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What does /lit/ think of the promising upcoming youtube poetry movement? Is this not the way forward? The future for the written word? The way for writing to be seen? Does it not heighten words in permitting the melding of all forms? Is this lad sitting on a goldmine?


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I hate the cadence of this but it does pose an interesting future. I've seen similar videos in the past, but usually done in a more post-modern style. I'm interested in the future of less ironic, "YouTube poetry". I personally feel that a visual element reduces the full impression of the poem and reforms ot into a new media entirely, one a find less powerful at that. But who knows, with the right mind it could be something well done.

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It's the ideal platform for anyone who is multi-talented and has a certain performative element to them without being slam-poetry. The whole idea of new media is precisely the point, it's pretty forward thinking I think - it may reduce the weight of the words but it heightens the overall sensory impression - I like it desu and this guy's channel is pretty basado too

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I am really enjoying the Book Club’s vids, the electron zoo idea is very potent, derealisation in terms of matter through audio-visual-lingual means, the o9a shit doesn’t even seem out of place. I think the biological and taxonomical angle could be expounded on

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That Discord is fucking terrible.

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I sense overlap with BAP twitter
meme addled 20 year olds on GOMAD

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That's what makes it hilarious. Kid's producing some genuine artistry and his discord is just full of >tfw no gf and muh white race and he doesn't even give a fuck or try to change it. Seems kinda fitting in a way

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This video seems like a great poet just tacked on some mediocre film and mediocre music to his poetry. For this to work, I think all elements would have to be as carefully composed as the other and be able to stand up on their own, in the way multiple voices of a madrigal each carry their own melody and timbre but combine to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. As it is the video and music do nothing but distract me from the message.

So it could definitely work (why not?), but it would take an immense amount of skill and/or extremely closeknit collaboration.

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Have you seen some of this guys other vids? Feels like he's trying to capture scope and range rather than perfect poetic vids alone for example he makes songs too

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Independent filmmakers have been doing this much better for years

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independent film makers are illiterate faggots

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and this guy's pretty fucking /lit/

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there's no comparison

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slam poetry is the highest form of art

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