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I'll start with pic related

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Russian authors intentionally wrote lengthy books as russian publishing houses paid them by pages and not by books.

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That explains why Dostoevsky went on and on and on in describing how Sonya's sole emotions and character depth was looking down and crying

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C&P is not nearly long enough and anybody who complains about the length of books is a certified psued amd gayboi.

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Holy shit it all makes sense now.
Got a source on that, just to make sure?

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>Short story

Get out.

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Honest question /lit/. I've read that book when I was maybe 15 years old and thought of it as boring shit. Should I try it again or is it just typical literature snob memebook like Ulysses or something?

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it's worth trying again, let's say at least the first 200 pages.

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I wanted for it to be even longer because of last sentences.

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shit tier opinion

I doubt a 15 year old can possibly understand Dosty's work, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to reread. I read C&P when I was 18 and I missed the point then too.

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the real punishment was having to read this garbage.

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>tfw we don't get a full length treatment of his repentance and the happy life him and sonya live together

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>we don't get a full length treatment of his repentance

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>doubt a 15 year old can possible understand
It's really not that complicated

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American Psycho

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rise up just jitsuers

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i dun get it

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>I read for the plot

The plot is literally the least interesting part about C&P

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Then tell me what it's about then

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Then what is the best part?
Prose? I disagree with you, Mr Anon

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No i didnt want it to end and this was basically my first good read. Was a major pleb who never read before

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war and peace
a hundred years of solitude
the odyssey
finnegans wake
remembrance of things past

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This is blatantly untrue.

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