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Can you anons recommend short stories, novellas or novels about the burden of freedom and how one can find himself in a meaningless world?

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Revolt Against the Modern World by Julian Ebola.

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The Iliad

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Saint Manuel Bueno Martir by Miguel de Unamuno.
A bit religious, but may like you. Is very short (no more than 150 pages) and the main characters are the narrator (a girl) her brother (who is a communist that have travelled to USA) and the priest of the town (Manuel Bueno, who is claimed to be a saint by the people in his town). In their conversations they explore the meaning of human life and the existance of god itself.

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The Fall

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You should read Stefan Zweig lmao

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Read The Grand Inquistor chapter from The Brothers Karamazov.

Read the 2 preceding chapters as a primer. I don't think you'd need context and it doesn't spoil the story.

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Anything by Camus pretty much

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Nice Pepe, fren

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What about the book I wrote? THE BEGINNING OF THE END by Ian Parkinson. A couple of dollars on Kindle. Am I allowed to say this? Or is it a cunt's thing to do?

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yes, read Albert Camus's THE STRANGER. It's awesome and about a man who doesn't believe in anything.

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The Holy Bible

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Notes from the underground.
If you want to read the grand inquisitor just read the whole book please.

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