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is there really a conspiracy against white people and their demography or is just a myth?

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I wouldn't call it a conspiracy, nonwhites openly attack whites all the time, especially Jews who do it in this dishonest 'im white too' fashion

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But slapping a bee hive for hundreds of years will make some enemies
Go read a book

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It‘s real. I‘m literally BLACKING a huwhite girl while typing this post.

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Sure thing libtard

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Does it matter if there's a conspiracy behind demographic change or not? The fix for it looks the same regardless so why get bogged down in this

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What is "white people"?
I see men fighting other men to gain power to impress females.

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On a wide scale, not intentionally. It's more about an atomized upper class protecting its power structure, and capitalism wanting the most and easiest consumers.

There are people (most of them Jewish) who form a small cabal of specifically anti-white "activists", from Kalergi to Spectre.

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there is a conspiracy against those who will be able to counter the transhumanism movement, namely catholics and muslims.

conspiracies shouldn't be perceived as such. cause and effect doesn't exist in a ultra-complex society.

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I don’t spend that much time at the library really

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can't even tell if it's a fake quote

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how can /lit/ be perpetually owned by a tripfag

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>intention and effect doesn't exist in a ultra-complex society.

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It's just capitalism being capitalism.

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Put the trip back on and stop samefagging, fat dyke.

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Why wouldn't groups conspire to take down a majority and seize its land if they've become too weak to defend it?

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I don't see how no-borders universalist Socialism wouldn't result in the same thing happening. In fact, Socialists do much of the legwork for it to be accepted in society.

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>equivalent of a chelsea clinton twitter clapback
This board is decaying like an invalid.

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They did that in South Africa. The power grid collapsed a couple decades after.

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