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>time is the direction of entropy

any contemporary authors with non-retarded theories of time? please refrain from posting anything involving reddit multiverses, etc.

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No. The second law of thermodynamics has become a shrill platitude that can be applied to anything by pseuds who don't know what they're actually saying, kind of like "God is dead" or "all significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts". I'd stick with contemporary analytic philosophy of time if you want to get a sense for the state of the field (endurantism vs. perdurantism, eternalism vs. presentism, spacetime substantivalism vs. relationalism) and so on. Perhaps buffet this with work by Sklar and Albert on the philosophical foundations of statistical mechanics.

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Rene Guenon
>Time is cyclical. Time is also qualitative, different periods have time have their own distinctive qualities. The quantitative aspects of time gain precedence toward the end of a cycle. etc

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read Teleoplexy

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Pretty cool

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quantum mechanics is the most accurate theory there is

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>t. sophomore physics dropout
One can almost smell the cold sweat rising on that bone box that houses your smooth brain from a mere thought of comprehending trivial TQFTs. Stop spreading FUD and go back to playing with Hamiltonians back in your cuckshed, statbrainlet.

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I'm not sure if he discusses time, specifically, since I haven't read him yet, but for a critque of qm by a physicist that is coming from a similar place as >>12985330 read Wolfgang Smith.

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Didn't dispute that. Just how popular misunderstandings become accepted fact in folk-physics, especially on this stupid as fuck board.

Either disagree with my recommendations or go back to eating the shit off your professor's sandals, you clown

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>eating the shit off your professor's sandals
>mfw he‘s an actual angry dropout seeking refuge in the field of autofellating logicians
The absolute state of you.

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You don't read at all, do you?

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>n-no you‘re dumb!!1
Well, at least you know your Kripke well.

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