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Reminder that if you read for just fifteen (15) minutes a day you can read all of the following in one year:
>All of Harry Potter
>All of A Song of Ice and Fire
>All of In Search of Lost Time
>All of La Com├ędie Humaine
>All of Shakespeare
>All of Dickens
>All four of Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels
>All four Classic Chinese Novels
>The Tale of Genji
>The Bible
>The Odyssey and The Iliad
>War and Peace
>The Brothers Karamazov
>The Magic Mountain
>The Count of Monte Crisco
>Atlas Shrugged
>Infinite Jest
>Stephen King's The Stand
>Harold and The Purple Crayon

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>inb4 someone says those books are shit, missing OP's point

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>Harry Potter
>All of A Song of Ice and Fire
>Atlas Shrugged
>Stephen King

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what the fuck is your reading speed to be able to read all that and where do you take into account the extra time when in need to slow down so you can understand?

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those books are shit, kek. I missed OP's point

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if i read 15 minutes a day i would probably finish about half of a dickens novel in a year

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15 minutes i could read 20 pages about on average

20x365=7300 this doesnt even cover hp and ice and fire

bloody hell stop being a fucking retard

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Yeah fuck that shit

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make that at least 1 hour and we might start getting somewhere. On average I think I'd read about 25-30 pages an hour. 30*365 = 10950. But then again, the Bible alone is over 1000

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15 minutes is a dumb way too look at it. How bout read 20 pages a day. Thats one hundred pages every 5 days.

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only 7300 pages a year >>12979298

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Because most people schedule their time using standard divisions by minute instead of the variable time required to read 20 pages. 20 pages of George RR Martin is like 5 pages of Dostoyevsky

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I'm fairly sure you couldn't read all of those books inside a year reading 15 minutes a day.

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Also the text is super dense. I spent a few months reading the Bible and only got to the end of Leviticus.

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>not just playing the audiobook while you sleep, letting you remember everything subliminally

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don't forget the mahabharata

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do you even read?

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the moses books are truly the most boring, leviticus being the worst

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unbelievably based

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