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>"Anon, let's skip today's Metaphysics lecture and spend the day in earnest conversation at the local hipster cafe with our large boisterous friend group, spend the afternoon perusing the city's museums and parks, catch that film at the indie cinema, spend a few hours writing the essays for our enjoyable college majors, and spend the night passionately fucking."

Why isn't or wasn't this your life? It's easily within reach.

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stop reposting this

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>"Who are you? What, why would you say that. We don't even know, I don't, I'm not going to , I'm not, the, the, th- the guy. Please I'm sorry I'm not who you're looking for."

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You should seek therapy, or get outside more, drop your ego and stop fantasising, you’re not 16 anymore Jared

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OC passing through

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I am a virgin. I will die a virgin. My death will be a death that would have been considered sad if it had occurred perhaps fifteen years before. There will be grief, but all the agonies that my progenitors might pass into (and they are the only people in this entire world who even know of my existence) will be underpinned by this indomitable truth: it is a mercy that he is gone. The quantity of my existence stands only as a component for perpetuating the tortuous quality of the cheap jest that constitutes its vapid manifestation. My virginity has become the gorgon against which all my faculties rise only to be turned to stone; but this is no silent stone, this is not the stone of Plotinus that stands as the antithesis of the Intellectual Principle--for while yet stone I still feel the mind's unscrupulous lacerations and all that grieves the very fibers of its being. The spirit is dimmed each time a girl passes before the mechanism of sight that some pitiless god has glued to my body. Even the ugly, unshaven, modernity enthralled women with clowns' hair and bodies desecrated with tattoos which map out upon fastfood fed bodies the vapid cliches that coagulate to form their mind, even these paralyze the life in me. Masturbation has become merely the corpse of a habit that no longer instills pleasure, no longer even succeeds in distracting, but is only the dull libidinal twitch of a mind faced with the irrepressible impossibility of its reality, while lacking the courage to galvanize itself towards rectification. In the end I do not seek repentance. The decimated husk of my ego drifts towards the only gray shore its virginity-shackled mind can still vaguely form, still vaguely know as whisper or faint wriggling worm in an unclear wound--worm's whisper out of a wound that clears: Death. Here is the Telos to which the entirety of my Dasein has been speeding. Here I shall sink at last, unrequited, into the tentacles of Annihilation's amnesia. My humiliation slowly becomes seething hatred for all who embody that element of the opposite sex, and my soul's relentless cry for something beyond suicide slowly twists itself into ever more feverish fetishes that the internet can happily supply an outlet for. At last, the inconsequential blip that referenced Myself whenever it imagined 'I Am' shall find, not rest, but an end to the sequence of caustic images that only ever taunted it into further depths of Hell's sardonic pitch. No prostitute can relieve me of my virginity, for it has become a magnificently metaphysical lesion that I lack the medicine or Savior's name to remove and, like that man at the pool of Bethesda, take up my carpet and walk into the world again

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I know a girl like this. She has a little dog she loves more than anything, a boutique dog--not a rescue but the issue of her mother's purebreed. She has one of these boyfriend's: older hipster, big beard, five panel hat and nineties oakleys in every instagram pic. They have lots of friends, with whom they arrange ironic theme parties like the festivus party they had around Christmas. They went to the Spanish countryside on a trip with some of these friends recently, for one of those vague social/professional trips these people have, doing something vaguely media or IT related. In fact, these two perfect specimens, with their perfect specimen dogs, moved in together recently. It was a struggle for her to commit, to lease her condo to another couple and make that leap, that ineluctable leap in a city that isn't her hometown, to resolve to live on another's terms without anywhere to retreat--but life was just too good. What was to fear? A week after they moved in and her condo was leased to another hip couple (opening a chic clothing store around the corner), her boyfriend let her dog into the street where it was hit by a car, dying in her arms as she rushed out into the scene after hearing the screeching, shouting and yelps. Can she ever forgive him? Can he forgive himself? Well, he can't bring the dog back and she can't readily move again...

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Have sex

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This prose is intellectual and aesthetic dogshit.

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Tell me anons. If I am 23 and never had this life, did I go wrong? Can I still attain it? Is it too late?

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My life is not this, but as I read this, I saw exactly what the obstacle was, as well as how to correct it. This has been motivational. Thank you

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No girls study metaphysics at the level proper to have an entertaining discussion with them.

Unfortunately. neither do any men.

>TFW too intelligent to discuss philosophy.

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>too intelligent
you don't sound to intelligent

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have sex

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I did date a girl like this who was studying to be an English major. She skipped most of her classes, used to watch movies all the time, read only fiction, had hipster friends, smoked weed all day. She went to India for a year and we split.

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You should write short stories, or maybe a novel.

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okay but you have to read my screenplay about a hikki who transforms into a cat which is actually a ripoff of metamorphosis first

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Because I come from farmers in rural Canada, and spent my youth studying the blade. But honestly you just described one day. Though it sounds pretty fun, I’d rather drink export, work the land and smoke weed all day before fucking my model wife.

You just described a collection of the most insufferable consumerist douchbags imaginable. Fuck those fashionista capitalist scum.

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What's he gonna write about, being a fucking loser? You have to have experienced life to write about it. Hell even Beckett had an incredible social life.

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Have sex

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Probably from some plain ass first generation anchor baby trying to bootstrap herself into being the first in the family to graduate college, marry some white or Jew and live a beltline urban modern American boomer dream.

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yikes, I'm not a burger anon

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looks like nani

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I can't imagine girls like this looking like OP's pic however.

