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What are the best critiques against materialism and the view that the world is a living machine? Entropy applied to human nature and the like.

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Why post a jezebel? Now I'm not going to respond to your inquiry.

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EA Burtt, The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science

Big influence on Koyre and Kojeve

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There is none. You'll have to deal with the hyperrealism of these days. Too bad.

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>why can't my skyfairies be reallllllll??!? :((((
sad thing is I had this die hard christcuck in my biology classes who would constantly sperg out about how science actually proves idealistic metaphysics and a creator. was cringe as af.

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Schopenhauer's specific criticism (material propositions require a theory), Wittgenstein's general criticism of philosophical "positions," Zizek's critique of ideology, etc.

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The best? Antinatalism, but that’s pant-on-head.

You just did, you neurotic little thing.

How does it go?

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>material propositions require a theory
It doesn’t.

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Kill yourself, thotposter

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You really need to stop posting on my board.

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Your machine analogy is retarded, but some more contemporary examples would be Saul Kripke’s direct theory of reference via Naming and Necessity. The last lecture in that text reopens the viability of Cartesian dualism, which is exciting.

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GK Chesterton's Orthodoxy is worth a read. He doesn't set out to disprove it but he does spend a good amount of time comparing those who believe it with insane people and it's hilarious.

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What is this, a jezebel for ants?

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>Saul Kripke’s direct theory of reference

How does this disprove materialism ??

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consciousness is kinda hard to reconcile with materialism i suppose. it still seems like a product of physical processes though.

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