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I dont get the hype, its the pretentious equivalent of the neverending story

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the navidson record is pretty good.
the truant part is pretty bad.

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It absolutely has its merits, but you have to put up with a lot of bullshit to find them. The same book with all of the Truant sections removed might not be as thematically complete but my god, it'd still be five times more enjoyable.

Basically, I recommend it to anyone under the age of 23. Once you're over that, you're probably better off finding something else

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i was reading this book while falling into a psychotic break in early 2013 and i can assure it is absolutely terrifying to read, especially if you can't sleep and you feel like your apartment is always changing sizes at the same time

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I dont get the people that say this, the house is literally empty

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