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oh how wrong you can be

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>being a fucking loser?

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she's pic related, i think shes cute

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Have sex.

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o god

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Metaphysics is an intellectual dead end and complete waste of time, not to mention it's fucking boring as hell

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It kind of is, albeit less pretentious.

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wait, is this a shitpost or not, can't tell
i hope to god it is

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It's a random unattractive girl.

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prove it otherwise thats the only thing I can envision. either post pics or gtfo and thats the girl

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This must be forbidden.

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as are most interested in literature, in my experience

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Won't know til I see a pic.
Never met an attractive girl into lit or philosophy.

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Have you seriously never met a cute girl that reads?

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Your experience seems like shit. How old are you?

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38 next week

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most attractive arthoes i've met are only superficially interested in humanities
90% of girls i've had romantic interactions with were either studying hard sci, design, or some business shit

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theirs no help for you.
some random anon larper?

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You can be interested in literature without studying it.

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not a larper, my legitimate experience
have lived in england and poland, might have something to do with it
current gf is pretty and /lit/, have never met another one like her though

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for the love of christ how do i make this happen

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I've met lots of cute girls interested in literature. It's not hard if you hang out with the right people.

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Begone, THOT

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I'd bet 20:1 she knows what her father's penis looks like.

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god I wish that were me

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I'd just call her a poser who isn't doing anything useful for anyone except the cock she holsters. Then I'd go talk with a STEM girl about quantum mechanics,relativity, and particle physics then have sex.

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Why are you so bitter?

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im in uni now, where the FUCK do these girls exist??? they are all beckys and stacys, no cute art hoes

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You just want a cute girl that reads? Or someone to have intellectual conversations with?

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I know philosophy major girls who are pretty and can talk (>at least you can talk), but the conversations are never picked up twice. Seems like they are play pretend on their books.

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intellectual conversations would be fantastic. ive a solid group of normie friends but id like someone to discuss even low level philosophy/lit stuff with. also a cute girl who reads would be great too.

do they go to those artsy coffee shops? or maybe the library?

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I really don't know. In my experience, such people stay indoors. I mostly meet them at house parties. It helps to have hipster friends.

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Hate to burst any bubbles but this is this chicks actual bf, an 'instagram model'. Both Slavs. Neither of them have read a book in their lives.

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I can't even imagine what a disgusting virgin specimen imagines going to """hipster"""" cafes with a bunch of pseudo-intellectual liberal arts majors the peak goal to strive for....what an absolutely mind boggling concept

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What is your goal desu?

Really though I need help

Give me your reason to keep going i beg you

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I'm straight, but he is hotter than she is.

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Yungdari on Instagram, I think?

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but it is.

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How is it called when I can imagine fucking both of them, him and the girl in OP’s pic, but I can’t picture him fucking the girl, as if that was boring and plain.

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My goal is to save up money and get out of this piece of shit commieblock and own my estate in the countryside. Fuck that. Even if i don't manage to make that much i'd rather live in a tiny shack in the woods than in this disgusting subhuman ant colony they call a city. I will not be a slave to anyone. I still don't know what i will do, perhaps live off the land, but the entire concept of working for a company or a boss and breaking my back day after day so some schmuck can make money off of me is absolutely disgusting and i will never humiliate myself to such a degree. I will spend my days lifting, shitposting, enjoying the nature and my isolation away from the niggerdom of the city and most importantly: READ. I have not accepted that i am a midwit and i never will. My grandmother told me that i could read by the time i was 3 and i impressed everyone at the bus station when i was connecting the letters on the map and although so far i have shown that i am an idiot of average intellect in my adolescence who cannot for the life of him grasp anything mathematical i will not accept myself being a fool. I just read the first 20 pages of nicomahean ethics and i have not understood anything yet, but let the GODS be my witness that i will not give up until i fully grasp aristotle's (and later the other greeks) philosophy.
Apologies for the off topic tangent, but i felt it was necessary as context. So my goal is this: Live completely alone away from everyone, sculpt an admirable body, work and live for MYSELF, i will not reduce myself to a modern serf. Read a shitton of literature and philosophy and perhaps one day try my hand at writing something myself. If this appears corny or CRINGE as they say these days then whatever, but these are undeniably my greatest goals in life and i am not ashamed by one bit.

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Borges preferred his work in English

>> No.13092685

I can 100% guarantee you most men who post here...

1. Have not actually read a book in years

2. Do not have a girlfriend/wife

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I used to spend my days drinking, and probably talking shit with a group of guys and girls, we really thought we were high shit back then, cool and scholars, but I drank too much that I can’t remember now. I also went shit drunk to a museum and puked in a corner. Lucky me there wasn’t cameras or guards. Then I failed Latin and decided to put my shit together.

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My girlfriend is hot but not that into books unfortunately. All the girls I met in my English undergrad who were hot were stupid and the ones who were well read were plain or ugly. A beautiful woman will never be both your lover and your intellectual sparring partner at the same time, it’s impossible.

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Hi uncle Ted

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Depends. Was life similar but not ideal or completely opposite like an incel? Have you withdrawn from society into yourself? If not then theres still time probably.

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Because I'm ugly as fuck and a lifetime of bullying and rejection has left me bitter, angry and unable to socialise properly.

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Bad ear plugs, otherwise nice

>being anti fascist means you’ve been molested
Hot take, shit-brains

Such an indicative sampling

So they say. Could have been a joke, or for sales.

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No, he preferred to READ English.

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I can't believe my thread is going to die because of this shit.

