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I haven read a book since the fourth Harry Potter book came out

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Oh, i read that.

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read more books!!!

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The only books I've read are the HP books and 50 shades because of the following behind them

Well, not really, I've read more like goosebumps and fucking Noddy but
... yeah

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I've never read a book

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I don't read fiction because I do scientific publishing, fuck stem

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god i envy you

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>he hasn't read the deathly hallows

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This thread makes me want to kill myself

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Damn now you made me feel like I should read the rest of the books. Its been so long since 2001 lol

I'm old anon

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There's so many good novellas and short story collections you can breeze through in a day or two or even just read 5 pages a day of to give yourself something to think about/discuss with others. Why not just buy a couple?

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I haven’t hit the potter since my hairy wood came out :(

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>released in 2000
hasn't been much to get excited about since then, t b h. inessential Pynchon, Roth, McCarthy. 2666 was good, Kafka on the Shore was okay. Fifty Year Sword was passable. the rest i can live without

Can this be a thread about the state of lit after 2000? I have more opinions

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