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Why do people say the Gita is so woke? What does it possess that the Bible doesn't?

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>What does it possess that the Bible doesn't?
Lies by demons.

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The bible is dualistic blue pill

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>What does it possess that the Bible doesn't?
Pajeets, lots of Pajeets.

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Pajeet nationalism. It's okay but nothing special.

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Upanishads batter

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Primordial tradition

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blue-skinned gods with multiple arms, you have to admit that's a more visually interesting design for god than some old dude with a beard in the clouds

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esoteric nazism
we wuz hyperborean aryans n shieeet

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>thinks God is actually an old dude with a beard in the clouds

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>Old dude with a beard
Occurs as a pillar of fire, a burning bush, as a pair of angels, as a dove and a rumbling voice, as a whirlwind, and as some wacky art nouveau-esque symbol laden contraption in Ezekiel-- but nowhere as some bearded Cadillac in the clouds.

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Mind explaining this?

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The Gita is a fine read, but nothing special

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An artist's personal interpretation of God. Next.

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Sure. That's Michelangelo, an interpretation, and reminds me that El also moved over the face of the waters (like the wind?) and strolled in some other unnamed guise through Eden enjoying the cool of the early day on the morning of the Fall. But the Bible itself reveals nothing that would legitimate this picture's embodiment, not that it's inaccurate as an interpretation, because it isn't.
The God of the Bible's a protean figure when he does appear, if sometimes in ways very difficult to visualize. (Pic'd to clarify matters if youre at all interested). Greek modes of thought applied to a Hebrew tale are going to render an interpretive style that loses (or rather does not possess) a Hebrew mode that almost exclusively emphasizes or 'privileges' activity over actor, unlike the Greek.

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but the bible literally has lying demons in it

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>Lies by demons
What? What about the snake in Eden?

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so you're saying that Greek anthropomorphized their gods while Hebrews visualize God as a shapeshifter that can take many forms, none of which are humanoid. However, IIRC at one point God tells Moses that he's going to show himself and he shouldn't look directly because his face would instantly kill him, then the Moses looks at his BACK and almost gets vaporized. Does this not imply that he at least can show himself as a (giant) humanoid? In any case, I think that the weird blue-skinned multi-armed gods of Hindu myth are more visually interesting than the old guy Michelangelo painted God as

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this. biblical mythology was pretty much already established through various other traditions with older claims, such as Zoroastrianism.

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>got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see
Perhaps so, if 'visually interesting' is what interests (you). The problem with visually interesting is that it never changes, however. From two angels to a whirlwind the God of the Bible is perpetually on the move- *that's* his calling card as opposed to say six arms and blue skin..

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Yes, they're both different religions. But that pretty much answers OP's question, the Gita has blue-skinned multi-armed gods while the Bible does not. As to why people say it''s "woke", they're probably mesmerized by its exoticness and how over the top Hindu mythology can get

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I think youre right. And the pity is that [they] bring so little knowledge of their own ancestral religion when theyre in the process.

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The absolute best post on /lit/ right now

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>everything I don't like is demons

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Seems to me like a pretty good way of shutting down the concorrence

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distilled metaphysics

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>what does it possess that the bible doesn't?
Better question would be the opposite. In the words of Bharti Krsna Tirtha Maharaja: "if you remove Gita there is no Bible".
Some examples:
>in The Bible, God tells Noah to build a boat to survive the upcoming flood
In The Vedas, God tells Manu to build a boat to survive the upcoming flood
>In The Bible there is the tower of babel
In The Vedas, the demon Ravana made people build a tower to get to Swargaloka (a celestial planet)
>In The Bible, Christ fed some thousand odd followers with some breads and fishes
In The Vedas, Krsna fed Durvasa Muni; his ten thousand followers; and the whole creation with a grain of rice

There's also a prophecy in the Bhavishya Purana about Isha Putra(literally Son of God), also called Isha Masiha or Isha Mahasidha (Yeshua the Messiah), born of KuMARI Garbha Sambhava (the virgin Mary), who preached religious principles in the country of the mlecchas

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>faggot who hasnt actually read any of the Traditionalists tries to look big brained

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nondualism, coherent metaphysical framework, more practical disciplinary ethics.

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>thinks God is

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Imagine believing this kek

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Also, brevity.

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You spit fire that only Jesus can withstand.

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>some old dude with a beard in the clouds

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>Jesus wasn't a cryptic non-dualist who was misunderst-

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Read the story of adam and eve again. Or don't read it, but observe paintings of it

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Maybe I'm big brained enough to read the actual sources so I don't have to rely on the interpretations of some incel

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>Tfw demons are older than god
Abrahamics on suicide watch

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he's not wrong, though.

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>Why do people say the Gi
Let me stop you right there pajeet. Nobody says it. Literally nobody gives a shit about streetshitters or their shit infested guide books to bathing in shit and piss. Kys

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The Gita is probably more philosophically dense than anything of comparable length in the Bible (I'm not saying the Bible is less philosophical overall, though). But at the same time, the basics of it are easy to understand. It's pretty clever like that.

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It possesses philosophy, the bible doesn't.

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