>> No.13092744

this. i'm too autistic for other humanities students

>> No.13092782

What's your thread?

>> No.13092800

prolly a fuckin stack thread lmao

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>substance-abusing redneck with a trophy wife decrying intellectuals as consumerist

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Based and redpilled bucolic Chad
Virgin urb*nite bugmen BTFO

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you and that girl are both mega wankers lad

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honestly sounds like she browses /lit/

>> No.13093068

Medium fat tiddies though
Ngl if I was pissed maybe

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> assuming immersing yourself in a liberal students wet dream somehow makes you more valuable to mankind

If you can honestly tell me that you spend most waking hours expanding and spreading your knowledge with the goal of improving yourself and also those around you, then I will accept you as the better person.

Also I’m probably wrong. I’m sure there are people in this world that study the arts at university, converse with friends in coffee shops, and catch the latest indie flicks and that aren’t total consumerists. In fact, I’d even wager there are dozens of them.

And also I do have a substance problem from years of not fitting in, big surprise I bet.

>> No.13093095

i've got one or two in my literary theory class that actually understand the material. they're crazy-pussy types though, as is to be suspected

>> No.13093156

>implying a woman wrote that first message

>> No.13093160

I grew up in the adoption system and the collective experiences of my childhood have left me unable to trust anyone enough to let them get close to me.

>> No.13093176

You definitely deserve the totally unfulfilling and emotionally traumatizing experience you're going to get out of this relationship. That girl is a 3d-rendering of the word "damaged" made out of 100,000 superimposed red flags.

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Because I do not like talking about mundane things with superfluous nonpersons, especially if this involves staying in pretentious public spaces for prolonged periods of time.

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I'm doing the exact same thing, especially with the area I was born in, it's so fucking expensive I should expect to live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life giving away my money to a slumlord to keep a roof over my head. Anything is better than this, I want to just live in the woods and work on my projects. Every month I could venture into the city, see how everybody is doing and then retreat to my humble space in nature. Soon brother, soon

>> No.13093205

I'll save my money and just shit post and then maybe jack off to some 2d trap porn thanks

>> No.13093212

close but no dice

>> No.13093245

met a beautiful Italian chick at the library once, she was complaining about only getting a few days to read Hegel. We fucked, talked about sexuality, existentialism, Marxism, the Greeks, shit like that. Got high together - mushrooms and weed. It was amazing. The love of my life. She went back to Italy, however, and though she messaged me a couple times talking about how much she appreciated me and everything I did for her i never responded. found some loser guy to fuck and immediately lost interest in him. ghosted him

>> No.13093296

>my Dasein

No that’s not a thing

>> No.13093334

could I get a greentext please? I just can’t seem to do this without step by step instructions

>> No.13093354

What movies does she like /lit/?

>> No.13093370

Ivans Childhood
Taxi Driver
Au Hazard Balthasar
Apocalypse Now
The Master
S o y Cuba
400 blows

>> No.13093426

> Dirty Dancing
> Crazy Rich Asians
> Footloose
> Twilight saga
> The Help

>> No.13093448

accurate, but you know a strange amount of movies

>> No.13093453

Because I'm gay and w*men are too dumb for metaphysics.
Also, the "large boisterous groups" at humanities unis can produce dangerously degenerate people. I'm talking "moving to an another continent and living like a bum there for months, lengthy court process for threatening to kill gf's family, suicide by train, puking in the house of a world-famous pianist, and having gay sex with a 70 year old poet, him as the bottom" sort of degenerate. I don't really think people need this sort of shit in their lives.

>> No.13093468

I love movies.

>> No.13093475

Cool story, bro.

>> No.13093481

I'm dumb, can you help a nigger out?

>> No.13093484

I enjoy my major, it just also consumes all of my time.

>> No.13093485

No. I don't want to spend time with you.

>> No.13093495

give me 5 action movies to watch please (on netflix would help)

i studied film but im braindead these days

>> No.13093514

John Wick
Kung Fu Hustle
Blue Ruin

>> No.13093530

All of the marvel movies, in order.

I never gave them the time of day, but then I spent a month marathoning them and loved it. Each movie alone isn’t great, but together they make the series ever made when compared to anything on tv.

>> No.13093536

at times, women make me want to kill myself, as does being in a monogamous relationship

>> No.13093546

>with our large boisterous friend group
You lost me here. I want to be alone with you or alone tout court, I don't care about them.

>> No.13093556

blood diamond
fury road

>> No.13093575

Which would those be?

>> No.13093582

Protip, just keep an eye out around your uni's journalism building to find the art chicks

>> No.13093593

Way too late, don't squander your remaining time in the delusion that you might to still have that.

>> No.13093600

>to intelligent
You dont sound such intelligent

>> No.13093721

There are about 25 Marvel Universe movies starting with iron man

>> No.13093756

Because I plainly don't know when everything started to go wrong:
>It was when I was 6 and my cousins found me naked in the bed with the neighbors daughter?
>It was when I was 8 and crossed swords inside that tent with my friend?
>Was it when I was 10 and my mother was drunk and french kissed me and I almost puked? (she got problems and I forgive her if it was here).
>It was when I was 15 and wasn't interested in sex when everybody was?
>It was when I felt in love for all those girls but was too afraid to do something? (Even knowing that they liked me, I invented excuses to make it no true).
>It was when I was 18 and had sex with a soggy bag pussy and didn't felt that good?
>It was at 19 when i felt in love and got traded by her boss?
>Was it when I was 25 and fell in love with this girl, found out she was raped and didn't liked sex. Then after years of trying to help her, I couldn't anymore have any erections with her and then she dumped me?

