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MDE's spiritual successor

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Quintus is a fag

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my favorite lit channel

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Don't see how you could come to that assumption unless you're new here

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>my favorite lit channel
What are some other ones?

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I can’t stop watching him. Teetering somewhere between sever isolating mental illness and optimistic ubermensch chad and I can’t tell what’s real. That’s the point. A dominant figure on ironytube and kids that can’t stop memeing Greek statues grazed by vapor wave and listening to death grips.

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for itself, newish one

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I like Death Grips

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Me too

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I like you.

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I wonder what books Stefan enjoys/Enjoyed he’s no noisy /ourguy/

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I am Death, gripping onit, now get the fuck out of my area

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It’s YouTube, no one who expresses themselves with or consumes that medium will ever be /lit/

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both of you need to go back

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You sent me to pornography, you degenerate,

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>sever isolating mental illness and optimistic ubermensch chad
i wonder why those two things are so close to one another...

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well they didn't name themselves "Death Grips" for nothing

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His personal life is very mysterious

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He seems to get along with his mother who he lives with, has a beautiful girlfriend and is clearly educated. He’s talked about optimism for the future. However his humor is based on some pretty dark things which is something every serious intellectual has, the process is about rising above the adversity.

Anyways are you implying something about toxic masculinity or some bullshit because he seems to be doing amazing to me whereas my Marxist friends are all alcoholics and want to die.

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>However his humor is based on some pretty dark things which is something every serious intellectual has
t. sam hyde

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t. tim heidecker

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there is nothing more miserable and self-defeating than a 21st century marxist. They voluntarily stoop to become cockroaches - I don't know why any one would consider them to be a threat.

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you hear that ambulance? that ambulance is coming for you

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>le mysterious dark intellectual with 2 deep 4 u humor

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proof of qt gf

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source: trust me dude

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Watch his video called The Sword of Michael. His gf is the one swinging the sword near the end.

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that’s his sister (my gf)

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Irony poisoning

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I don’t disagree

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He reminds me of that one kid doing ironic youtube reviews on /mu/core several years ago. It's funny for a handful of minutes until you remember he's not saying anything, that detached irony is the norm now and you'd rather hear any earnest opinion on it than watch someone act like a dummy with a big expensive shelf behind them. Maybe if he ventured some real opinions from time to time it would be neat, but as of now it's like one slow and lame ego trip. I'll pass.

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yeah, i feel ironic humor is everywhere now, it doesn't feel special to be in le layers of irony XDDD.

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I want to be one of the faces in this paradigm shift to new sincerity, can anyone give some recomendations of popular media that already capitalizes in this trend? Preferably not very famous, so I can water it down and sell it to the masses.

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>not posting our guys

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Makes you want to know more, he should do a 3 hour long interview

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The Office
Rick and Morty

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These are pretty good
Thanks anon

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He’s just imitating same hyde

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>clearly educated

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this but he's actually sincerely autistic

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That's probably his sister. She strongly resembles him.

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she's pretty cute ngl

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a youtuber, kill yourself if you watch youtube for intellectual content. there is no way around it; you watch youtube, you are a fucking failure of a pleb. 100%. you know this. let me reiterate: if you've ever watched a VIDEO for intellectual content you are a crass pleb, a moronic nobody. Do yourself a favor and quit thinking, you lack the capacity for abstract thinking, you are posturing, wasting time. It has never occured to me, not once in my lifetime, to watch a video to learn about theory.

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>you are a fucking failure of a pleb
is this a good thing or a bad thing

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That’s his ex, quentin is currently living alone too. Not sure where his senpai is at the moment.

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This. I know people who get all their knowledge from videos.

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>no I'm not gonna check if it's just a joke video and my reeeing is irrelevant what would be faggy about that

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Between Q and PaperBird for best YT channel of all.

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hes just a lame hyde imitator!!! trash chanel!

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Is this proof that zoomers have taken over this board? Jesus Christ, that video was some of the most try-hard nigger trash attempt at """"""comedy""""" I've ever seen. Who else but a zoomer would think that video is funny? It is a dirrect appeal to the "LE RANDOM INTERNETZ HUMMOR" that kids can't get enough of. Fucks sake.

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What's some good modern humor that isn't either boomer-tier stand up faggotry or avant garde randumb 2deep4u bullshit?
Help us broaden our tastes fren.

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Words smart!! talking bad!!! Source material only!!!
>What are lectures?
Anyone who tries to feel superior in the way that you are now is a pretender dunce

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just say "nigger" as many times as you can

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too problematic for you, basedboy?

