves.

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Do you understand that you are allowed to disagree with the books you read? Part of the point of Plato is that you are to self-insert as him, or as his interlocutor. If you disagree with Plato's assumptions, try to think about or write down why, and what the consequences of the divergence are. Plato's Dialogues are a teaching text. They are not useful unless you think with them.

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>I’m gonna read Plato’s Republic

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>that technique is stupid


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jusst fucking kill yourself really. The fucking book is about guys who spend 70% of their lives being fucking normies and being hedonists. Their philosophy is literally a product of free time conversations.

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>imagine your argument degenerating into this

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I'm disagreeing with the book right now, am I not?
>teaching text
I'm critiquing the structure of the argumentation, which I find woefully lacking.

The dialogues are a cheap way to make use of instinctual peer pressure and more to strengthen Platos arguments that way.

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>Yea fuck Plato, he only wrote the republic right?

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To illustrate what I mean, imagine a televised discussion between two men. Behind each person sits one member of the audience. Behind the first, the audience member smiles and shakes his head in agreement, behind the second, there is visual disagreement. Would that not be an inordinate influencing of the viewers?
Same deal with a figure in a book whos only purpose for large parts of the "discussion" is to agree.

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Stop being such a bootlicker.

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>Life is a quality of the mind? No, that's ridiculous. A tree is also alive.
But a tree doesn't have the kind of "life" about which one complains. The "life" being discussed here is the kind that can be "the good life" or "a shitty life." "Life" in the relevant sense is indeed a quality of the mind. There is no "fuck my life" without a mind.

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>no fuck my life without a mind
There is. If you know something about plants, you recognize plants that have been dealt a shit hand.

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Stirner would get blown the fuck out by Socrates.

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Pretty much anyone would.

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this, could Stirner speak ancient greek?

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They're not complaining.
That's the point.
We, with our minds, can conceive that the plant has been dealt a shit hand, but the plant cannot. The plant, not having a mind, has no "good life" or "bad life". One's life, in the relevant sense, is an idea. No mind, no ideas.

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Such a fallacious back and forth.

See -> >>13167780
This is garbage. Memerson tier.
Why do people still pay so much respect to Plato?

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this is for you

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>such a fallacious back and forth
Prove it.

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