I don't know. Relationships were always confusing to me, I've always got out worse than I've started. They always take something from me and I got more broken inside. Even though I've found a girl to talk about existence, philosophy and drink with her all night while talking (and she really wants to have sex with me, even having a boyfriend)... I always feel that I know that I will get disappointed, won't have an erection or will regret it somehow. Everyday that pass is a step closer to homosexuality and suicide.

>> No.13093767

I'm 100% convinced women actually have no souls. They are not capable of anything that can be called literature or philosophy, except in instances so vanishingly rare that they can be better explained by freak accident or sheer imitation.

It freaks me out. Having to work with them and watch them try to create things is like starring on a cooking show alongside a dog, and the dog just barks and breaks shit, but everyone claps as if he's cooking too. It's just a dog. It's not cooking. It's not doing anything. But everyone is clapping, so you clap too, because you don't want to be the one to say it.

>> No.13093791

sorry i don't date wh*te women

>> No.13093824

Because I slapped her in the face to the ground and went to that metaphysics lecture and it made me the continental I am today. Also dudes arseholes are tighter.

>> No.13093836

This. I am 100% convinced these movies will be considered the Greek epics of out time. Endgame is our Illiad

>> No.13093849

haha this is the same girl who showed off her butt at that museum
most girls want an outlet for their true non-constructed cringe selves. Watch Real Housewives and understand that this is the primal nature.

>> No.13093854

desu that kind of life doesn't sound that bad.

cooler than getting HRT and whining on twitter like most degenerates. This is honest authentic living.

>> No.13093898

>defiling the purity of literary conversation with vulgar carnality

>> No.13093902

Until you commit suicide, yeah, I guess it has its charms. But sometimes it really just feels like a swamp of worthless people. Even my profs are alcoholics and latent homosexuals.

>> No.13093915

I fucked a philosophy major a few times, she was decent to talk to, but we were both drunk every time. First and only Asian I've fucked

>> No.13093919

Just buy a prostitute
>metaphysical lesion
What a histrionic little bitch. Sex is not that big of a deal, fucking prissy coward.

>> No.13093932

You're right but if you take a stand against degeneracy people just cut you down.

It's like the Exorcist. As the disease starts to get attacked and closer to being forced towards change, it freaks out, lashes out, and gets more and more defensive. After awhile, many people with souls who actually care about others break down and throw themselves into the throng because life is short.

So these professors, rather than trying to live or embody the good, rather than using their intellects to lead and mold a generation of civic-minded enlightened citizens, become effete parasite social problems themselves.

>> No.13094027


>> No.13094088


>> No.13094219

No one wants to read that. You see it all over the web all the time. It's would just be mildly irritating self-pity.

>> No.13094224

See a doctor.

>> No.13094290

>discuss philosophy with woman
Why?? the last thing I would want to do with my gf or wife is talk about dumb shit like metaphysics. I'll leave that to talks with the boys or my reading groups. I want a comfy wife at home that makes me feel good, not an insecure psued I'll have to walk on egg shells around to avoid offending or will use philosophical ramblings to justify their inevitable irrational outbursts. Any woman who gives a fuck about this type of shit is guaranteed to be mentally ill and their true nature hidden under the constructed persona of an 'intellectual' will come out eventually

>> No.13094340

God I wish that were me.

>> No.13094380

Someone should walk up behind women and wipe the makeup off their faces, exposing them to the public. That would be epic. Why isn't there a prank on Youtube "removing make-up on street gone wrong gone sexual in the hood"?

>> No.13094416

I've had that. I've been with a singer/songwriter type of girl. She perfomed on a bar, we went out through the city at night, both of us drunk. She sucked my dick on a bench.

Her hands were always smelling of garlic, though. She had to cook daily for her deadbeat father.

My wife is more down to earth, now. She is a good mother.

>> No.13094432

expose yourself

>> No.13094572

you no smart

>> No.13095082

Just take some viagra anon, it will change your intimate life and with it everything else.

>> No.13095104

Just cut off your dick already dude. Everytime you post, a whole host a braincells fucking neck themselves. Join the 40%, and stop fucking wasting air.

>> No.13095120

Why would you want to go to degenrate cafes, cinemas, and modern art galleries, with some used up slut? Who the fuck actually wants this?

>> No.13095139

Because it's fun.

>> No.13095151

>Life is a series of stimuli, and are only purpose is to find the most pleasurable one.
>It doesn't matter if that stimuli is damaging to our pysche or spirit. It doesn't matter if the stimuli are wholly and entirely without any transcendent meaning.
>There is no transcendent meaning
>We just exist to have fun.

The culling is going to be good.

>> No.13095162

That doesn't sound too bad, actually.

>> No.13095169

How would this be damaging to the psyche?

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>> No.13095204

>How would this be damaging to the psyche?
>How is hanging around with a vapid, brainless whore, going to vapid, brainless theaters to watch vapid, brainless post-modern shit-films damaging to the psyche?
>How does getting kicked in the balls hurt?

>> No.13095255

Between dating single moms, sharing vaginas with professors, and hooking up with pretentious women, none of them were as idealistic like OP's faggotry.