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Better than 30 year old men lusting after literal teens.

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Q is that you?

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That sounds like completely normal behavior to me.

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Still waiting for some comedy recs from the board with the best taste on 4Chan.

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You must be at least 18 years old to use this website.

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better than food

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This boy right here


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Paper Bird Books


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Brehs, he's not even just ironyposting. This is actually pretty good and I think he produces his own music too. Might even be a bit jealous

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yeah, nah

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He's too intellectual to be appreciated on here but BASEED

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This is pretentious as fuck.

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he is inspired by /lit/. what the fuck did you expect?

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Not a criticism.

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Very random :')

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Leave Linkola alone, he hasn't hurt nobody!

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which is why you watch youtube for mild amusement. this guy's ironic posturing mixed with some cool editing is pretty appropriate then

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He has videos where he literally records himself self-harming, this does not seem to add up with this rosy view of him

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his gf is butterfly

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I honestly hope you're joking

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>going to youtube for thoughtful opinions

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>he hasn't hurt nobody!

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If he didn't hurt anyone during his giga-chad days, I doubt he will do such a thing now either.

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/fitlit/ madlad. Has a pretty joocy physique

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He's a twink.

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Well he's certainly no bloatlord, but pretty good for a lean natty.

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I'm rooting for him to be a schizo erudite boogz. I'd pay for content from someone like that

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i wish she was my girl frined

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Ricky shore was one of my favs for a while. Truly our guy

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well, friendo

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Why are you posting Butterfly’s pics on here

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She looks like Bran's friend when the show was actually good.

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Cos she's qs gf

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>paradigm shift
>can someone give me any examples
pick one

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Katie the Booktuber

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She looks very kind

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I don't know how ironic he is being. I think the new sincerity is the dressing of sincere sentiments in irony, which is something Q does very well, obviously taking a lot of hints from Sam Hyde. He has a lot to say in a short amount of time. In the Ligotti video he talks about the dangers of ateleology in a wild rant, but he's being totally serious and I think it's an important sentiment

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I wonder what her feet smell like

>> No.13155409

She was fren ;_;

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A schizophrenic Sam Hyde trying to bridge the irony sincerity false dichotomy sounds bretty based to me

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Why did you do it, /lit/?

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me want cute mummfu lit gf to sniff feet with and get cuddly cute headpats and talk about E.M. Cioran and the Pynchmeister and ill pat her head whenever she feels sad and after a long day of work (when her feet must be especially pungent...phew!!)

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Look, let's put it behind us, we're homofash now and Q will be our little baby tampon boy

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That goddamn discord, Q, its hilarious you dgaf about its absolute state but here's what you pay for it

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he looks like an autist that lurks /lit/ too much

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Are you implying that if there is a paradigm shift, /lit/ wouldn't be in the know?
Because I disagree

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Correct! And this makes him the /ourguy/ we deserve

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Paradigms have not been shifted yet, but it's a shift that's restless to happen
>and we're just gonna kill em

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based yet cringe

>> No.13155674

Of course it hasn't happened, but there are fringe autists that are already living in this new world, and I want to know who they are and what they are doing.

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That actually sounds pretty good

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It's been surreality (e.g. Chris Morris - Jam) > surreality + irony + Internet (Tim and Eric, xavier renegade angel) > hyperirony (MDE) > ????

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the only good one posted in this thread

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Guess he's into trannies.

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This is exactly what he would say about it himself.
This is a lit board not a youtube board. Reported.

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let's hope he doesn't go full picture of dorian gray like sam

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Exactly, basically what I want to know is what comes after MDE, I want to hear some opinions.
It certainly isn't gibbie's MDE ripoff "sad world" or all the other people imitating that esthetic, the guy from op could be it, I haven't seen any of his videos because they are cringey as fuck and reek of Frank Yang for white people, but maybe I'm wrong, and I would want to know why.
Is it new sincerity? Because it seems to me that we went to that and came back to even more layers of irony and cryptisism.

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Jerma may be it, some time ago I thought about how he is the funniest non edgy internet personality there is.

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It checks out
Also, source?

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Do you think the book club is doing something like that? I guess I should actually check him out then.

>> No.13159581

Some say he dropped out of Oxford second year to fuck em

>> No.13159584

So basically he’s /fitlitx/?

>> No.13159588

You may not like it, but that's what peak performance looks like

>> No.13159594

I know that I just hope other people do too.

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I think this video shows it best

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just opinions would be enough

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Insufferable hbt

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