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hahaha! this my friend. The levels of cringe on that post are unimaginable, and I bet she orders in english at the Areperia

>> No.13095274

the guy foudn some girl who has a modicum of interest in something beyond the stupid, even if its superficial. let him live jeez

>> No.13095322

Sounds boring and annoying
Cafes- I like to read around pleasant white noise, conversing there is pointless to me
Art galleries/museums- I take my time, backtracking, researching, staring. Dealing with another person in this setting is only detrimental
Cinema- lmao I'm watching a movie, why do I need somebody else there?
The only fun part of this is fucking at the end of the night, she can stay at home and wait for me to finish my day
I'm not trying to be needlessly autistic, I genuinely don't understand how these specific activities is fun with another person

>> No.13095329

My boyfriend wasn't that deep. :x
I couldn't get him to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show, let alone anything that wasn't playing video games with the boys.

>> No.13095331

because that represent 0.1 percentile of girls

>> No.13095367

take some lsd, maybe a line of molly, and get intimate with a girl. itll do wonders for past trauma

>> No.13095567

How about instead you read Rimbaud aloud while I eat your pussy?

>> No.13095699

Nothing described in OP are the activities of an intellectual

>> No.13095768

In my college class there is this really cut girl, like really cute, and she doesn’t look like a Stacey at all. We even live at the same accommodation, and I swear i’ve seen her smile at me the times she’s walked past me.
I’m slamming my head against the wall typing this, she looks so pure, I bet she’s a virgin as well. I should have said hi at least once, i’m so goddamn pathetic.

>> No.13095793
File: 25 KB, 442x694, images (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13095795


>> No.13095802

It's not my life because I wouldn't want to miss my metaphysics lecture, I don't want to have earnest conversations, I don't want to go to a hipster cafe, and I certainly don't want a large or boisterous friend group. The rest sounds nice, though.

>> No.13095803

I have a shit personality and I went to a trade school

>> No.13095805

>pland she doesn’t look like a Stacey at all.
Why bother thenp]p

>> No.13095808

I went to a liberal arts college, you're basically right. The life OP described is mostly composed of posturing and humoring people who are awful. But to answer (>>13092038), it all depends on where you live and what you're involved with. You'd have to move to a college town or a larger city and worm your way into university student/art scenes. 23 is still pretty young, if you were 27 or 28 I'd say you'd missed it.

>> No.13095844

>"Anon, let's skip today's Metaphysics lecture and spend the day in earnest conversation at the local hipster cafe with our large boisterous friend group, spend the afternoon perusing the city's museums and parks, catch that film at the indie cinema, spend a few hours writing the essays for our enjoyable college majors, and spend the night passionately fucking."

I'm a straight A student, I wouldn't even skip for my own girlfriend.

>> No.13095868

That unironically sounds like a shit life. Well, besides the fucking part.

>being in a fucking metaphysics class instead of something actually useful and real
>being friends with faggots who actually like hipster cafes instead of faggots who like to order shitty pizza delivery
>spending your afternoon doing boring shit like going to museums or parks instead of playing video games online with said friends
>going to a theater instead of streaming 480p anime on your phone while under the covers

>> No.13095904

>went to the wrong university for these kinds of girls
>did the wrong course for these kinds of girls
>am approaching the age where I have to start finding a full time job in order to support myself
>don't really want to get a job in my field because once I do that there'll probably be no more opportunities to make friends with similar interests to mine let alone females
my only hope at this point is joining academics which is apparently dogshit but i'm gonna have to do it anyway and try to exclusively interact with phil/lit staff

>> No.13095933
File: 10 KB, 288x450, 14104585-288-kf91e4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>museums and parks are boring
WHOooa so cooool man
let's hang out with retards ahaha
fuck hipsters brooo

>> No.13095956
File: 141 KB, 1024x576, wien.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My life is kinda like this. I live in Vienna with my gf who studies art history, I study literature. I wouldn't say what OP describes is a regular day in my life but it still comes close to my general lifestyle. I love my life but for all the anons aspiring to this, you should be aware that living like this you still have everyday struggles, anxieties and stress. But at least I am content with the general situation I am in.

>> No.13095977

Sex becomes not big of a deal only once you lose virginity.

>> No.13095998

Pretty good desu. How come you cant have sex?

>> No.13096013

Is Vienna a nice city to live in?

>> No.13096028

Very nice city, it's atop many rankings regarding highest living quality in the world. Not as big as some other European capitals but comparatively cheap and still with a lot to offer in terms of culture and history. It's also much cleaner and safer compared to Berlin or Paris but if you like that sort of rough city life, Vienna might be a litttle too calm and unexciting for you.

>> No.13096030

Unironically based

>> No.13096084

>disgusting virgin specimen

>> No.13096279

>ooo la la

>> No.13096285


>> No.13096446

A pasta was born

>> No.13096580

Stories about highly social losers are getting a little passe, don't you think? We're well into the post-internet age, I think it's time we focused a lens on human experiences that exists at the true margins of society, in those spaces where the internet substitutes for human interaction.

>> No.13096775
File: 33 KB, 448x439, screaming old man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13096781

Nice bump!

>> No.13096794

>trying to make me admit to saging so he can report me
lmao nice try einstein, i'm ahead of you. now go home and get your fucking onions.

>> No.13096806

no you didn't lol

>> No.13096829


>> No.13096857
File: 19 KB, 1372x114, sage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>imblying enforced

>> No.13096973

thats retarded normie culture around humanities is disgusting. it’s unironically better to spend youth with autistic stem bros, read rothbard and ayn rand and then commit cuicide at the age of 30

>> No.13096975

The idea with going to the cinema with someone is that you can discuss the movie afterwards. Which is also irrational but I don't think you're meant to think about those things rationally. They're bonding experiences.

>> No.13096983


wise no

>> No.13096989

Sounds exhausting Tbh

>> No.13097000

two intel-e-gent*

>> No.13097010
File: 62 KB, 746x500, 1510912318745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I bet she’s a virgin as well

>> No.13097069

I’m starting college at a great books-focused LAC this fall so hopefully it will be my life soon :)

>> No.13097083

Jesus, I'm only 21 and this post is terrifyingly relatable.
It doesn't get any better, then.

>> No.13097087

Yes, YES!
Deterritorialize the language!

>> No.13097096

Best of luck. This is the most fun part of my life, I think.

>> No.13097116

>tfw alma mater would frown on showing up to lectures during film festivals
>gave out free tickets to cultural events in canteen
>taught colour theory using Theophrastus and Goethe as points of major interest
>taught Heidegger to first years
>gave students free wine at Christmas and exam times
It was pretty based

>> No.13097140


>> No.13097207

case dismissed

>> No.13097260

Shut up bitch I'm reading Gravity's Rainbow

>> No.13097292

I would assuming she's actually smart

>> No.13097302

I want a continental gf lads

so sick of these entitled flat chinless americanised anglo sluts Australia is filled with

>> No.13097399

Kill yourself

>> No.13097409

Can we all admit there’s a certain threshold of attractiveness you need to pass in order to have a girlfriend these days? I’m 5’4 and ugly with the body of a child and a giant head. I was doomed from the start.

>> No.13097498

>>Was it when I was 10 and my mother was drunk and french kissed me and I almost puked? (she got problems and I forgive her if it was here).
books for this feel?

>> No.13097500

>I’m 5’4 and ugly with the body of a child and a giant head

>> No.13097513

I'm sure you're a Chad.

>> No.13097517

Don't speak unless asked to manlet.

>> No.13097533

You could go to non-degenerate cafés, cinemas and galleries.

>> No.13097534

It's okay, buddy. You can be as tough as you want here.

>> No.13097537

me and my gf did this minus the skipping the lecture

>> No.13097538
File: 19 KB, 367x500, D2F96C5E-F377-4300-AC8B-61AA9D4D2ACB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whomst are you quoting, basement dweller?

>> No.13097543
File: 15 KB, 399x399, warwick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But not as short as you want.

>> No.13097558

This. Just drop acid and look at Laffoley diagrams instead.

>> No.13097605

Out of all the things I don't understand about 4chan, its the obviously unrealistic moe-inspired situations happening in real life threads getting hundreds of replies.
When I first started browsing this site in high school it was just /b/ doing this naked girl in a middle of the room
>see this, what do
thing but somehow this whole concept evolved into people making up detailed situations that never happen in real life and spend time discussing how they would react in that case. I don't understand the appeal to be honest

>> No.13097633
File: 651 KB, 685x678, bridgetsatterlee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People discussing how to act in social situations, especially with chicks, and are given an opportunity to reflect on their experience.
I don't understand what's not to understand.

(Also I'd not compare /lit/ to /b/. Especially in the last few months, it has somehow been accepted than 50% of all /lit/ threads are straight out discussion about mid 18th to mid late 20th century philosophy. Your typical b/v/gif poster won't pick up a 200 page book of any kind.)

>> No.13097640

I actually lived this life and was as miserable as ever.

>> No.13097641

Some of the responses used to be genuinely hilarious. Some still are.

>> No.13097652

Hey! I browse /b/ sometimes. Some of it is still funny. Porn is an epidemic though.

>> No.13097664

>implying 99% of people in these threads peddling cliffnotes and wikipedia fueled sophistry do read books of any kind

>> No.13097682
File: 107 KB, 1080x1080, 15877027_1204031643014031_1745481069940965376_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13098022

>What "large boisterous friend group"? Bitch, I'm your only friend. Actually, I'm not even your friend. The only reason I'm here is because I made the mistake of lending you a book you never gave back and now I want reparations. Out of print 20th century books can be expensive you know?

>> No.13098117

have you ever considered suicide?

>> No.13098123
File: 244 KB, 688x432, god-of-war-kratos-shaved-feature-688x432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Begone, thot.

>> No.13098130

>It's easily within reach
if you could go back and start university over, how would you achieve this?

>> No.13098243

There is no fucking way a woman would make this list of her own free will; not in a trial of a thousand years.

>> No.13098286

>The quantity of my existence stands only as a component for perpetuating the tortuous quality of the cheap jest that

>> No.13098391

so many unnecessary buzzwords

>> No.13098403

>/lit/ in one sentence

>> No.13098407

oh nonononnono

>> No.13098489
File: 91 KB, 1080x1331, 1545184159324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Very well I will indulge you for the moment but just keep in mind that I'm straight edge, chaste, currently on a fast, and have a dislike of loud noise. If you attempt to overstep my boundaries I may lose respect for you and even be forced to terminate our relationship.

>> No.13098494
File: 357 KB, 1920x1080, 1557599756632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a pasta

>> No.13098540

What does one do with a similar body but still too autistic to talk to anyone?

>> No.13098547

So what you are saying is that being an incel is a state of mind and not body?

>> No.13098590

An extroverted girl will adopt you and make you her partner. Don't worry.

>> No.13098593

Sounds decent

>> No.13098604

Can confirm that this will happen. Similar body but complete virgin autist, some gymthot came up to me and asked me for my number out of the blue. Of course this was a less than a month before I graduated college so it never worked out, but it would have. It's been a year since that happened and I'm still a virgin.

>> No.13098605


>> No.13098695


>> No.13098808


>> No.13098823

Story comes later. I'm just pointing out his ability to write well.

>> No.13098931

WHY?! WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME SO WITH THESE JEZEBELS? All I want to do is come here for an asexual experience that will exercise my brain but I am constantly titillated by these vixens with their prodigious hips and provocative figures. Can I never satiate this thirst, will I ever know the touch of a woman and enter between her loins? Will my seed ever drip from her moistened hole?

Life is a constant hell. No wonder I resent women too.

>> No.13099014

> It easily within reach.

Because all unearned pleasures are a poison to your soul. Fuck off with your degeneracy.

>> No.13099251

get the FUCK out of here reddit

>> No.13099268
File: 33 KB, 600x600, B50A079B-B648-4A06-A9EE-5A2EA47F0B48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw it’s about to become my life as I’m heading to UNI in August

>> No.13099578

Sounds nice. How do meet people usually? Is it through school?

>> No.13099684

Honestly mate, I started Uni thinking this and it ruined it for me. I came from a small town and starting Uni meant living on my own for the first time, living in a city for the first time etc. OP's fantasies were exactly the kind of things I was hoping to find and although I shied away from being too certain about it, deep down I knew that I was bound to find something similar. Unis sell themselves through ideas of what the university experience will be like, and in the age of social media, everyone tries to find some virtual kind of self-encouragement by pretending they're living it. But please, for your own good, don't be fooled. If your life has been miserable up to now, it will keep being that way regardless of how big a city you live in and how many qt arthoes you walk past.
Sure you can make great things happen, but you have to change yourself first; not expect the environment change to improve you. Don't expect to start Uni and live the years of your life just because. You will be disappointed and it will feel much much worse.
At least now you have something to blame for not living the stereotypic idyllic artist life that only exists in films; once you come to Uni expecting amazing things and finding the same loneliness, you'll be the only one left to blame and it will bring you down.

>> No.13099728

this anon speaks the truth
t. in my 4th year of uni

>> No.13099792


>> No.13099838

>LMFAO at this thread
holy fuck am I the only one here who had a normal, healthy sexual life since a young age?

lol didn't realize there were so many fucking LOSERS on /lit/. I thought the whole virgin-past-the-age-of-18 thing was a meme

>> No.13099986


>> No.13100037

>trying and failing to disguise CSA
It'll be okay, anon, you can learn how to act like an adult with time.

>> No.13100041

i guess it depends on the person and the situation. i never wanted to be extroverted and never became one, but i grew up in a really poor town with bad infrastructure. shit was depressing, i was unable to be happy or satisfied there. i hated everything about it, the places, the people, the environment. even just moving out to a decent city alone helped me more than anything else could and changed my life for the better

>> No.13100062

>finding a woman that isn't shit

>> No.13100069

Her face makes me want to kill myself

>> No.13101122

Yes, I have met most of my friends through university or mutual acquintances. In my expirience most of the students here are actually interested in literature and arts but there are obviously also some delusional feminists and SJWs around. But from what I gather that seems to be much worse in the US

>> No.13101192


>> No.13101307

>I am a virgin
stopped reading there. have sex

>> No.13101329

>implying I want to hang out with some art hoes who think they know cinema because they saw paris, texas once

>> No.13101345
File: 32 KB, 442x293, 1528720600136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have sex
where do you think you are retard

>> No.13101464

This actually is my life, and I'm not joking.

Yes it feels too good to be true.

>> No.13101471

And when shit starts to roll down hill, eventually you'll come to regret the best years of your life because nothing can compare with them in the present and the memories of it are all the more bitter.

>> No.13101472

cringeworthy as hell

>> No.13101473


>> No.13101477

It did take years for these stars to align. It can't happen again.

>> No.13101506

fuck im so glad im going to gym. Im gonna make it

>> No.13101528

It's all true, man. Working on yourself is really all it takes. My current gf approached me at a party and we started dating. Introversion isn't really an issue. Some girls actually prefer introverts.

>> No.13101530
File: 185 KB, 2000x1339, img.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feelin GOOD

>> No.13101558

This, oh my god seriously i mean i cant even manage to feel compassion or anything, you are just willing to stay sad, you are not a special human being your are a piece of shit like everyone else just try to be a priettier piece of shit, this is just stupid seriously. There is no point in reaching fancy words, you are just not strong enough to do shit and you are too lazy to do anything

>> No.13101598

because i chose a shitty business major full of type a striver frigid bitches and failsons and stay inside all day

>> No.13101603

Which is all the more sad, because incredible experiences never last and what remains is a very ugly sort of nostalgia.

I never had a life like this, something I don't regret... Regret is for losers. I wish everyone well, but I cannot imagine how people can envy these experiences. Transplanting myself in (your?) position would mean total estrangement for me: I'm not the sort of people person to actually enjoy that sort of outgoing behavior. Cool and composed, not expressive and mutual, so to say. But on other hand if you would have my life, you'd fall into such a black hole you might want to end yourself. Not a very uplifting thought but it's a plain fact: if I somehow I grow into the life you live right now, I enjoy it but always keep from where I come in the back of my mind. If you fall into a hole, the nagging sense of "god what went wrong" can (and will) drive people insane and perhaps even over the edge. Enjoy it while it lasts, but don't cling on to it.

>> No.13101617

Living in some "The Dreamers" life

>> No.13101635

This board its so sad

>> No.13101658
File: 9 KB, 225x225, 1535503217707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This level of cope

>> No.13101705

>experiences never last and what remains is a very ugly sort of nostalgia
How fucking sheltered an experience of this site does a basement dweller need to not know of mono no aware? Does your mom have an antiweeb net nanny on your computer or some shit?

>> No.13101783

>I'm not trying to be needlessly autistic
and yet you are anyway. well done

>> No.13101834

He's right though. Lots of people imagine these are great dating venues, but unless you're exceptionally rude/autistic, you'll notice it's hard to make conversation or get to know a person during those activities.
If you go on a two and a half hour date with someone where you spend two hours of it in the cinema, you have at most half an hour where you're able to find out what they're like as a partner. (Unless they speak constantly during the movie or otherwise do something to take your focus off the film, in which case what you learn about them is that people will aim popcorn at you for associating with them.)
Very few people want to interact in silence without eye contact for hours and consider that quality time. In fact, thinking that's adequate to get to know someone is probably a sign of autism or some other extreme introversion which will make an involvement in a relationship or partnership very difficult. People who propose them as date ideas usually don't want to be known by or get to know the other individual, and so they choose activities where they won't have to genuinely interact with the human element and can offer a facade of interaction instead. If the other person doesn't understand why you would want to look at different things for different lengths of time in a museum, for instance, they aren't interested in the museum, and if you don't cop that, you aren't interested in them.

>> No.13102149

The most intelligent post of the whole thread. Based.

>> No.13102315

We desperately need fascism

>> No.13102367

Why can't we do this on a day that we don't have class? Seriously Mekenzie, you need to start taking your grades seriously.

>> No.13102375

You do maybe

>> No.13102382

That would make a nice short story, please write it anon.

>> No.13102387

peak niggerspeak

>> No.13102393

You're assuming all of this damages the psyche. I can assure none of it is remotely as damnation inducing as the bitterness you carry.

Remember, the vapid whore is merely an inconsequential sinner, but the obstinate ruminating mind fixated on its own purity already has a foot past the dread gate.

It's not too late to hope and repent anon. But you have to be quick.

>> No.13102399

I'm sure that she say (and do) so many things in Spanish...

>> No.13102402

I'm not a Kurd, dude.

>> No.13102405
File: 58 KB, 800x500, yazidi-female-soldier.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anon why are you still reading those decadent western novels? reading will never win us back our nation from imperialists and extremists. Let's monitor the enemy's position with our compatriots, take a few hours setting up relief shelters for the displaced and spend the night in a dangerous firefight with Russian operators

>> No.13102406

This is for you>>13102396

>> No.13102409

Sorry I had to revise the whole thing. Besides, that is no excuse. You think the Kurds are just racially opposed to tyranny? They are inspired by your own ancestors.

>> No.13102417


>> No.13102422

I wish I read this an year ago. Might have helped with my abysmal 1st year of college. Thanks anon.

>> No.13102480
File: 9 KB, 216x300, B4CE24D0-C473-49A9-80C7-C9198191E64A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really hope you don’t actually believe this. Half of your favorite writers were most likely agoraphobic shut-ins, and the hilarious part is that your “amazing social life” won’t stop you from becoming more forgotten than they are when you die.

>> No.13102487

For some reason I feel like you would give this board the very same impression if you were to display your creative process to us.

>> No.13102493

>Impoverishing your understanding of the world by blindly closing yourself off to one of its most important aspects

Remember what Nietzsche said about the thinker being naturally more epicurean than stoic.

>> No.13102537

I often go to museums and the cinema with my gf, I often go alone as well. We never talk much during museum visits (and not at all in the cinema) but it's nice to talk afterwards and reflect on what you''ve seen. I would agree that these spots aren't great as dating venues if you haven't known the person for long but I think in a relationship it's good to share those experiences. Couldn't imagine seeing my gf as only a person to fuck and "wait for me to finish my day"

>> No.13102580

>one of its most important aspects
sex is fucking nice and the more the better but I wouldn't call it one of its most important aspects if we ignore procreation for the moment. Most fun fuck yes, not most important.

>> No.13102605

It is in german. "Mein Dasein" = "My presence/being/existence"

>> No.13102840
File: 1020 KB, 1167x800, 9B0742D6-5CC7-4600-844A-790D6C01FCDD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13102890
File: 47 KB, 813x551, pinkmask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if you would have my life, you'd fall into such a black hole you might want to end yourself
is that something to be proud of?

>> No.13103007

What Jared are you referring to?

>> No.13103226

In my experience, uni has some great people who you want to interact with, but no one has the time to hang out because everyone's got assignments to work on. The only time people get to socialise is either living together in halls, or going out at night to get wasted. If you're a commuter like me who doesn't live in halls, then you're going to miss out on social stuff unless you job a club. And even if you join a club, you'll still feel like an outsider.

You just have to stay on Campus. Otherwise, the "university life" is a meme.

>> No.13103261

completely honestly this sound like a horrible way to spend time

>> No.13103325

Attractiveness is not only physical particularly when what you want to attract is women.

You have no idea how many below-average fat dudes get mad laid thanks to their confidence and sense of humor.

>> No.13103326

hello, newfriend.

>> No.13103333

not him but this does not exist

>> No.13103365

I understood carnality in a more general sense than just sex, but maybe that's my mistake since I'm not native.

>> No.13103371

I've witnessed it. The ugly guy/hot girl meme is not only a meme.

If everything else fails there's always money. Not only are girls interested in money for pragmatic reasons, being rich is also attractive on its own unless you look and act like a spoiled brat.

>> No.13103405